I don’t really have a lot to say lately?? I don’t know? I’m not very talkative like normal?

Every day I can tell you about all the deaths but it’s just always and constant covid and non-covid together

I am on call tonight – no one die!! Just do not die tonight!!! 🙏

It’s funny to be in a business where you kind of dread business? It’s odd

You want business but at same time you don’t. It’s weird

It’s really hard when families are devastated like this… most are understanding but sometimes you have some who have a hard time not only accepting the loss of a loved one, which is hard enough to accept … but then we have to tell them we back logged … some cemeteries are not booking services until March because we are sooo backlogged!! Yeah that’s how bad it is.

And we have massive restrictions!! So the families sometimes just crumble with despair because they can’t say goodbye in the traditional way?

It is really hard when someone is in tears and there is nothing you can do.

So that’s a little heartbreaking also.

We try really hard to make it as ok as we possibly can. But our hands are tied.

So I could tell you all that everyday… it’s just I deal with it so some days are harder than others.

I have a ton to do tmrw!! I have 2 sets of reports and things to do…

A weekly and a monthly set of reports

I have everything ready mostly. Should go smoothly. 🙏 I have everything – I can account for every single tiny thing ❤️

I have to call a few people back… get things ready for the new guy and then I should be good ?? I think ?

Depends on what comes at me tonight and tmrw – but let’s hope nothing 🙏

Otherwise not too much going on…

Remember the guy who wants to know me?… he doesn’t know how to know me lol

So that’s a little funny

I am busy, and I think he is also busy?

Plus he is not sure when is ok to text? Or say hi?

He is never getting anywhere like that!!

Eventually I will completely bore of that. Right now it’s funny … but if you want to know me then step up.

He said he wants to know me and somewhat tries – but it’s not my thing how he is doing it and stepping so softly.

I am not scary at all… but he seems afraid to overstep.

You don’t ever have to worry about that, because I will tell you lol…

I will always say exactly what is on my mind and what I am ok with.

And I don’t know ??

I don’t think he is right for me.

I texted with him for a minute tonight but it’s mostly about work… cause he doesn’t know how to talk to me otherwise ??

He tries to throw flirty things in there and they are funny … but he really has no idea how to get to know me?? He steps very very carefully

And I don’t know much about him either and he isn’t asking or sharing until stumbles on info… so ya know whatever

I don’t have a lot of time anyway… but he’s kinda failing

If you want to know me, then try to know me (he really doesn’t) … and share yourself too… he does none of that… so that almost loses my interest instantly.

So whatever

I feel like there is something else I am forgetting ?? But I guess not.

I am pretty mellow tonight.

So remember – no one die!! 🙏

I want that ❤️✌️ if you can’t give me that… then don’t try 😘 I say that seriously actually ✌️💋

So whatever – when I find that I be done – that is the only thing I am missing … but I will take my time to find that… I am in no rush… and I don’t want that just because I want it – so I will just take my time …so I get it right this time 🙏

And if I don’t find that – then that would be my fate right?

And yes … I am a romantic lol ✌️ and that’s why no one can hold a candle 🕯 lol … but there is a fine line… you don’t want to be creepy romantic … instead be more like chivalrous, sweet, thoughtful… so whatever just saying lol … informing lol

Alright well – bedtime again… bed and work and bed and work lol … then weekend lol ❤️ I have weekends off ❤️ not that it’s anything because what am I gonna do with that??

Woo hoo … weekend of cleaning house lol ✌️ but whatever it’s the “weekend” ❤️

So yeah there ya go ✌️💋

Ok bedtime… Gnite 😘✌️

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