Money and Women

Oh I have one more story 😮 …

So someone I work with stopped by funeral home today because they are fixing few things for me, and we go over what I want.


Well he tried to make a move before and I told him no. And I just kinda keep my distance.

We are jokey – I joke around with all my people – we enjoy life when we able (ish) ✌️ … depends on what you want me to enjoy? Lol … but laughter yes!

Today I wore sundress because is easy – no effort getting dressed – put it on and boom done ✌️❤️

I was not expecting to see anyone and I have a black jacket if family come to door.

Anyway – he make a small comment about the dress and very beautiful …

I will gloss over that stuff really quick, if I am uncomfortable… Mainly because I am focused at work, but also – I am extremely careful!!

So whatever …

And then we finished going over everything and he was telling me about his vacation he took back to his country.

Sounded amazing and he helps his town and people back home… he goes back often.

He grew up in HIS country – not the United States.

I asked him … so what brings you to United States ?

It was originally for school, but then he got a visa and stayed …

When I asked why stay here … he say 2 things 😮😳

He said “I like money, and I like women” 😳😱😮 lol

I did NOT expect that answer lol …but ok lol

Ahhhhh … and see … that is why I say no!! Lol

I know a playboy when I see one – it doesn’t matter what country you from lol

I am still digesting that … money and women huh?

But let me also make a note – that is why I say no ✌️😘

Because he is playboy lol … nope I am not that type.

The money part I understand because I know our money is way more, than his country’s money.

He helps his family and community with that money so I understand that.

And yes he’s a man and men like women …sometimes lol …

But I am just more ???

I don’t party, I like to have peace lol … I am probably boring ✌️ so yeah there are those things lol 😘✌️

I just definitely do not want to deal with a playboy – I do not have time or energy for crap stuff – nor am I willing ✌️

But he’s always really sweet and tries to get the convo to go that way – but I never let it ✌️ nope!

Ok that’s my last story for the night … it was just funny that money and women were his deciding factor lol

Ok good night for real 😘❤️

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