Oh so cold ðŸ¥¶


I do not like severe temperature changes!! I kinda like it better when it slowly gets me used to winter… not just thrust it upon me 🤨 that is how one gets sick

Omg on the stock market!! Boom 💥 and then Pfizer says Vaccine works 😮😮😮 what is it, where is it, and when ????

Omg is life just getting amazing ??? This is gonna be a really good week!!

Except for today… today is freezing and it’s Monday!! 😄✌️ … it is way too cold… there should be a clause that if the temp too cold – we all just stay in 😄😄✌️ … ESPECIALLY on a Monday lol

Alright 🤨😝 well I suppose I have to get ready for work and going out into this cold 😝 ugh 🤦‍♀️ I do not want to!!! I want to be all snuggly warm.

But I am excited for even more amazing this week… first we get Biden, stock market booms, vaccine almost ready? Omg ❤️

Ok fine I deal with the cold for that ❤️❤️❤️🙌

Ps … you should hear the cows out here this morning 😳😮😄 evidentially they are also complaining about the cold!! 😄✌️ see I’m not the only one 😘✌️

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      1. Ahhh see I get to wear really cute flattering things in summer lol winter I am like the kids from “Christmas Story” lol

        Hey… you be careful!! I just saw info about a prison in Colorado having covid outbreak… I hope is not yours.

        Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏


  1. Haha lol you must be freaked out when winter comes lol😂 Anyway how’s the celsius there ? In kolkata it is still 23°c not so hot or not so cold. We always have maximum temperature falls between 5° to 10°.

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    1. It is freezing omg – do I even want to look at the Celsius?? 😮😳 omg now I’m curious… looking …

      Omg 😱 said it be -2.222

      I do not like Celsius 😝😝

      We are freezing 🥶 our temps went from awesome and perfect – to suddenly freezing 🤨

      I am not winters biggest fan … I am summer girl ❤️✌️

      Omg you are still warm!!!!! I want to be there!!!!


      1. Well in this case I’m opposite. I love winter because winter is soothing here and not so freezing lol.
        haha yah come in kolkata. You need two countries to live one America during summer and One here in India during winter. The weather is just perfect in winter and way more better than summer. Summer here is with bigger days and hot winds so yah i’m not the summer girl. Lol there is another reason also why i love winter because i love to wear jackets and different sweatshirts. It is trendy you know and I can do thousands of styles with different leather jackets and denims so yah love winter ❤️

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      2. Hahaha … that is funny… our “time of day” are opposite … and then I am summer girl, you are winter girl 😄😄 funny ❤️❤️

        I do need 2 countries lol – just for that lol

        I like the adorable summer clothes – fluttery cute all the girly stuff … I don’t have to do jackets and sweaters and layers 😝 And I can never get warm

        Winter sounds decent there – is winter for you now right?


      3. No it is still autumn here. Winter generally started from mid of november. The temperature goes down to 15° and gradually more down to 10°. So yah I can wear all the jackets and wear my chunky boots from the begining of december lol.

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      4. Hahaha… well I do like the cushy fluffy winter boots ❤️❤️❤️ those I like lol

        So you DO get cold! Lol

        Yeah we just jumped into winter – California varies sometimes when it decides what kind of winter we will be having 🤨 so far it is cold 🥶🤨😄😄✌️

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  2. Outdoor kitties also complained about the cold. I offered to let LBK stay inside last night but she wasn’t ready.

    I just posted that I have a strong sense of pending personal doom. Not really doom but something upsetting & stressful. And no idea what it might be. Very jarring after feeling mentally well for several weeks and then all the happy news. I’m more than a little freaked out… waiting to see what it is.

    I’m glad things are good for you!

    F this weather!!! But the snow covered mountains were pretty while I was running errands!!

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    1. Well had doom today 🤨😝

      I do not have the sense of pending doom – I have high stress and anxiety

      Hmm well it will be bumpy until we make it through everything 🙏

      Hopefully just so much change with everything and so much unknown?

      Try to keep thinking happy 🙏 hopefully is just off and will be ok

      Yeah Lake Tahoe got snow I believe ❤️ ahhh Lake Tahoe – I love Lake Tahoe ❤️


      1. Our ski resorts may be able to open this weekend. And I still go to “a week ago it was 90!”

        Dunno what I’m dreading. It feels personal, not political or global. I fear so big unexpected expense, cat death, or – hope not – severe covid.

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      2. Yeah same here!! What happened to the beautiful nice weather?? Now is just freezing!!!!

        Well I hope none of that happens for you ☹️🙏

        Maybe you just vibing me with the job thing?? Hopefully that’s all it is 🙏

        Cause doom in winter is worst!!! I hope everything stay ok and just get better! 🙏🙏🙏


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