We were watching documentaries tonight – ok me… I was watching documentaries lol ✌️😘 someone else was ignoring them …

But this : ❤️❤️

I only like Dunkin ❤️ – hate Starbucks 😝😝😝 yuck – only if I am in a bind or my people want that 😝

But Dunkin … I always love ❤️

When we would fly home to see family – I would map out all airports where the Dunkin was vs our gate 😄😘✌️ the minute I was off that plane I was at Dunkin lol ✌️

You love what you love right? ❤️

What an impressive story that I didn’t know ❤️ now I love even more ❤️

Starbucks literally has no chance lol ✌️

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