So… very smoky still. I’m over it, whatever

I am tired of things like fire and covid.

I don’t want to have those anymore lol

That just goes to show you that “in life”… sometimes you just have to deal with things 😑

I took classes for work today. Just some stuff. I still have more

So… I have something on my mind …that, I think, I “might” be watching?? I am not sure if I am reading or knowing correctly.

I do not trust things with people and I tend to question motive – and with this one – I do not sense has honesty…

Instead I sense vendictiveness 😮 but I am not sure… because this person is doing with a smile 😮

Not against me in general – but the team, the job

Then people wonder why companies are not loyal to employees. It is a 2 way street.

But I could be way off – that is the vibe I am getting – I hope I am wrong, otherwise they just lost my respect – not that they care but whatever

So whatever – we see – that is your area where time will tell.

If I am wrong that is really good… I hope to be wrong!!! But I just have a feeling – it’s a very strong feeling 😮

So let’s see – show me your colors 💋 prove me wrong please!! I want to believe this person is good not bad

But I think the person has a bad streak. I don’t know we see

I’ll just be quiet and watch. My boss is also watching so we gonna see how plays out.

I just have strong feeling something is not right.

But I’m just going to see if my gut feeling is correct or not. I am testing my systems lol

Am I reading correctly? My guard is definitely up.

So we see.

Ok I have to get to bed… tmrw I have to run errands.

I am laying in bed, and falling asleep – I can not lay down and do this – it’s like impossible … I just fall asleep!! I catch myself sometimes

Ok well….

Good night 🌙💤😘

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