The River Fire

There is a fire close to us 😮

It’s called The River Fire 🔥 😳

And this next video is very long you do not need to watch it all… but omg it will show you the size of the destruction currently 😮😳

As of this evening – it is 15% containment according to :

I am in Placer County 😮

That’s a little weird being so close – do not come over here! 😳 stay away 🔥🔥

We did not sweep our forests lol

You are supposed to keep a specific distance between structures and tree lines.

Every year this is a thing.

We are hot, we are dry, we have had droughts past few winters… which are supposed to be all rain – so this decade is on fire with everything 🤨

So yup, every year… but just not this close

Should be fine 🙏🙏 they catching it – I will have to check it tmrw morning to make sure they have containment

Otherwise – we be ready to run. 🏃‍♀️🔥

Work is work – currently just redirection and little bit drama so whatever. I don’t feel like talking about it …but it was not bad – it’s just month end… and things are going on 🤨

Stay away from office managers during month end. Lol I’m kidding little bit … but we are zoned lol

Office managers during month end 😄😄😄 we get ready and then we zoned lol

Otherwise – I am exhausted. And I am on call 📱…

Also watching a fire 🔥 😮😒

When I move I won’t be in fire zone like this

So anyway… I’m really tired so I’m gonna try to sleep incase fire 🔥 or death 💀 calls 😑

It will be fine though – I think we are ok? For now. Lol

Yeah “this decade” …it probably gonna be when the world changed lol

This song is probably better lol…


Good night 💤😴🌙🙏🙏🙏

7 thoughts on “The River Fire

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  1. I’m glad you’re okay!!
    Today I was wondering why we haven’t heard dotard bitching about Oregon, Hawaii, and all the upper midwest states not sweeping their forests!! The Oregon fire is super big (almost twice the one by you) but that’s all I know about it

    So sorry you have to do Month End!!

    I know you talked about something else but I have to go back and look.

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  2. Oh, I remember… yesterday I recalled hearing, many many years ago, that climate change (I like people now using “climate crisis”) would eventually cause the US – particularly the west – to become the new Sahara Desert (while that area would finally get rain and become lush). Right or wrong, I can’t help feeling like it’s happening before our eyes!

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    1. Well I think the earth naturally goes through these phases … Ice age/hot climate etc

      Cause there has been past history hasn’t there ? In the life of the earth? 🌏


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