So … I really don’t like that “no feelings” thing, I don’t want that.

I am all or nothing with that… so… that is hard for me… my initial instinct is to walk away from him completely – and he is trying to stop that lol ??? What do you care then?

I don’t know – that’s hard because I see “things” … I have compassion.

I keep my circle kinda small and tight?? Only my most trusted people ✌️

So alright. He can be my friend I guess? But that’s hard because I’m gonna back up 😮😮

So alright we see how goes – but I’m still backing up …so that is going to be difficult -at moment ✌️

I am gonna protect myself, so if he doesn’t want feelings – he needs to not come near me 😘✌️

And how you keep a friend that way? How do you not have feelings and care for your friends ???

Many loop holes in his theory there lol ✌️

So… I’ll back up… and he can stay there – “for now”… I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that

We see.

Because he is a decent person, and he has been an incredible friend through some rough things – so I’ll allow it. But we see. ✌️

I know he has pain so I will be sensitive to that. I won’t do hurtful moves but… just that “with out feelings” thing gets me – I definitely don’t want that near me??

I can not really function that way so 🤷‍♀️ … we see.

See why my daughter does not like when I say that lol … “we see” … she always says “that just means no” lol … eh we see lol ✌️

I will try. It’s really hard though.

Because I want to be considerate of him, but then I also feel like without feelings he can not know me and I will pull back? It’s gonna happen.

So whatever – we will just see

It was REALLY HOT today 🥵 again – always lol

Lol … Paris Hilton ❤️ she always makes me smile lol … I remember her making me laugh with …

They were so bad lol … but really funny lol ❤️ … whatever – just remember her lol … and her little dog too lol ❤️

And then also…

Carl’s Jr. lol … that’s a hamburger ad 😮😄😄 whatever

Anyway… this is going to be crazy week at work 😮

Services, arrangements, I have massive meeting on Tuesday off site 😮😮 🤦‍♀️ just a crazy week coming

Am I ready? Lol 😮😳 ok … bring it lol 🙌✌️

7 thoughts on “Thoughts

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      1. My sister loves TMZ

        She never misses 🙄

        I however, could care less what’s up in the personal life of a celebrity – who cares … I guess many people but whatever

        I don’t like paparazzi … and celebrities are just people l

        Plus people are opportunists so… if they can exploit a photo or a story, they will – true or not.

        So I just don’t pay attention


      2. I used to watch TMZ, then IMMEDIATELY watch it again on another channel. I didn’t care about the celeb news. I enjoyed the employees interaction and all the snarkiness toward celebs.

        It got too serious and stressful during the pandemic and I stopped watching. I’ve checked in a couple times but it’s still too serious for me.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh I have seen them once or twice years and years ago because she made me watch a couple with her.

        Eh they were funny – but the subject matter I didn’t care about at all


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