Went well…

Today went well… I worked because I am taking Wednesday off.

Tmrw I have to call car guy tell him I be in on Wednesday afternoon.

I also have to do a few lawyer things and then call lawyer tmrw

I have 8:30 staff meeting – 9am WebEx 😝 … I have to call a few families and give them appointment times (all the new ones) and then I also have to call one of the other office managers outside my group

Ok so let’s just start with Monday … this week will be day by day 😮


It was nice today… for the most part was quiet – I did have a few deaths.

I got myself organized and ready for tmrw (I think 🙏) and hope!!

I am tired but I have to work on lawyer stuff. And then I am going to bed. Ahhh bed … it just calls my name!! ❤️❤️ ✌️


Oh that song makes me instantly want to go to bed lol… ok I have stuff to do first… I be back tmrw

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

(Stay safe!!! No super spreading!)

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