Social Aspect

The dinner went really awesome…

I wore just a classic black dress. It looked really good, it was form fitting/flattering… I wore shoes that I don’t usually use lol … I love these shoes though👠… they are heels lol … I am really tall in heels… they are really pretty – also black but they have a ankle buckle… they look hot – I like the hotness lol 😄✌️ (I just never wear them because it makes me so tall and at work they would slow me down or kill me lol – they are only for special occasions)

But I looked really nice 👍 funny only the neighbors see me lol 😄😄✌️

I, of course, had a black mask that perfectly matched lol

They kinda laughed with the mask but I am just used to having it… I took it down to eat.

I am so used to always wearing a mask I feel weird without it unless I am at home. They are lucky I was not also wearing the face shield 😄😄✌️

We had a very nice dinner… they kept giving me food!! Omg I am so full!!

They also sent me home with a ton of food…

We chit chatted and caught up on our happenings – and laughed about a ton of things

It was really nice – they are very very sweet…

They want to do a game night or have me hang with them every so often lol ❤️ that was sweet for them to want ❤️

I am just limited cause I can’t do weekends… my days off are during normal weekdays lol

They asked me if I play “Cards against Humanity”


I have not… my boys have, so I have heard of it and what it is 😄😄 … and we have a family friendly version – but the family friendly version is lame lol – so no one ever wants to play it lol

I know Apples to Apples – totally love that one lol 😄❤️

But this Cards Against Humanity – hmm I don’t know lol … we can see how goes lol – I am curious??

They say is funny ?? My oldest and 19 – have said it will NOT be a game I will like lol

We are just going to have to see I suppose

So yeah that was really nice ❤️

I guess they want friends and company lol – that was very sweet

I’m usually kinda quiet… I don’t really go out or do things lol

I was with my ex since I was 17… I was a mom since 20… I didn’t go out… I was a wife/mom. Play dates for kids yes and sports … I have friends …

My marriage was rough so I was quiet

Then I got cancer… they forced me to give up my entire life through that… my world was doctors and hospitals constantly 😝

So during that, I couldn’t have a life at all … and that last surgery was traumatizing so I went silent, isolated myself

Then literally right after that, covid happens so here we are lol

My point is – I don’t know a social life. I am generally just kinda quiet – have my life and absorb my peace ✌️ I have my kids

I socialize at work with dead people lol (kidding) but I socialize with my coworkers and the come home and just be quiet

I’m kinda cautious lol

But it was nice to have a social dinner like that ❤️ was very nice, very sweet, and lol very funny ❤️ I had a nice time. 😊

Do you see me now? Lol 😘✌️

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  1. Cards Against is usually naughty or snarky. I haven’t played but I know the goal is to have the funniest card combo (opener and punchline kinda thing).

    What did you have to eat? I had a pb sandwich, nearly expired salad (kit), & protein bar today. I need to dine vicariously!!

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    1. Oh gosh!! 😮😄 well I have no idea what to expect with that game then … hmm – I do like funny

      So let’s see there was this incredible bread and butter… super soft and really yummy, I had a nice salad with thousand island dressing – there were croutons lol

      Umm they had steaks 🥩… but I am picky… I do not like the way chefs do steaks – only I can do it right lol

      So instead I had a delicious chicken dish (Grilled chicken breast smothered with bacon, mushrooms, melted cheddar cheese, and honey mustard sauce) with a baked potato 🥔… we also had these things like mozzarella sticks but instead of sticks they were 1/2 moon shaped

      It was all very good and very nice… I would have also been fine with simple but they like to go all out?? I don’t know ???

      And awww … did you ever get your ebt back? ☹️


  2. You are such a darling Trisha. You are just a little older than my son. Your sons are grown ups because you got them rather young!

    I sincerely hope and pray that the worst is over for you and that you have an amazing life ahead for you.

    Much love and blessings 💖🤗🌹

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    1. I was young to have them, grew up with them myself lol ❤️

      I do actually believe the worst is over now. It’s been turning around since I got the last surgery. I am finally strong enough, after everything, that I can stand up.

      Thank you very much ❤️😘🥰🤗

      Much love and blessings to you also❣️


    1. Yes went awesome, thank you ❤️ today was a day off too… I busy handling my own business today… handled quite a few things 👍

      You are probably sound asleep currently lol

      I hope you are sleeping well 😄❤️✌️❤️❤️❤️

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