So let’s see… what happened Friday ??

So … work is still nuts?? The cases are still coming in daily – we have full board and I have to start another 😮

What’s weird though is that the other funeral homes have nothing – we have it all 😮

My boss laughed because last month it went silent – so they got on my case about numbers and what’s coming in…

Well I have no control over death and what comes ?? But they want my numbers up? So how I do that?

Well I know our strength is our compassion and care. So I pushed that… I have been sending thank you’s to people who help us handling things or go above and beyond to help us …

I also send cute little hellos to places – so that you know our name…

So I think between that … and … the other day someone told me that word with the locals is that we are the best for compassion – and we have 5 stars so when you search we come right up.

People keep telling us we are the best with compassion ❤️

And then on top of that… there was a funeral home (not one of mine/not in my Corp) that mishandled someone’s remains paperwork… that made the news

And then another funeral home which IS part of my corporation (but not one of my 3) … well during covid they had 2 people working … one got covid the other had to handle everything – they had over 100 direct cremations at one moment – and for 1 person to handle was insane and that caused problems

So… I think between us having a reputation of compassion and also perfection ✌️… this is death – you don’t want to mishandle death! So I think people are currently coming to us for the compassion and also to make sure death is handled the way they want

Once again let me say – you get what you pay for – and what I mean by that… if you want cheapest option in death… that is going to be cremation… and there are some places that will do VERY cheap for you

But they don’t care. So it just depends if you care that it be done right and with care. ✌️

But I think that has a hand in all the business coming in right now? Cause all the others are slow 😮 just us are busy 😮

So my boss thinks I somehow woo’d everything lol – because they said something and then all these cases came and here we are 😮

I didn’t woo anyone lol … but I do push the fact we are compassionate and also that we are ON IT!!

Business is good, not that I want death, but that is my business. Is going to happen. If someone gonna die – come to me

The only thing that makes it hard – is when you connect … you connect ALOT!!

When someone dies – we come into your life and we get all up in the business – we are with your family and for a week or 2 possibly more depending on paperwork, what family wants and permits …

But we are with you very closely while you get through that… we get to know people and their lives and those things

You get close to them and many really touch your heart ❤️

You get to see how people react and how families react… everyone is different in reactions.

Also people don’t go through this everyday like we do… we don’t mind spending time and making sure not only that we have everything the way the family wants – but also we make sure the people are ok… because some are beyond devastated …

We just hold their hand, walk them through, but also make sure they are ok. We get real close.

Also we have seen it all… so you don’t have to explain your family or apologize for them lol … we understand family and also that during a loss – family can be difficult ?

So we wade through that with people … we also have no issues explaining details if you need that.

You tell us what you want or need and that is what we do. And also care.. because even if someone dies and we handling that – we want to also make sure that family or person is ok. Is a loss and that can cause depression and those things – so we handle gentle ❤️

And then that’s where connections come in… and then some you become attached to. You have worked closely – worked well – and they’ve been amazing …

If a death happens and someone is devastated – I can make you feel at ease, and comforted.

As a matter of fact even my girls said – from now on you handle the shoppers lol … because all week either shoppers I talk to come to us or … I got cases from other funeral homes 😮 (I got 2 cases from 2 other funeral homes that switched to ME!!)

It is because I care and then … my voice is calming, I can calmly walk them through – I have amazing ability to comfort people in things…so that happens

But when you care like that – obviously you gonna get attached on some. That is where is hard.

And you remember all of them!! 😮

Anyway – that’s work… it just fits me

And then… the kids came over … we shared our weekly stories …

Then we were watching YouTube videos … when we came across one about Japan 🇯🇵

My kids and Japan 🙄 … they should have been born Asian because they love everything Asian … my oldest knows Korean (we are not Asian at all)

He says Korean is the easiest of the Asian languages to learn

He has been into all the Asian things since umm 🤔 … gosh he was really little lol … umm he had to have been about middle school … 11,12,13.

And then the younger 2 idolize their older brother so … we are all Asian now lol 😄❤️

They all wanna go live in Japan 😄😄 I always laugh… because I don’t know??? I just don’t know how another country would be?

But then last night they show me stuff 😮😮😮 …

They showed me a ton of videos of vending machines in Japan 😮🙌😮 omg 😮😮😮

Is like a vending machine wonderland 🙌 omg

So I love that ❤️ Brilliant!

I only have 2 questions or issues? … I never ever carry money – if I have money ON my person – it is rare. I keep a $20 in my purse for emergencies but I don’t count it or touch it. Emergency only.

So that would be weird to always have to have money and change ?? How come you do not use cards? Debit or credit? Because probably there is cost to use cards I guess ?? So ok answered my own question lol

But that would be different – always carrying money lol

And then if things are all automated…

What will people do for work to make money to spend on vending machines ?? What do Japan people do for work?


That’s not one we watched last night … I watched that this morning because I am curious why? Lol … I do love that feature though!!

I LOVE vending machines!! Lol I used to beg my mother for quarters in any store or restaurants that that had vending machines lol 😄❤️

And with my own kids – I freely handed out quarters if I had them lol

So now I kinda really like Japan too lol … Japan stop looking all amazing lol

Also I said to kids “huh, I wonder why is not here in United States?”

And they laughed 😳 they said here in the United States people would vandalize the machines and steal everything anyway… we have crime and the courts are crap.

Kids tell me … stealing in Japan is rare 😮 … and I think someone told me that once before also??

How do you have low crime?

Does Japan have homeless like we do??

Hmm – now I am looking at Japan lol

You know how you remember and love a song and then one day you fully understand the song ? Lol … so here … this remake one:


I do have one other thing with Japan… population? Cause I like space ??

But maybe Japan is different? And space is not needed?

The homes are tiny right?

Hmm interesting thoughts – curious.

Also… I do not know their government either.

But anyway – I might be turning Japanese ✌️🇯🇵❤️ they have the coolest things and hardly any crime?

We have a Japanese store here… omg … that store is dangerous to me – I try to stay away from it.

When I walk in their doors 😮 I am suddenly 5 years old and want everything!!! Oh that store!!! My kryptonite 😄✌️

Everything is useful or cute (why do they have the most adorable things??!! I love that!!) I want that

So yes – I can not go in that store ✌️ I have been in twice and each time is bad because I love too many things

So yup – totally turning Japanese

The only problem I see with being Japanese … is that I am going to be 5 years old with everything!! Vending machines and everything else!! It could be my kryptonite lol

But then again – it just sounds so amazing… it is luring

Huh… I like peace … that has a lot of people … but … they seem to handle well and Japan is alluring 🧐❤️ … kinda makes me want it lol ✌️

Ok I be back… I eventually have to shower … do laundry and then get groceries 🤨🙄 … I would like to do nothing tmrw

I wish it was automated better like Japan lol 😘❤️✌️

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  1. Low crime because the culture is extremely structured and punishments are severe.

    Working is also extremely structured and expects lots of dedication and unpaid OT. But some people are starting to break out to more Westernized businesses.

    I love a lot about Japan but could never live there… besides the cultural rules that I’d screw up, my weight would make mr a pariah, and the volume of my voice would make me unwelcome at most places

    As a petite girly girl, you might do quite well there.

    And from what I’ve seen, the vending machine arcades have ATMs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh I like structure!! And if punishments were more strict we would not have the issues we do have.

      I would have to visit to know for sure lol … but looks and sounds amazing 🙌

      They are sooo cool!! Lol


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