Ooohh my 😳😮

So I have been quiet this week – cause omg things are going down at work!!! 😮😳


Ok… omg… I wanna just blurt out entire story!!! Cause these puzzle pieces are piecing together ….and I believe my job blew up today 😳😮

My boss made comments to me before the vacation – about selling house and leaving state… but then laughed it off so I didn’t think was serious??

So then things are happening at work also… I have second location and suddenly… I have whole new set of coworkers who can not stand each other!! 🙄 oh boy.

I adore both!!! So I’m all wrapped up in that drama 🤨…

Meanwhile … I had no idea what was gonna be coming – I get a call from my boss about reports and then my boss tells me they selling their house 😮

Little while later my bosses boss resigns 😮😮😮😳😳 what is going on??!’

It’s the pressure and corporate doesn’t really appreciate their people or pay them well. You do this job because you love what you do.

In August/September of 2020… many just left the company suddenly … and I keep watching the same scenario occur … it blows up… then comes back for a minute and then blows up again because they did not fix problem 🤨

Oh boy 😮

And then my boss said – we need to have lunch next week

Oh boy 😮 …. Is there more?? 😮

And my strongest directors 😮😳 we just all in shock 😮

Ok just slight heart palpitations 😮 that is because oh the pressure about to come really bad 😳 ok … so let’s just see for a minute – it’s gonna explode – everyone is gonna leave you watch – I’m scared 😮

That pressure gonna come down intense!!! Alright well maybe it will be fine – I am probably in a moment of shock and stun plus disbelief and wondering what just happened??

What is happening around me? 😮 oh no!! It is change again lol

Ugh I feel like my vacation was a million years ago!!! 😮

Oh boy ok … tmrw is new day… and also Friday …. Oh thank god! My kids are gonna be like “you didn’t play any video games”

They will know because my progress is same as when they left lol

Ohhhh I don’t have time!! And I’m tired and many things happening … all sooo dramatic 😮

Ok so drama … it will be fine 😮

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

Maybe time to leave death also? I don’t know? Great … this again …

Ok so … huh. I don’t even know what else to say because that’s all I can think of!!

And the feud between the coworkers is sad to me. They are mean to each other 😮

It’s not good.

Soooo … the pressure builds lol

Lol … I know I repeat songs sometimes … but if they fit, they fit…

Oh god… and then one of my girlfriends texts me photos of this new guy she seeing 🙄 … omg I am at work and in this huge giant thing – plus normal work happening!!

And then the minute I get in car she calling me lol – she fricken has me timed

Oh so I listen for over an hour on my ride home (hands free) … so much stuff – all drama … she is the opposite of me lol … we are Ying and Yang

She goes through guys like water and loves all the attention lol … yeah nope.

She telling me a story about this guy and telling me he wicked classy… no he wasn’t ewww – no thank you

We do not have same taste thank god! But still! Eeww

But makes her happy so whatever – not my life – live your best life 🙌❤️😘✌️

This is her :

I am more this:


Yes like that lol … I am just quiet. I don’t share much… I just listen. I could never live her life.

I don’t wanna be around or involved in anything lol … nope no thank you!!

She CRAVES attention… omg she can not get enough lol

I do not “crave attention” – I try NOT to have that??

I only want peace ✌️ I just stay away from everything currently… just peaceful ❤️

Oh and last story because I am exhausted!!!

I felt a heartbreak today 💔

So the door Bell rang – we were having a service so everyone was busy … so I open door and he stand there with flowers.. I asked if he was guest or delivering flowers – but he was guest just delivering flowers 🤷‍♀️

So my director comes around the corner and I have to go because behind the office doors my entire world is going crazy!! 😮😮😮

So I run off.

Not that this should matter at all 💔😢… but my director is of different decent than me… I am not going to even share what… because that should not even be a issue… but it was 💔 because he was comfortable with her to say that to her

She came in and said he told her… after I ran off… “the white lady probably ran off because of the black man at the door” (meaning himself and me) 😮

That was rude.

I never miss treated that man or gave him any reason to say something like that…

That was just really low class to say at a funeral home. Rude and disrespectful – I am glad I did not personally hear that

I was offended – I would not do or say anything like that to him. OR anyone else ever!!!

So I am just saying – respect ya know … maybe have some? I would never treat a “human being” like that – so rude.

I bet he could not say to my face – he did not know me or what was happening. I’m sorry but that was Asshole statement!

Learn some class – stop judging people – and also you are not the center of the universe

This is why you do not listen to people because they do not know what they say??!!!

He didn’t know me or who I am… he made judgement and thought he being funny… I didn’t find that funny.

See … here with only words – there is no color ❤️❤️

Is only your eyes that paint your world and judgement – we can’t just be “people”… everything has to be labeled and marked… ugh 😑 …can we please have some emotional maturity?!

Sad but whatever

Ok I am exhausted – and tmrw will probably be insane because ALL week long it has been!!! 😮😮

Ok well … god help me 😳😳Gnite 😘❤️✌️

24 thoughts on “Ooohh my 😳😮

Add yours

      1. Technology is wonderful but it has meant that people expect responses immediately 😦 Remember when you had to send letters or fax haha. I suppose we could turn off the phone but that’s not always practical. The silliest experience I had was when I was literally on the beach and had to say to a very insistent caller that I was sure someone else at work would be able to help! Gahh

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah I’m not allowed to do that… I have a mom with Alzheimer’s and kids… plus with work I am manager so I have to be available – I am responsible for the running and staffing of the funeral home, and once a week I am on call 😳😮

        I can not do by appt only, but nice dream lol 🙌 how do they make appt? Text?


      3. No not yet… I was going to do that once all this home buying business was over – but she still masked and behind glass – she like a China Doll ☹️

        She’s happy though her birthday was Thursday – I got to talk to her ❤️


      4. Me too – I talk to her a lot … but she slipping more and more and it’s really hard because it makes me cry and then she doesn’t know why makes me cry? And I can’t really help that because I miss her and I certainly can’t say why I cry – so I just say oh you know stress (or some other excuse I can think of really quick) and she will accept that answer and then try to comfort or make me laugh, which makes me laugh and cry at same time

        It’s just hard… I miss her soooo much 😢💔 I cry to not have her!!!


      5. I do send letters and fax still lol … do I remember? Lol… why yes… that was yesterday lol

        I have to deal with government, health department, hospitals, nursing homes, etc… fax and letter documentation essential lol

        We can plan your whole entire funeral with you online… with signatures and all 😮 (docusign)

        You can totally do things remotely now… but I still need to fax and send letters lol

        So you don’t like the snail mail 🐌?? Lol

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      6. Haha, I don’t mind real mail and when you use it you have realistic expectations regarding delivery/action/response. With e-mail, folk expect an immediate response or at least for you to drop everything and read their message. The expectations bar is sometimes raised way too high 😉

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      7. Hahahaha I hope they don’t expect that from me lol …

        With work email – I am ON IT!!

        Personal email – I am bad with lol 😮 really bad with – you should text me to tell me there is an email lol

        Yeah I have a flaw there lol ✌️

        But if you email me at work – boom got it

        I don’t always respond right away with work either – if it’s something dumb, then I will wait because I have tons of massively important things going on!!

        I answer in terms of importance lol … I go as fast as able.

        And with personal things I just am quiet… so I only check or skim actually, to see if anything important – otherwise meh a lot of junk emails

        Text is preferred method of contact 😄✌️ because it can wait til I can get to it… quick easy boom done

        So yeah I would pick text lol
        I am very bad with email if not working … although – I do, put people I love, in my favorites…. so if they email me, I am usually ding’ed right away 😊❤️ but I am still little bad with it … email reminds me of work lol

        Oh I do not expect from people… you can’t … People can expect all they want – that does not mean it goes that way. lol


    1. Hahaha – no they do not. And I should have saw it coming because the entire company been eating up all their vacation time with no care in the world 😮

      Hahaha that’s funny – ease back into work 😄 that is not a thing lol 😮😳 … it is full throttle!

      As you can see – I have been behind lol … catching up lol ✌️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha …yes ok barely counts lol … I am still working and not a customer so that definitely counts!!

        Oh yes – I am … just came inside ❤️🙌❤️

        We having lunch 🥗
        Having nice chill weekend cause week will beat me up again lol

        So you must soak as much up of time as you can ❤️✌️ I do ❤️

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  1. Flippin’the script: You’re judging the guy. I’m guessing he said what he did based on prior experience… nothing to do with you at all.

    I wonder if lunch is to ask if you want to be recommended for one of the higher positions. Or maybe it’s to warn you about stuff going on at their level.

    It sucks that they don’t learn. And that you’re gonna get slammed with work. And that employees at your 2nd site already don’t get along. You’ve mentioned “leaving death” before… maybe Life is trying to force you to your next step. I say that Life gives you hints, then nudges, then big forceful shoves to get you where you’re supposed to be. Good luck!!

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    1. Well yeah but people want color not to be a thing- that just makes it continue to remain “a thing”

      You can’t have it both ways when it fits you. You will never be rid of color issues like that. So then everything is waste of time.

      You either move forward or you stay stuck… that stays stuck.

      Oh lots of shit gonna come down 😮 bracing 😳


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