At Sunday’s end…

Today went really well!! I got a ton of stuff done!! And reorganized ❤️ it was quiet today ❤️❤️❤️

On my way home, I stopped at a “convenience” store – because I needed “trash bags”

I just wanted a quickie stop, and I just needed that ONE item! I didn’t want to go into a HUGE store for that.

I have stopped at this store before and the clerk is always really sweet and really nice.

So when I walked in he had a customer but he always makes sure to say hello to me no matter what lol – whatever that’s probably a customer thing…

So I ask him – do you carry trash bags?

He say yup and he point me to the isle lol…

But all they had were those little small white kitchen trash can type trash bags – I wanted the big black ones lol … hefty hefty hefty lol ✌️

He came over to help me when his customer gone, and he said they don’t have the black garbage bags..

And then he says to me “how many you want?” Umm I need 1.

So he says oh I will give you a couple – I can give you a few.

So he goes in the back and comes out with a gigantic roll of gigantic trash bags that will probably take me a year to go through lol

I said let me pay you for them… and I gave him some money for the trash bags and his time & thoughtfulness.

Lol … now I have a lot of trash bags

That was very sweet and very thoughtful and kind lol ❤️

People are always REALLY good to me – except Satan lol – but everyone else is ❤️

That’s really my only story because I was alone, just doing all my work, it was quiet … and none of that is exciting lol ✌️

It was a really nice peaceful Sunday and no one died on me or had any issues on Valentine’s Day ❤️🥰❤️

And then here comes Monday …

So whatever … I will probably play this song again at the end of March but whatever ✌️😘❤️

I felt like that one instead of a love song lol 😘 that works way better for me 😄✌️❤️

Stay safe 🙏 … my second shot is Tuesday 😮 (I am afraid to be sick!) 🙏 please don’t be sick 🙏 I don’t want that …

This gonna be a hairy week… there is Monday lol… and then Tuesday is my second shot… Thursday is lawyers again. And I also have funerals all week again!! We knocking it out though. ❤️

Just try not to die – it is getting better – not sure if all you people are isolating ? Or if you are all getting vaccinated finally??

But is not as horrific as it was a week ago… so keep doing that – don’t die!! ❤️✌️

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day and had a really nice day – paired or not ❤️

15 thoughts on “At Sunday’s end…

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    1. Hahaha… I don’t have a Valentine – so I get trash bags lol

      I’ll send myself roses on my newly found holiday of “singles day” lol 😄❤️

      If I remember correctly? That was 11/11?

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  1. I read that “they” are saying numbers are going down due to people wearing masks and distancing, not from vaccines. I think it’s more likely that all the non-cautious people got sick in the last wave.

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    1. Whew well that last wave was insane!!! I hope that never ever happens again!!!

      Ok so then keep doing the masks and distancing!! 🙏 also get the vaccine.

      Is a BIG difference from a week ago 😮😮

      That is so awesome ❤️👏


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