It’s gone well today – tmrw I need a FLEET of flower vans …all day day long flowers delivered to funeral home AND cemetery!! 😮 is flower wonderland 😮😮😮 whoa!!

It’s a heart wrenching case that made my heart bleed today … most of the time I can keep those emotions in check… and with coworkers – we balance each other ❤️

But there are some that just hit you just the right way and you get that lump and eyes tear up … I could feel my heart just bleed right there with her!!

All I could think in my mind – is holding him and that love you feel when you bring them into the world – you just see their faces

The one time – I loved someone before I met them ❤️ well 3 times lol ❤️

But my mind shot to that.

And then their lives – being their mom – how much I love them… how much they mean to me… how life would be without them there

And to give them life and to have it taken away before you 💔💔💔 that life span you made left before you

Not supposed to happen. 💔

So my heart just shattered for her.

And if you ever see my eyes tear up – never speak to me – I will burst into tears – so if you see signs of tears – do not speak to me, wait til they go away. ✌️

That one really hit me hard!!

If I have to make a motion or a sound – it’s all over – do not look or acknowledge the sadness lol … don’t speak to me at that moment and then we good lol ✌️

I could imagine MY sons, and how my heart would just shatter… I don’t know if I could handle that??? To lose a child? I don’t think I would be that strong. I would crumble under that. 💔 you just don’t know how you would handle until it is presented in front of you.

She was like me… she wanted to be by herself with her child. (Who wasn’t actually a child – but my kids are still and always will be “my child” – even when they 50 or 100)

She wanted no one with her – just to take by herself 💔 her with her child.

Yeah my heart just aches for the family 💔

Alright well let’s balance ✌️ … cause life is balance of extreme heartache with loss like that… but then on the flip side – you have life.

And life is going to happen – you do not get a decision in that. If you take care of self, remember to laugh and be kind – you will be better off

So… like I said let’s balance the sadness. That is because there is emotions attached to things – emotions are sorta good – I just don’t like anger ✌️

So let’s switch subjects …

I have a hilarious bunny 🐰 story 😄😄❤️

Ok so my location is in a neighborhood kinda lol … beautiful one ❤️ old old old

Crappy building whatever – we have a home 🏠 right next to us – two guys who remind us EXACTLY of the odd couple – they are not gay 😄😄 but they are hilarious lol they are odd

One is a talker – one is shy lol

About a month ago, a bunny rabbit showed up in their yard so they looked for owners but no one came forward so they said to us – does anyone want a bunny?

One of my girls offered to take it. So they say ok – she researches (no wonder I love my girl’s …so much …because she went all in learning how to be a rabbit owner!! 😮❤️❤️ that is how you should!!! Make sure you can handle.) she is excited

Every day they tell me when I get to work – oh bunny is missing “oh no” lol

And the whole thing really odd

Today I got to work and I see their door wide open – well that is not unusual for them. I gather my purse and bag and shut the car door and I hear “hi trisha” 😳

Hello… and then they like bunny gone blah blah blah

Same as every day lol

But then later they excitedly tell me bunny is back 😄😄 every single day these same convos and events happen – like I am living in Groundhog Day lol… I know how my morning will start 😄😄✌️

And then they tell my girl – well ya know we don’t know ? And they got kinda attached blah blah blah

One doesn’t want the rabbit – and one does lol 😄😄

And my girl is like “ if they want the rabbit then just say that” lol

Are they afraid to hurt her feelings?

But the way they say and do is funny but also odd 😄

They also do not remember conversations sometimes lol but whatever – they good neighbors

It’s just really funny.

I ran an errand yesterday for the funeral home – and while at grocery store – I hear “Trisha? Hey Trisha!“ 😳😳

😄😄 …so I look and it is one of them – they are nice guys lol – they are odd with a funny twist.

Good people.

And then on way to work I heard about this concert of music from my growing up years…

But I mixed it all up when I told them … I said Men Down Under

By accident totally

Way messed it up

They like what are you watching lol

No no lol

It’s Men without hats 😄😄

I LOVE this song ❤️

And guess who the headliner is?! Flock of Seagulls lol

❤️and this is where my music entered way back when lol …

I have never been to a concert – except my children’s concerts (two were in band – oldest and daughter – oldest was in a symphony for little while) ❤️ so if that counts then yes – but that is the only concerts I have ever been to.

I wanted to go to a concert when I was a teenager but my mom warned me because of THIS concert… 🤨…

So ok … I’m good. And then I was a mother very young. My interest was my children not concerts

But eh… I don’t think that is really my speed anyway? I do not like really large crowds – even before covid.

I love music – by my way ❤️

This was the concert I wanted as a teen : lol …


Oh the things you look back on and laugh about ❤️❤️

And ya know- the public was hard on Milli Vanilli … look what we make famous NOW!! – they did a good show… they took slack for lying, but didn’t get credit for how much we loved & had enjoyed them anyway – whoopie do they didn’t sing it – so what?

Always think of them with their songs – it was part of my childhood – they instantly flash me back to 15 lol 😮😳😄✌️


Life is memories and moments – smells, songs and things… can bring you to a memory within a lifetime ❤️✌️

When I smell cigars –

I think of my grandfather ❤️❤️

Anyway… see balance – there was heartache and balanced with funniness – and memories … see how that helps?

And memories make you smile to have had those moments ❤️ you have to cherish things always

Balance 🙌 find your balance 😘✌️

Alright – so I’m gonna read for little while – gnite 😘❤️✌️

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  1. I have been crying over the silliest triggers this week… basically any time a tv character tears up. I cried at the exact same tv episode 2 days apart! And an article about Obama’s dog dying. And now, from thinking about that again.

    I no longer hide my tears. Hoping it leads to someone else feeling free to cry.

    I’ve seen The Who and Flock of Seagulls live (separate shows).

    So weird that you posted that Info Society video. I don’t remember ever seeing it back in the day (but danced to it several times a week at clubs). I saw it “for the first time” a couple days ago.

    Men w/o Hats vs Men At Work is an easy mistake. I don’t recall that song. The bubbles reminded me of Jimmy Kimmel last night… he had a famous band (Dawes?) perform the “menthol soap” song from some viral vid… with a ton of bubbles blowing in front of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah well you to be strong for the families and help them through – it is their loss to come to terms with.

      So we have to be strong – just sometimes one catches you.

      I do not like to be seen crying lol ✌️ but I am private – however I am also girly so ya know little sensitivity if you know where my points are

      Nothing wrong with crying – I am just private person with stuff

      Hahaha wow!! That is funny … funny how the universe does that!!

      Hahaha bubbles ❤️❤️ love bubbles

      I was young with that song lol ❤️❤️❤️ like maybe12/13? Lol


      1. Do you know Bubbles is my current “social name”? And I want to have my house repainted with bubbles. And I plan to buy a bubble machine if Life ever stops taking my money.

        I used to be really private about crying.. especially because my upper eyelids puff up and take days to return to normal. But something switched awhile back and I stopped caring who saw.

        But, yeah… the lack of ability to control my reactions is why I could never do your job, or work for a vet.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is so funny ❤️🙌❤️ same wave length! 😮😮

        Well ya know great minds ✌️❤️

        I have always wanted a bubble machine!! A good one! Lol life

        Yeah I’m just quiet and private. Crying extremely personal to me so I do not like others to see – just is how am – but I also sometimes lose that composure or control… so that’s ok too… is human.

        I just don’t like being seen like that.

        Yeah definitely not for everyone lol



      3. What’s the 1st icon in the last line? It’s too small for me to ID.

        Amazon has a high-rated bubble machine for about $26, and it goes on sale a lot for$20.

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  2. If you ever want to go to a concert, I’ll drive out and go with you! If you listen to Gary Numan Live At The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, you can hear me “wooooo”ing through it!! They didn’t say it was going to recorded!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be fun – I am also serious! Memories and moments ❤️ 🙌 “Life”

        Someone amazing… hmm 🤔 who is touring soon?

        I would love to! ❤️


      2. So many panties raineddown from the 3rd floor that I thought it was a prop!! Nope… real thing! And some woman ran to the stage waving giant “Granny panties”. They were clearly all spares that people brought but my friend nearly took hers off to throw!!

        We were dancing away in box seats and later learned that tons of people were watching us!

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      3. Yeah… it’s turned into a running joke.

        One of the friend’s billion sisters hooked up with him in his prime and was extremely complimentary about his naught bits.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. If you watch the first few min of the movie Inner Space (1987) the camera zooms in till just the face of a departed friend is shown. When Joel and I saw it, while the friend – Larry – was still alive, we freaked out. He never mentioned it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A bunch of us former Vox bloggers were thanked. Bryn Greenwood blogged with us before she became a major author.

        And I’ll always have my IMDB entry for 0.5 seconds in a web series!! And the chair I sponsored during a theater renovation (we got our names on plagues on chairs).

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    1. Thank you very much 😊❤️

      That is how I keep a balance from some of those emotions.

      Parts of my day can be really sad – so I have to make it have a balance with laughter and things

      That old saying “laughter is best medicine” … yes that is true ❤️✌️

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