I have stories!

Today at work went well. I am preparing for take over ❤️✌️

I need to think of 2 really amazing presents for my landlord and her sister. I want them to have heart … and I want them to mean something.

I want it to be something that basically says “I love you” ❤️ but in more of a very blessed to have you way???

I want to say how much they mean to me and I want it to be something they will love ❤️

One gift for each. So… I have to think? I want it special. Because without them in my life – I would be terrified still ❤️

So I have to make sure those presents say the world ❤️❤️

Can’t be just anything.

And can’t be really expensive 🤨☹️✌️

On another subject, today at work we were talking and and the subject of Disney came up

And one of my girls is my sons age … exactly… same year … she was born in February and my son was born in May.

So when she speaks of her childhood memories – if flashes me back to the time period and how old my son was during whatever moment she is talking about – it’s funny… they are the same age! 1994 ✌️ (I could be her mom lol – funny that I look at people that way lol… am I old enough to be your mother? Lol)

Anyway… I was telling her this hilarious story lol … about how once upon a time I was a bad mom lol…

We had taken a vacation to Walt Disney World…

We were at the park, and went to Tomorrowland 🚀 …

I do not remember what year?

There was an attraction… when I was younger … I used to love roller coasters 🎢 … omg yes – fling me! Lol

Also scary rides – no problem – bring it – loved haunted houses all of it. (I do not now that I am old lol … the rollercoasters now upset my stomach, and my heart doesn’t really like being scared ever!!! Lol ✌️ not really my thing) I am more slowish now.

But at the time of this story – I was into all that.

Before I tell you the name of the attraction and show you video from YouTube …

Let me tell you how it went down lol 😄

So we get in line for this attraction, we are in a corral type area… small TV’s are mounted here and there giving warning “if you have a heart condition or are a small child… blah blah blah” all the safety stuff in every language lol

My son, who was at the time about 4… tugged on my shirt – “mum, I am a small child, maybe this isn’t for us?”

Well at that moment what came out of my mouth was … “it’s Disney lol, c’mon how scary could Disney be?”

My words haunt me even today lol 🤨😄😄

So I convince this 4 year old child to come check out this alien Disney ride.

They sat you in this large room in these motion seats that had everything- every sensation you could imagine

They harnessed you in… you were not getting out.

So… I think I will show you video now and then tell you the rest. Lol

Ok listen you can skip through anything you find boring because it give history of the ride – and there is a lot of boring talk in the beginning

It is long… but this is what I lead my 4 year old son into lol


I was not expecting it to be so terrifying … there was nothing I could do 😮 I could not lean over and comfort him omg – he was crying … or screaming kinda both

And I am also terrified and we both strapped in these seats 😳😳😳

Ok well eventually it was all over 😄… as we got off he madly said… I am never trusting your ride choices again lol

And he was mad at me for the rest of the morning lol

I was like “c’mon the haunted house is not scary, I promise lol … it is Disney lol – he wouldn’t believe me! Lol

I am still reminded of the moment I scarred him lol

Ooops my bad … it was Disney??? I do not view Disney as in terrifying – I didn’t know 😮 sorry little dude lol 🤷‍♀️

That ride is gone now. It makes me laugh to remember his little mad face after getting out of that attraction lol

I really didn’t know.

And I have a story from work also … lol

So all the time, I talk to this guy from HR… he’s super charming on the phone… I tell my girls that and they laugh…

He never calls for me… it’s always looking for the location manager.

Well these girls are hilarious lol… over time they tell me about this mysterious HR guy I always talk to and have never met…

They make me laugh lol… they say… you know the movie “The Mummy”? Yeah?

Well he looks just like Imhotep 😄😄 what??? Lol

They say he looks like this:

I just laughed because you know – people have odd perceptions sometimes, and ya, we see ✌️ I didn’t really think??

Today he came to the door 😮😮

I don’t know if you have ever had a moment in your life where – when you met someone you were just stunned? Speechless and omg 😮

Ok well that was me – because omg ? Are they twins?? Omg – so yes I was stunned 😮 omg that is HR

And suddenly I just smile behind a mask lol 🤦‍♀️

Imhotep works in my HR lol… my girls say he is just as scary lol

I will have to watch that movie again lol – I have not seen that in years and years… that is really funny ❤️


Ok well… tomorrow is Wednesday. I be learning stuff

I do stuff – and it seems to be going well. Everything is working right (so far). 🙏 please let it balance 🙏🙏🙏

So anyway. Oh yeah and one last thing…

In the city, before I got to the highway for my trip home –

I was kinda just liking the calmness of this song: the radio was playing it…


My whole soul just relaxes with that song ?? It is not a favorite but just … uhhh can you hear the peace in that song??? So I drift off in it and … it’s not really a song I wanna be playing in the city lol … (it is elevator music 😘✌️) lol

I do not want to be playing elevator music in the city lol – weather is nice I like windows open ❤️ and ya know I like it loud ✌️

Who is blaring elevator music? So I do not want to be that person lol

So instead … I went with this:


I can listen to elevator music in private lol 😄😄✌️ not in the car 😄😄❤️✌️

Ok well that was my day 😊

Back again tmrw lol

So far – I am happy I stayed

I do feel little intimidated but ok – it be fine – I’m doing fine.

I have tons of meetings this week 🤨… I am taking a webinar tmrw at 2:30… prior to that I be training …

And then more things exactly like that on Thursday.

Tmrw I be traveling here and there (in the funeral van lol) ✌️



Selena ❤️… wow! That totally just brings back so many memories

Someone said something about a series or something? Yeah I don’t know… Jennifer Lopez – really kinda nailed that role…


That story is so heartbreaking. Incredible music ❤️ incredible talent. Sorry to have lost her ☹️May she Rest In Peace ✌️

Ok good night 😘❤️

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