Ahhhh what day is it? Tuesday – ok still too close to Monday. Ugh 🤦‍♀️

So … I don’t even know what to say 😮

Every time I turn around we have more and more and more 😮 and none of the others are getting many!!! Omg

Ok so my way to drum up business worked maybe? lol

The others are jumping in to help us 😮

I don’t expect so many all at once …

So… all the office managers do outreach …

But here’s the thing… ok similar with the blog…

When I first started this blog, I really didn’t understand how it worked. I just needed a place to store my thoughts and think things through.

I never actually thought it was posted to the world 😮😄 … but I have loved that too ❤️

I just never thought anyone would ever find me or read? I didn’t know? Then I learned that lol

But when I started before I posted anything – I didn’t want to look at or read or be influenced by any other blog.

I just wanted it to mine and I thought was for me – didn’t know at the time it posted world wide lol – totally learned that lol …

That has been amazing

So I like to do like that… I don’t like to follow. If you give me a task… and let me do what I want… ok then so I will do my way… I do not do same exactly as other office managers 🤫

Ok… so … you know sorta how I am from what I tell you – I am social at work ❤️… but on own I am just more quiet and silent with things ?

I am not a busy body or gossip or into every club lol… no I am more chill? That is not my style – I am more of the silent comfort… let you come to me type… but I will entice you 💋✌️

So I figure … this is covid… my area people are careful. So masks are still worn everywhere!

I can’t really do great “Hellos” because nursing homes really don’t let me in. Lol … no no grim reaper stay out lol … I’m kidding … but I’m not allowed in anyway… so what is point to go and waste gas?

So … I take business cards and have magnets … and I tailor the gift to where I am sending. I say hello and happy spring 🌼

I put a little card in and write some nice things ❤️✌️ little pick me ups to say hello.

I also do one “thank you”… I do these things for people who help us and keep us strong 💪 ya know how sometimes people go above and beyond for you? …

I always make sure to say thank you! ❤️ … like to someone at the health department that helped us with death certificates or the florist who literally jumps for us ❤️ with stunning arrangements ❤️ … to my Maintenence guy who helped me with repairs for fire guy ❤️ anytime I ask him to do anything at all – he does it ❤️ he works very very hard.

I always tease him because lol … he will call me and say “did you get my invoice” yes sir I did lol … I always have his check ready but he takes forever to come get it lol

I told him I always think of this song lol… I am posting only the clean version – it is only the chorus I think of lol


He always says to me “ you got my money?” Lol 😄😄 so I think of the chorus of that song every time he says that lol 😄😄🙄

Anyway – I say thank you to people because without them and their support, we could not do what we do. We appreciate ❤️

And then with families, we hmm… we are comforting and gentle – all of us… is why is such perfect fit ❤️

Well anyway – I make sure people know stuff lol

I just do it from a distance – I send them things by mail – that way they still have comfort and my name is there and they know we are caring if we considerate of covid and others

Sorry but yeah. That is one excuse lol but yes. I don’t want to be galavanting all around being social butterfly 🦋… I am not comfortable – I do have the vaccine and I know that…

I just don’t really trust any of them with what they say about anything 😘✌️

So whatever – I do it my safe way 😘❤️✌️


But I do it really cute and thoughtful … because my goal is to put us in your mind. Know that we are thoughtful and will care for you and your family.

So I am more on the quiet side with that … silent but deadly lol (… totally meant the pun lol ❤️) just fit perfectly lol

I want thought. Also… I want our name well known so … guess I did good … maybe it was partly that? Also our rep. ?

Skills 🙌😄 … totally kidding … I was not even sure if I was doing it right – I just did what I figured to do 🤷‍♀️ … no one really gave me direction so I took my own lol … I had no idea what I was doing

So right now we blowing the area market out of the water 😮

Whoa 😮 so yeah … skills 😘✌️ let’s just go with that

If you let me run with it I can do stuff … but you have to let me do stuff lol 🤨

Ok I have 2 boards going right now!! And this afternoon I get tons of emails about these 2 hour meetings next week or something – I’m not going!! I have work to do!!!


Anyway… that’s not happening at this moment – record it for me ✌️😘

They want me to do meetings, take classes, become notary, run funeral home, bring in business to my location… when they tell me to handle, I handle.

But I have 2 boards of families going here

I don’t have time currently for meetings or classes or anything … oh yeah and then I’m being audited lol (not personally – my location) lol but I have know that… it’s just everything at once

Can life chill out making things happen all at once? Relax!

So yeah – unless they would like to come to my location and help?

I also have to still do my own job too – the books and reports and ugh 🤦‍♀️

So whew – yeah whoa 😮

Country boy text me couple times this month … hmm 🤔

So at first glance – huh …how sweet… and he say sweet things … he is always really gentlemanly ❤️ that I love!

But?? I don’t know? Just ?? Hmm? Is odd – I don’t hear from him a lot and … I laid out what I want… I am not sure he understands me?

So whatever … then I was thinking wait 😮 we are in April!! His birthday is coming 🤨

See … he wants me to be thinking of him this month

I am not sure how to take him.

I am not sure I trust him really yet. So I dunno.

Not about women 🙄 whatever – that is your own integrity … people always think other women or something if you say you don’t trust 🤨🙄

I do not totally trust him about what I want. Or with my heart

So whatever – I will say Happy Birthday 🎁 of course – I do every year.

I would not have forgotten 😘✌️

I really do not understand him very well – we so different!

I also think he does not understand me very well either??

Also, I’m just silent. He knew me before I was silent. I used to talk to him all the time 😊❤️

He was peaceful and comforting and has a really amazing heart! He is always a gentleman, always kind, always sweet, caring, always makes sure I am comfortable – he’s very sweet.

And then I went through the surgery and went silent so… shortly after that we had a disagreement – pretty big one so nope 👎 bye!

Be clear with what you want and know what you got, because I will walk away.

So whatever – I didn’t speak to him. I just went cold silent. Crickets 🦗

I have never not spoken to him, since I met him.

And so for 6 years we friends and talk. And then after that, I was already silent in general – so I went silent with him. That was maybe October November of 2019

I do my own thing and I am silent anyway.

He started texting me right when covid hit last year. March of 2020

We had another convo… still don’t understand each other

We do not think or see things same? I am also from east coast so little different from west lol … I look west coast but with east coast core lol

He is definitely not used to east coast women lol … I am different from his world? Just like he is different than mine 😮

So I do not know. That is a thing … I do enjoy who he is as a person and he does have a good heart

He is kind. And he does not pressure me. So I do like that.

But still guarded. Don’t really trust him with my heart. So whatever.

Ok – I am really exhausted 😴

I have so much going on tomorrow 😮😮😮

I have time for nothing!

Ohhh Friday please hurry!! Friday Friday Friday!! 🙏

Whenever I would wish ahead like that 😄… my mother would say… do not wish your life away lol ❤️

I was the kid that couldn’t wait to grown up…

Now I am the adult that wants a rewind lol 😘😄✌️

Ok fine whatever – but I still dream of Friday ❤️


❤️❤️❤️ yup ❤️❤️❤️


Oh ps… is also oddly raining ☔️… did not expect rain – but I don’t watch the weather either though lately

I be back this weekend ❤️ or when able here and there 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Yeah after work it got overcast and then rained some last night but absolutely beautiful today.

      Ugh 🤦‍♀️ well ya know – day to day lol … is like that. I got it.


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