The dinner …

Had a very nice day off ❤️

I guess having dinner outside at neighbors house shortly??

They must be lonely or something? They are very kind. Just a little confused why they want me over for dinner so bad?? But whatever – company I suppose … but they don’t have to go expensive … I did suggest that sub place I just found – cause now I am obsessed (it was soooo yummy!)

😄😄 that’s all I crave at this moment lol … I found something I like and I want it lol

But the neighbors want expensive ?? So ok whatever – I like that too 😄😘✌️ I just don’t like wasting money like that. So that’s my thing lol (I’m not paying they already tell me no, I already say I can’t… they say they pay)

So whatever, that is very nice. Will be a nice fun dinner

I’m just not sure of reason? Maybe because they are sweet and haven’t seen me around cause I’m always busy? They are good people

I should not look into the reason and just enjoy life. ✌️

Tmrw I will be bringing my car into shop for him to do oil change and change my spark plugs… I like this new mechanic guy I have now – I trust him 😊

It’s funny when I call – he answers little sternly lol … then I say it is me… and he’s all sweet 😄

He just tell me bring in whenever I want after 7:30am lol … oh … I don’t have to do appointment lol

I am not sure how long that will take I did not ask

I don’t know him well… I am normally a teaser… but that’s only if I know you and I am comfortable with you … lol

Otherwise I am little shy at first, kinda quiet… observe

But he teases me… right away in a serious manner ?? Lol so I’m not quite sure how to react 😄✌️

Well anyway – dealing with that tmrw

Still watching the presidency … 🙏 not saying one word until done 😘❤️ then I will say everything 😄✌️ kidding maybe

Alright – gonna shower and get dressed cause I lounged today lol … I should probably put clothes on lol 😄😘✌️

I be back later tonight to tell about dinner 🥘 ✌️😘

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    1. Yes I am very lucky! I have really amazing neighbors!!! I have really lucked out with that!! Who knew the country be so amazing beyond the peace lol ❤️ I picked the right place ❤️

      They are very very sweet and had a very nice dinner

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