Can’t buy me love lol

Ahhh shopping 🛍🤨

So why do I dislike shopping? Lol … for oh so many reasons… which one do I wanna start with? Lol

I got lost in a shopping mall when I was about 3… I remember that… I was walking along with my parents and they were talking … as we walked by the clothes – I put my hand out to feel all the fabrics lol 😘✌️

And then I felt some amazing fabrics and then I wanted to feel them all lol … meanwhile my parents didn’t notice, and kept going and then when I realized they were gone – I was scared and cried.

Some ladies took me into the department area right there and gave me juice and cookies lol – I was happy – I totally remember that – there were 3 ladies lol … I remember being really scared and then happy with the cookies lol

They said my name over the loud speaker lol and my parents were all scared lol … but by then I had cookies 🍪 lol

Guess which department I was found in? Lol … was the lingerie department of Sears 😄😄😄 I just liked the feel of all the fabrics lol … my mom always reminded me of which department it was lol

Anyway… then malls 😝🙄 ugh

Ugh immediately those songs make me remember being 15/16 yrs old!!! 😮

Anyway… malls were just weird we always went to them though

When kids were little shopping was hard sometimes so bleh

Now I’m just too busy.

I preshopped just incase we did not find what she exactly liked lol

She wears my stuff anyway… so I figured… I would get things I think she would like and it would be appropriate – but if she doesn’t like them – I do lol 🙌✌️”forward thinking on all avenues” …

If she likes the clothes I picked – then I rock ❤️🙌

If not, I like them too so whatever lol

She got a few things tonight 🙄

But while we shopping – this woman let’s me do all the shopping 🤨

We get in there and I am shopping and she’s just wondering around aimlessly 🤨🙄

Hey! You have to look through and find what you like

Cause she moans that they have nothing 🤨🙄

So then I have to say – look… how about this? But then I always pick something that somehow has an issue lol

Ok well see that is why I do not like shopping lol

I shop for you …but you never like what I pick lol

I threaten the kids with that at Christmas and on birthdays lol …I ask for gift lists… I have to keep after them for lists … until finally I threaten “ok fine, then you will get MOM gifts” (meaning gifts that I pick out for you lol )

I do educational or practical gifts or really awesome things, that… in MY thought process, “I think” you will love or need lol

They prefer to give me lists lol 😄😄

But yeah… I’m not the biggest fan of shopping – I do not like the people all around me in closed area… it’s a production lol… and online I can’t really try on without having to return 🤨😝 which I hate the most lol

But whatever – we had to. Thursday is big day ❤️❤️

So anyway … late night – worked all day …

Am exhausted 😴 work is “work”… many things – always things 🙄🤦‍♀️ but it was not Monday 🙌

Ok I’ll be back tmrw

Good night 💤🌙

8 thoughts on “Can’t buy me love lol

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      1. Labor day is usually the hottest week of the year. No cooling till late Oct.

        That said, I’m a couple cities over this morn.. maybe 20 miles, and it looks like it rained this morn.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is smoke AF here – and is like cloud cover – shielding us from sun and it’s mega humid just gray and stinky all the time!!

        It look and feel like possible rain this morning but no – no such luck

        The River fire is contained but there is another fire also near by called the Caldor, and the Dixie Fire is ALMoST to 650,000 acres 😮😮😮

        I got a ring of fire going 😮😝


    1. 🥰❤️❤️❤️ I have thought about you!! Hope you and your family are well!! 🙌❤️

      I will try to stop over soon omg sooo much happening!!

      How is your life?


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