Stay safe, be funny, get lost lol ❤️✌️

Ok … Monday – not bad … has slowed weirdly since last week.

So I am not sure to relax with it “just yet” but wow- what a difference… last week we insane… and we do have funerals all week… but the new has slowed significantly!

It’s like taking a breath of air!!! You have no idea!! We have deaths still … but we are not getting buried – pun intended 😘✌️

So that is nice at work!! Whew – I hope we never have another wave 🌊 … omg that was really horrific there for awhile.

That was awful. Please don’t do that again!! Keep slowing 🙏 wear that mask… do those things. Keep being safe. I don’t know whatever people are doing – keep doing that!! It’s starting to work!!! But keep doing it ❤️ don’t stop!!! 🙏

I had a flat tire today 🤨🙄 lol whatever … I got out at 5:30pm raced over to the tire people lol (Big O Tires) lol and they took me right away – bing bang boom done … they close at 6pm – had me out by 6! Lol woo hoo!!

I was wondering what I was going to do – would probably have been completely flat by morning – and I don’t know how to fill my tires??

Yeah… I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know what I need?? And I just don’t like it because I don’t know?

Also I think there was a leak and they fix for me ❤️ whew I made it on time!

Yeah I don’t know how to do any of that??


So whatever – I had it fixed

lol … sooooooo… my daughter is on some kinda computer thing with her friends and she and them been acting out ?? I have no idea but it is hilarious 😄❤️

I just have to sit here and it’s entertaining lol 😄❤️

Funny the way they are adapting to isolation ❤️ it’s very cute ❤️ they are doing entire episodes of who knows what? Totally acting it all out lol

All of them are 100% in lol ❤️

The memories they will have during these moments – look at them – how adorable is that ❤️

They working around the virus for social interaction and memories ❤️ check them ❤️ that’s awesome

They are very funny and entertaining lol

Little bizarre but whatever – welcome to the world today ✌️

So anyway – that was my Monday. Not much else exciting lol

Here is a little bit of my nerdiness lol… take this one:

So that song is a little on the boring side … but omg it catches me!!! I don’t know??? It’s like soothing – but it’s also a flip song … meaning if I am not in the mood I will flip it lol … it is too boring and too soothing for all the time lol

That is special occasion to get lost in ❤️✌️

On that note – good night 😘😴💤

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