I passed 🙌

I passed my audit!! I did really good, considering I was winging it and hoping would pass…

There was one piece of documentation that I didn’t know about?? It was from before I even started – and no one even told me about… or that I needed… but we looked in some old file boxes and found one from 2014!! 🙌 and I had the documentation ❤️

So yay!! ❤️❤️❤️ they were shocked how well I did without any training ❤️ my only training is when I hunt down office managers to ask questions. But otherwise I have learned myself and with help of my staff who can fill in pieces of info I don’t know

I worked REALLY REALLY REALLY hard!! I did amazing 🙌❤️

I have to run this :


Ugh… and when I first started this location it was a complete mess – the prior 4 office managers couldn’t handle. I had to clean it up, organize it and run those reports and also have ALL supporting documentation!!!

It could not have gone better – they came to MY location to do audit… asked for all my reports and also all documentation and records.

The last office manager who had location failed the audits – you can lose your job immediately for failing these audits 😮 so yeah – that’s why so stressed – now I feel relief 🙌❤️

Because last office manager failed audits – I have to pass the audits 3 times in a row to have it go to once a year 🙌❤️

I’ve got it now… as they went over all my records and documentation … they explained everything so now I have really good grasp!! They should have done that immediately as soon as I started but whatever – I handled it 🙌❤️

I’m so excited – you have no idea how much time and effort I put there to get this place organized and together!!

And then …

The auditor asked my employees what they think of me … they tell auditor that I “get” it and have made them actually enjoy and want to come to work ❤️ there were moments before me when they wanted to leave. But with me – they love it there ❤️❤️❤️

And then while I am being audited, it took from 9am until 2:30pm … no breaks … my district boss – above my own boss called the auditor… and asked how I do?

They gave really good review – said most who start have many errors… I had only one error for my very first time… with the way I ran a report in the month of February – instead of running the entire month – I did week by week (I was trying to see what best system was)

But I had all info and documentation with it – is same just run week by week, instead of one month. They want it in one whole month.

Everything else was good 🙌❤️

Ohhh such relief ❤️❤️

Now I can breath for another 3 months lol each quarter I will be audited until I can continuously pass – then I will be audited once a year

But even when audited once a year I still have to do all the reports, documentation and everything every quarter – like I am being audited to make sure all stays neat and clean 🙌❤️

Whew!! That was a day 🙌❤️

I also looked really amazing – was first time I am meeting auditor so I was excited and wanted to look good!! So looked amazing today, made sure I felt good and had confidence to handle today ✌️

On way home, I stopped at a new gas station that did not work out very well at all…

I was all dressed nice and looking nice … went to get gas – I had to!!

Some random man who was also filling his tank, literally finished and walked right over to me and said “excuse me, I’m sorry, I just had to come tell you – you are a very beautiful woman, stunning”


See why I do not expect? I was not even thinking of things like that, my mind was on my audit literally all day long… even at that moment – my mind was replaying everything from the audit … And also… see why I kinda shy away or run away?

So… I am not sure about that gas station. That was first time there and that happened

I will keep looking. 😕

So that was my day today…

So I want to ask something else… I am reading things that tell me the coronavirus or covid – Whatever you call it… is hitting India really hard currently… is that true?

Be careful please listen – keep that mask on… get vaccinated as soon as they let you… but even still stay safe even with vaccination

I don’t trust anything they say about this. I hope to god the vaccine helps, but who knows… and who knows when will need booster also

Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏 please listen to the safety warnings ⚠️ stay isolated if able, keep distance from other people, wear those masks – if that is true and India being hit hard – wear 2 masks less chance of it passing to you or anyone else

We were doing one medical disposable mask, paired with a cloth mask. Now we just do one medical disposable one, because we are all fully vaccinated – we still wear though!!

Protect your own self and family!! Be very very careful!!!

If your children are in school – be careful they can catch, be sick, also die or pass to someone.



Do you want to take chances like that? I do not.

One insane school in Florida says if anyone at the school gets vaccinated they are fired 😮🤨😡 and if is anyone who get vaccine – they not allowed at that school 😮😮😮

See “Florida” – the state that F’s literally everything up!! They literally can not handle anything!! Too bad because Florida itself is amazing state!! Just run really badly!! Shockingly bad!!! It’s always messing everything up.

I can’t believe that school going to endanger people like that / that is disgusting and all of it should be shut down…

If my child went to that school – I would pull them out so fast!!! F that!!! They wanna die – or lose loved ones??!! That is gross negligence – I wonder if open to lawsuits?? That should be against the law!!!

I bet you could sue the school and the state!!

And that’s a school – that is so disgusting. I am sooo appalled! And the governor does nothing – lame

I give you warnings from what I see … and what we deal with … if you wanna listen then listen … if not that’s your prerogative

Death always welcomes people

I’m sorry if you are having such a hard time and struggling India – I hope you are all ok!! 🙏 please listen and follow all safety precautions!! Wear that mask, wash hands – stay away from people!! Don’t go out to crowded places unless you have to and please please please stay safe

Isolate again if you have to!! Be safe!

As for Florida – I don’t really see hope for them. They don’t seem to care. So we will see them on the news soon, unfortunately – either by lawsuits or deaths

Beautiful state – run severely incorrectly! Such a lack of respect for life or people’s freedoms. The lowest of low!!

That be the day – you tell me what I can or can not do for my own self and family!!

To forbid people to get vaccinated or be fired – that sounds like a lawsuit right there!! How is that even legal??!! That can NOT be legal!!

I’m actually curious if IS even legal!! That is deadly!!

They can require you to HAVE vaccinations for safety reasons

I wonder what the ADA says about this?

Isn’t this a violation of public safety??

Ahhhh 🙌 whole new issue for the United States – here we go – thanks Florida – of course it’s you!

Whatever …thank god I am way the hell over here, away from that!! We take this seriously over here. We saw the deaths, and still do!!

Anyway.. I get upset because I watch the deaths and the families devastation and it’s heart wrenching…

And a state like Florida not even caring – is just terrifying – they have very high elderly population!! Is Republican state so not all that surprising when you learn that.

So whatever… people gonna be people… please be safe if you can. 🙏🙏✌️

Be careful please – you have no idea how quick and deadly this can be. Do you feel lucky?

Ok well that’s it for today

I am beat after all that today!!

Gnite 😘 ✌️

7 thoughts on “I passed 🙌

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  1. Yaaay, many congratulations!! You put in the hard yards and it is great that it was recognised!!

    Haha, what is it about you and gas stations? ;-p 😉 OK, I know it’s not ‘funny’ but y’know what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol … yeah … I don’t hold my breath that’s for sure

        Always searching for nice quiet peaceful gas station

        I’ll find one – will be peaceful for awhile but then not lol

        So 🤷‍♀️ whatever – I should buy electric 😄😘✌️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Trisha, well done on getting through the audits. I used to be an audit investigator in retail and l was a hard bastard on those who didn’t get them right and l did fire people on the spot for failures – so well done.

    Hey it’s a compliment if someone tells you straight up like that with no further expectation, sometimes the easiest thing is to just smile , say thank you and be done.

    India IS getting seriously hit with the covid – https://eu.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/world/2021/04/29/covid-19-crisis-india-display-these-shocking-photos/4886613001/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg 😳😱 India 😮 oh wow!! Oh no!!

      Has India been vaccinating at all? Has that been happening there?

      I just googled – only 9% of population is that right? 😮

      And I don’t know the vaccines they have – they are different than ours 😮

      We all have different vaccines??? Huh 🤔

      What do you have?

      Well omg that is horrific!! Oh that’s awful 💔💔

      You feel so helpless when you went through little tiny bit of that – theirs looks way worse 😮 oh that was awful for us… I hate to see other people going through that!! 💔

      It’s like a nightmare that keeps happening 😮 that you really can’t do anything about!!

      Awww 💔

      You be safe… you stay safe! Wear a mask!! Can’t hurt right? Embrace the mystery of the mask 😷 🙌

      Also remember hand washing and sanitizing – still don’t touch face.

      Just make sure you stay careful.

      I hope India is isolating 🙏 my thoughts and prayers for them 💔❤️🙏🙏🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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