Crash into me

I have to work on some stuff so I can’t really stay long.

So I went and got second shot… I had a man this time

The first time it was a woman and didn’t hurt at all – I didn’t even feel the needle with her ❤️

This time it was a man – and I felt the entire needle going in 🤨 dude… gentle!!

Ok so it’s gonna feel just like the first one as far as my arm- I can feel it like before with that ache in my arm – So by tmrw it will hurt like a tetanus shot 💉

So ya know how has not been tested on cancer patients – and I am have implants … oddly I feel something in my breasts? Weird to explain – whatever??? I don’t know how to say?

Normally have no feeling – but I feel something? I have no nerves in that area so I have not had feeling there since umm… 2 or 3 years? But I feel something?? I don’t know how to explain how it feels? Just weird.

I just took my temp – so far am good. Nothing bad – I’m still alive – so far lol

I am tired – but I always am. I work a lot. I do a lot of things

Oh and at work today…

Do you remember a story maybe sometime back in December about my garage door getting damaged? Someone ran into it

Ok well that happened again today 🤨🙄 so I have to come up with a solution for this situation cause I am starting to get to know this garage door guy lol

When I called today he says … yes I remember you, again? Lol

Is not me doing it lol… is a van that keeps doing it – and by accident and so far is 2 totally different people lol

I told him I will keep him on speed dial 🤨🙄😄✌️

He laughed – he said … see you next month or 2 lol 🤨🙄😄

So I need to prevent this!!

I’m gonna need that van and when it comes back… I am going to mark it’s position and then make STOP marks!!!

DO NOT RUN INTO MY GARAGE! Lol how hard is it not to run into the garage door of a funeral home?? Lol evidentially VERY!!! Lol

So I have to figure out some safety guards –

I always have a situation!!

And when that all happened today … the only other staff in office with me was leaving to get her shot … then the phone rang – the door bell went off with a delivery, flowers showed up… and fricken someone runs into my garage …

So my staff member didn’t wanna leave me in a big pile … lol .. but I told her just go – rip the bandaid – I got it… you go get shot… I got it all

So I pushed her out..

And then handled ✌️ 😵 whew!! All at once!! Ahhh what day is it? Tuesday? Lol omg … not even close to Friday

Ok like I said – I have work. I have to get it finished so I have to go ✌️ I be back tmrw

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

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    1. This morning – I feel little run down 😮 my arm kills just like did last time – but I do feel sluggish and little queasy, and my right side is acting up a little- I still have no temp – just took that, still normal

      I haven’t decided yet if I should use sick day or not? Cause I have to drive an hour to work… work all day and drive hour back … I am not sure I am feeling up to that today ? I have a full staff today so they would be fine without me. I am thinking 💭 what I want to do. I do have tons of work.

      Didn’t you know someone else who had vaccine too? They haven’t had their second yet? They had their first before me, didn’t they?

      Are they scheduled for it? They are timed here… they scheduled mine when I had the first one… mine was Modena though I do not know time restrictions with the others.

      It’s good though – I don’t have to worry so much… I will still mask but won’t be so worried… we handle covid deaths and families so it’s been hard.

      2 weeks ago we were up against a wall slammed… and now very suddenly it is silent 😮😳 (other than some accidents and other normal deaths)

      But deaths in general lately just went silent 😮🙏 I hope they stay that way!!

      I think I might just take the day off – I don’t think I am up to working full day and that drive ?? I’m just not feeling the best today

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      1. Hopefully, you will soon get your second wind and feel as sharp as ever!! Even if you do take the day off, it will be good to enjoy some down time feeling good 🙂
        Yes, well remembered! My sis is a nurse and was told there would be 12 weeks between her shots and 8 weeks was given as the wait for the only other person I know to have had the jabs.
        Happy to hear that things are showing encouraging signs of slowing there!! We could all do with a breather!! Stay safe and enjoy your day off 😉

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      2. My first shot was on January 14th… and they schedule me again on February 16th – one month

        But I think their timing depends on which one you have? I am not sure

        Plus no one really knows what the hell is going on lol

        When I went to have shots – BOTH times … they make you wait 15 minutes to make sure you do not drop dead lol or have any kind of reaction. Then they let you go.

        I have a vaccine card with the doses recorded – I’m supposed to keep that on me.

        Oh yes I am very happy about the slowing!! It was just sudden – one day crazy, next day silent 😮 so that’s weird but whatever – the break has been very nice ❤️ let’s keep not dying!!

        When can you get vaccinated?

        You stay safe too. Lol … I will ❤️✌️

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      3. No, I am not sure what is going on either but at least more folks are getting vaccinated and that is the main thing 🙂 I have no idea when I might get done, as they are nowhere near finished with the high-risk groups yet – only about 2m jabs done here so far! Late summer maybe? Gahh.

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      4. That’s true… half my people are truly essential and they have been vaccinated.

        But I also have a section of friends who have not been vaccinated at all, and have no idea when – it’s been hard for people to know.

        They have no idea what they doing and they are learning as they go?? But that’s like par for the course with Covid.

        Well it be here before you know – they eventually will get handled but I think we will still have to wear masks 😷 ?? Is this gonna be here forever?

        And then – I am not sure if is like a flu shot 💉? Where you have to go back and keep doing 🤨 every year 🤨 (annoying but I guess better than dying lol)

        I do not like this whole situation 🤨 I know there is nothing I can do… but I don’t like it at all. I will be so happy if was over ❤️ I know that’s a dream – but remember regular life? We were spoiled – wow so much we take for granted!

        Nice little view there lol

        Anyway… well I hope you get to stay safe and also protect yourself. 😘✌️

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      5. Yes, you are right! It’s a mess everywhere and we are all stumbling along as best we can!
        Ha, yes, I wonder if future generations will talk of life pre and post covid? Your comment: “remember regular life”, made me think of that. It does seem a looong time ago since we could go/do/see whatever/whoever/whenever we wished!
        Thank you! Fingers’ crossed!

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      6. Well, those who remember will speak of it… but those who don’t know it – won’t know any different 😮

        My oldest is the only one of my children who knows and saw 9/11… the other 2 were either an infant or not born yet – so their knowledge of that is from recordings and books etc.

        They know the knowledge – but not the experience and the moment

        Here in this case with covid… they experiencing what is now gonna be this thing we all remember and goes in history books lol

        Over time… stories fade – but we have technology with this and such a wide reach of information? And we have record of both what happened and then it does add experience, a little, because you can read how people felt or what they went through – all that is documented online this time. Also maybe because was worldwide it makes more of impact due to we all in same boat? 🚣‍♀️ “we are going to remember what we went through” and we had the internet so “sort of” communication lol

        But yeah I think this is big enough hit worldwide to remain talked about for quite a long time.

        Yeah but it has pluses and minuses – but there are many things we innocently took for granted right there

        And then we must have thought we were invincible lol cause how did not see that this could actually happen… how did we not be prepared? At least a little more than we were omg – I just think back and I’m like what the? The world was stunned for a moment!! 😮 all together

        So ya know the universe checking to make sure we are all awake lol 😘✌️


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      7. Lol… well that depends on all the people – they all have to hear lol

        And yes – I am sick- my fever is sorta borderline low grade … 100.5

        I forget how fevers feel ☹️ I am really achy – my body did not like this!! I feel like I am on fire but if I take the covers off I freeze 🥶 my heat is cranked …

        I told daughter if gets too hot in here for you turn it down cause I can not tell temperature correctly.

        My body did not like this at all!! That 2nd one threw me

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  1. Reflective tape and signs on the garage door. And maybe some kind of marker visible from driver door.

    A neighbor planted a big plant in his parkway to indicate where cars should stop to to avoid blocking his driveway. People love it!

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    1. Well so … the garage door is open during these catastrophes lol 🙄🤨

      Because I am accepting funeral things… and we have to handle it as umm??? Delicately and quietly – unnoticed as we can …

      Evidentially people who buy homes here have no idea what a funeral home does and will call and complain they see a fricken casket!!! Are you fricken kidding me? Whatever –
      Move then – we there first

      I will need to Mark the pavement and also my wall – I spoke to my boss about it tonight

      I have go ahead to do whatever I want

      Best solution is marking the stop area so I will be doing that when I can catch the van there


      1. I know I checked out other songs and some were good but none left any impression.

        Honestly, if not for that early vid, which had no association to him, I wouldn’t remember that song either. I looked for the vid a few months ago but couldn’t find it.

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      2. Yep, that’s it. Always sounded like Beastie Boys to me but I only paid attention to the “we care a lot” chant. I laughed because the first verse mentions killer bees.. timely for me to hear it!

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