For Leenda

This is Fletcher, North Carolina around 1979/1980

Yes there is snow there lol

Snow is easier than tornado lol

But again remember was years ago… I’m sure way more built up now and maybe with global warming the snow is less??? Lol ✌️ I am not sure

Check out the Pontiac ❤️❤️❤️

Ugh I remember having to wear these rubber things sorta like boots but not … over my actual shoes – I hated that… and all the jackets and hats and then you take the hat off and your hair is electric 🤨

Lol – ahhh memories lol

That is where I had the worst teacher. She was very mean – she made me cry every day.

We had 3 or 4 boards and she would fill them with sentences and make us copy and turn in…

When I would turn mine in – she would say no, not accepted – go do it again – your writing too messy

And I would do it til my arm hurt and she would still be mean…

I did not like her. I still do not like her memory. I remember her name.

Begrudgingly my handwriting is beautiful now 🤨 … but she was still mean! I was little – 1st grade

Anyway… I don’t know what to say about North Carolina – I only experienced for one year as a kid. ✌️

But there is those pics for you 😊❤️✌️and without snow…


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