Thanksgiving Eve

So … wow. Where to begin?

Well… let’s first start with work… good day… was at my first favorite all day.

I got to be with the new kid lol… I am not the new person anymore lol ❤️ woo hoo!

He is cool… he’s young… he asks questions lol – he’s very friendly – good kid

Has a couple slight quirks lol 😄✌️ but eh whatever

The first thing is… if I speak to him – he comes close to me 😳 we masked but I still want distance

It’s not a big deal because he is not doing in a creepy/bad way… I think that is just how he is? I will say something if it becomes too much – but it’s fine for now and I am careful with covid anyway

And then the other thing? lol… ok my close friends all know my schedule – they usually do not text me during daytime – unless making me laugh or telling me info. But that’s not usually during day (they don’t like when I answer my own phone with the funeral home lol)

During the day… everyone who texts or calls my cell phone … they are ALL funeral people 😄

As a matter of fact I have to text my guy friend about something funny lol – I will do that later

Anyway… my phone for work – goes off alot during the daytime.

Every single time my phone went off – he is like “oooohhh who’s calling your phone?” “Who wants to talk to you?” 😳🤨😄

I’m like “what? No one.. just these people” lol

But he asked every time

And he’s like “what no one special?”

Uhhh nope lol

He acted like that was just unheard of ??

I’m like “well what about you?” cause he had just finished telling me some story about how he dates but doesn’t like anyone lol

I just don’t even bother with it yet. I have not actually opened that door. I’m a little nervous to actually open that door. And I don’t really know how, so whatever – I am busy currently? Let me have it settle down before I take anything like that on.

But then I suppose you really do not get to decide when things will happen so whatever ✌️ what will be, will be …if it is meant to be

Anyway… cute kid… very young lol … but boy is he excited about his job!! He is going to do really well!! He is very happy also! Lol

He is younger than my oldest.

I learned how to do something today. ❤️ Did a new thing all on my own with a contract and financials!! 😊❤️

And then… there is something. Not a big deal… just an observation with something.

There is a woman who has recently come into my life and I’ve been getting to know her very slowly. The more I know her – the more I see me 15 years ago! All of it… I just see me.

I don’t know if is exactly like me? Hopefully not. 🙏

But the more I get to know her and learn about her – the more I see my own spirit and myself … but from like 15 years ago… it is weird.

I already had a connection with her right off the top meeting her… was like one of those people you instantly click with?? That’s harder as adults but it was there and we clicked

And then… I learn things slowly and we are not like close close or anything…

She has the exact same EXACT SAME birthday as I do – just her year is different

It’s really weird!!!

Clicked right away

She reminds me of me

We have the same birthday (diff year)

It’s very much like watching myself?? It’s really weird!!

Well whatever – it blows my mind sometimes 😮 it’s just really weird!!

Ok and then LASTLY (?) … I am somewhat new to having new boobs so …

I just have like 4 of the exact same bra that I had for after surgery. I just always use that.

I hurt a lot. I just have always since the surgery. I have really bad nerve damage on that right side. Down my arm, under my arm, up the side of my neck and that entire right side chest area

The left is ok… but the right was always the bad side.

So I just keep that original bra cause is what they had me wear and what I know…

I have 4 of them to change out.

I don’t really know these breasts? I just kinda ??? I try not to pay attention to them – like it was before – but they just cause so much attention always everywhere, with everything! 🤨


I have gift certificates to Victoria’s Secret … because people gave me that stuff because it was boobs ✌️ I would need new stuff – I never used them because I don’t know what to buy or what to do with these!! I’m so lost where to even begin with these because they are just different.

I would have to just go to Victoria’s Secret and take my shirt off and be like ok – figure it out for me lol

I had breasts before but I was a skinny girl so – I never had issues with breasts or bras before – was just never a problem… not a problem for me… I never paid any mind. They were normal – I grew into them

These new ones are weird. I just don’t really understand how to “handle” them?? I am thankful for them… I like them… I just don’t know them well yet. Haven’t really taken them outta the box so to speak lol

Right after surgery… someone gave me a black lacy really beautiful bra …

Well who I gonna wear that for? Lol … and where I gonna wear that? Lol

Is a bralette type? Really pretty – I have just never put it on

I wore it today 😮

OMG – a bra makes a HUGE difference!!! Maybe kind, size, type… all of it.

I felt so comfortable!! I didn’t hurt as badly ❤️❤️❤️

The big scar is on “my” right side, the left side has a small hide-able scar

I didn’t know a bra would make THAT big of a difference cause OMG!!! Usually I ache in pain!! I did not ache in pain like normal today or even right now 😮😮

(Also… my shirt was not sitting that way today… it goes up higher but I was getting ready to change)

Alright 🤨 I just don’t want to have to deal with boobs … and now I have to SHOP for boobs

I will put it off for right now because – I just don’t want to!!!

But I will say – wow!!! Hardly any pain!! Not at all like it normally is!! ❤️

So I have that black one… I might just need to get a few 🤨 because I really liked not being in pain … but let’s see how long I can push that? 😳🙏 I just don’t want to do that right now.

I would rather just not now. I will… and I might break down and just do it. 🤨 but I would rather wait –

I am also not really ready for “that”?? I haven’t gotten that far yet. I have been avoiding 😘✌️

I just had not tried anything else than what I had been using – is what they tell me to wear

I am not in as much pain as I usually am at night ❤️

Alright I have to respond – the run because I have to line everything up tonight so that tmrw runs seamless …

I work in morning until noon… come home, cook, have dinner clean and chill or whatever she wanna do

I have to lay out all the ingredients and have everything ready to go pop pop pop.

I also can wear anything I want tmrw so… I want to have that all laid out and ready to go

So yeah I have to make sure all things are ready to go.

If not – oh well. But I would like it to 🙏

We aren’t going anywhere and no one coming over lol … I just want it smooth for me lol ✌️(am still giving daughter thanksgiving ❤️) and mini one Friday for boys .


Happy Thanksgiving 😘❤️ I am thankful for “you” ❤️ and I am thankful to be alive ❤️✌️

22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve

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    1. Thank you, that was very thoughtful to say ❤️

      That’s alright … only few hours, get holiday pay, and maybe will have Christmas off – since have kids and worked Thanksgiving ? 🙏

      Hopefully be quiet today 🙏 and later I get to be with daughter – she sleeps in anyway lol ✌️

      🥰❤️ thank you

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  1. Victoria’s Secret staff will happily do a bra fitting for you!

    Try a variety!! Even things as seemingly minor as fabric or 3 vs 4 hooks can make a stunning difference!!

    I hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was NOT aware is such a completely difference in way it holds them!!

      That the simple changing of the bra would feel so much better? ❤️

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too ❤️❤️❤️ I be off to work shortly – should be quick easy short day and I get entire day of holiday pay!! Plus I am oncall today and tonight for all 3 funeral homes 😮 lol

      I be around surely sometime later 😘❤️✌️


      1. I never liked those before … ?? But also I need to be able to get it on… with the nerve damage I have I can’t raise my arm well or be maneuvering into anything lol

        I will wait for now – but if I go get fitted are they gonna know ?? Cause these aren’t regular boobs lol … there are things to be umm customized?? lol


      2. Just tell them. I’m sure they’ve worked with other patients. And they’re generally good about letting you try on a ton if bras, most especially if you tell them you have new boobs and nerve damage. Their staff is generally really good.

        Wish you were closer. We have a bra boutique that specializes in fittings and specialty bras,

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, I’ll just have to see. I wish I had someone I could go with – maybe I will then – not doing now anyway.

        I know we same state but we are an entire day away!!!

        Back East I could drive to 4 or 5 states in a few hours lol

        But it would take me all day or more to you lol


      4. Back in my 20s, it took me 3 days to drive to SF on the 101! My boyfriend and I were both late risers and I didn’t like driving the windy 101 in the dark, so we’d only a couple hours on the road before stopping again!

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      5. Awww well is only society that paints what is beautiful
        – generally not very realistically… so whatever

        What did you do?

        I will have to Google and see if there is a bra company that can make a bra for reconstruction issues … one side just sits different and the shoulder all of it… one side and be normal bra… and the other side be custom ❤️ someone has to do special custom bras


      6. I went with a much smaller band, to get C cups to fit, and about 12M bra extenders!! Usually, I wear a fat chick 44C bra and fill out the cups with those “chicken breast” silicone “enhancers”.

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      7. Yeah I just wear a few bras (the same ones) but I have pain on that right side and issues. I need to have some kind of support on that right side but is going to be different than what the left needs


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