Follow the rule!!

I have been getting death calls tonight – what is the rule??

“Not on Thursday!”

My mother’s father… I called him “Granpa” … we were not as close to my mother’s side as we were my fathers. They were still in our lives but not closely like my dads side was

He was goofy, just a big goof lol … he was also Irish lol … he had their family name emblem… or crest whatever 🙄😄 painted – yes literally painted (I believe HE did it) on the side of his truck lol 🙄😄

Both my Irish sides would say we royalty 🙄 – but I think they full of it and is just an exaggeration lol … story tellers – they always say that 🙄😄 … I always rolled my eyes lol … both grandfathers very Irish 😄😄 … it was always a competition who was MORE Irish 🤨🙄 who was the better Irishman lol … whatever – that’s why I rolled my eyes all the time lol

The names are very well known Irish names / fathers side: County Mayo & mother’s side; County Cork …

But anyway my point with Granpa was that all his life he would talk about calling all his friends that were still alive in the year 2000 and be all excited to say he made it…

He died December 21st 1999 😮

That was sad – the one thing he wanted and was so simple, but life would not let him have it.

His other dream was to donate his body to science – but by the time someone found him it was too late to do that. So he didn’t get that either 😔

You don’t get to chose and it’s just gonna happen whether I want it to or not. Bleh

I be back 🤨 stop dying!! No Thursdays!!

I still want to put that out into the universe just incase I have special wish powers or something – I always hope for that 😘✌️

7 thoughts on “Follow the rule!!

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    1. Yeah he was pretty great – he was a BIG KID lol

      He was a loud talker lol … he would take me to toys-r-us and say… “ok go pick out something”

      I am a factual lol … even as a child lol … so when you say go pick something do I have a budget or can I do anything ? Lol

      And he would say whatever you want just hurry up lol

      And he meant that… I would be trying to decide and he would be yelling my name through he store without the microphone 😮😮😮

      So I would grab and run up there lol … he was crazy lol but fun very fun ❤️

      Hahaha you are hilarious!! I guess it did huh? I was not specific enough – I do not want people to die but I do want the phones if they do

      Lol … it misunderstood me!!


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