Decent day- crazy busy!!

So I have been thinking about CB… I have some thoughts on that…

Ok … so … I don’t think he is right … and sure … if he wants the label “friend” sure.

And he will always be someone special to me… always.

But I am having a really hard time with that statement “no feelings” – that’s not me at all.

And I do feel for and care for my friends… I will feel. So …

He IS amazing… and he treats me really sweet …

I am hung up on his “no feelings” … so.

I can’t have that in my life.

So that is hard for me. He is special to me, and I still like him… but I don’t want him in my life? 😮

Sure I can be friend … but he lives far away… we never see each other… we are both busy … so ??? What?? Just be like “heeeeyyy, s’up?” 🙄

See, that would require “feelings and caring” so?? 🤷‍♀️

What would be the point?

I see no point to life without feelings and caring. 😮 cause then ok … I don’t have to care about it then and I will avoid – it puts him in that category 😮 … so how be friends?

I just can’t get past those words.

So whatever – he liked Trump anyway ✌️😘

He wants to stay in my life – but I don’t know if I can do that??

I feel like I can’t – I feel like I just wanna walk away 😮😮 I really do!

It’s sooooo weird… I really like him… but then at that very same time – I don’t want him in my life now? Just that flipped a switch 😮😮

NEVER EVER tell me that lol

I want away from him with that … so whatever – he can be friend – but for what reason? He is not a part of my life really…

Stop saying wanna see me

I don’t understand

I just don’t want anyone close in my life who can’t feel

But that’s his choice so ok. I will try not to completely ice out but I do that. I just go silent – because I know I don’t want it in my life. 😮

He doesn’t want me to do that but then how do I not? It just does …especially with that ✌️

He’s been trying to stop me from going silent on him since my surgery. I like him. He sweet and kind and gentle but again no feelings – so that just shut it all right down. 😮 I can’t process… so it can’t be close to me and I do not actually want that in my life at all.

I have too much in my life for something with no feelings … I just don’t have time for that

And I don’t understand it either – so whatever – I like silence anyway 😘✌️

Without feelings – I don’t even want him to be my friend 😮😮

That is like total repel lol

Lol … so yeah don’t come around me with that no feelings crap ✌️ … I’m sorry … I just can’t

And if he can’t get past his “whatever it is” – then ok.

Anyway. My meetings both went well …

With yesterday’s meeting – quick synopsis – I am no longer the phantom that people have not met lol …

I really really enjoyed that!! ❤️ I loved being unknown ❤️ …

,.. but now they all know me lol 🙄 … the fun is over 🤨 … they only knew or heard my name – but not many meet me until yesterday lol

They were like: 😱 she does exist lol 😄

I got a lot of info and perspective

Also… 😳 I am taking on another location. 😮 … one just lost office manager …So I will help until they find new – that better be quick!!

Today’s meeting also went well.

I was nervous but went really good!! My people are still happy and safe … we are going to try something 🙌

So… it was good day. Also very beautiful!!

By weekend we will be back in the 100’s 😩

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

Ok … more heat 🥵

I can’t stay… I have to do some paper work on house before bed

Tmrw is Thursday so almost Friday ❤️ week is almost over 🙌

I will be back soon 🔜

Good night 😘💤🌙😴❤️

Ps… I’m sooo tired!! My sleep is lacking this week!! 😮

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  1. Oh, geez… I forgot to read the post about going out. And, I forgot you’re buying a place. So much to catch up on.

    He said no feelings but still wants to hang? Friendship is feelings… and shared interests. It seems like there’s no benefit to you putting any more effort into it. But maybe I’m speaking out of turn.

    Do whatever feels right! Including, if it feels right, changing your mind later!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No I agree!! I can’t do friendship or anything else without feelings.

      There is no point to putting effort into that.

      I’m not gonna change my mind, as long as, no feelings are involved. There would be no reason to be invested. 🤷‍♀️

      Yes … I have to do what I think is ok for me… that is not ok for me.

      … and yeah … tons of things happening 😮😮


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