Lots of posts today

Oh my gosh!! Today is fluid 😳 and I didn’t even work lol

Boys be coming shortly. Woo hoo ❤️

Today I did job stuff – and I was lining up references cause ya know jobs want those… so ok – I’m gonna pull my top ones…

So I turned to my police guy lol… the one I am close to… he’s a really good friend and he is funny – our humor matches … we have really good banter

I said “hey… so I want a new job… I love the job but is only part time and far away, I want full time and benefits…”

I may have worded the next message wrong lol 😄 … cause I said “so I was just wondering if I could use you as a reference? Be honest – always be honest”

I always check first – always always always!!! I don’t want it to be a problem.

And he writes back “you can use me any way you want” 😄

I think he is half joking lol 🙄😄 and he likes to make me blush anyway … he definitely always makes me laugh – I was being all business and he likes to mess me up … and he’s always trying to get me to go out with him. I am just not ready – I always tell him that… he knows – he’s very sweet to me ❤️

So I have one police reference – known me for 7 years

I have one reference – known me for 22 years…

And then my former principle – known me for A year lol

I can do more if they want – but usually the standard is 3-5. More is available upon request ✌️

So I will just have to see what happens with the work issue… and what their offer is. I do love that job…

But I have back up in progress just in case

Btw… it a fricken fall day today 🤨😝😝😝😝

I was cold, I had to have a jacket all day!! Kinda overcast most of the day…

I had no idea today was going to be so fall and so crazy and it was a day off lol

Ok I will be back later after the boys leave

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  1. I have 3 references, former coworkers, and that’s it. If I lose contact with any of them I’ll be screwed. I don’t usually stay in touch with coworkers and don’t have any real IRL friends.

    I had a job app that wanted exact start/quit dates, not just month & year. I don’t know!! And another wanted manager contacts… literally all my managers have moved on (2 consecutive division closures)… I don’t know where they are! One was from 4yrs ago and the next was more than 6yrs ago. Why would I know how to reach those people? They wouldn’t talk anyway. Totally unreasonable request!

    Good luck with your search!!

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    1. 😄😄 I hate when they want exact dates – who remembers that – they lucky I have the month lol 😄

      I just list the manager/boss I had… and I usually stay close with my peeps so they are usually references too lol

      I made some really awesome friends and references – and they went through everything kinda with me… so I always have them – they totally know who I am and trust my character and are just really cool people – I was lucky ❤️

      But yeah I always send out message – hey lol me again – I want another job can you be a reference? 😄😄❤️ I always check – they always tell me yes and they always want to know how I am doing ❤️


      1. Ditto on the msgs. No matter how many times people say I can use them as a reference, I always check again. That also gets them to notify me if they’re never contacted, so I know an offer won’t be coming.

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      2. Yeah me too, I just double check to make sure they ok still doing that for me ❤️ and then they also tell me right away when they call for me ❤️ they tell me everything ❤️


      1. That is very pretty – I have not heard that name before … very pretty and unique – I like that 😊✌️❤️

        Ohhh and I love the meaning of your name ❤️ when I Google it told me this:

        A Full Moon Night; A Star; Powerful

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