So yup… it happened.

Remember last night I telling you about knowing stuff 🤨 ughhh

So yup… that happened… they let another go… we down another one…

And watch they gonna try to slip me in there. Oh boy – I see this coming like head on 😳

That makes me feel a little sick and sad … I liked the one they let go… hard worker and good at the job.

Corporation is killing me… do you not know what you have??

Whatever… it’s making my stomach turn. I instantly feel more stress coming – oh and I can feel it engulf my entire body!!! And then… I just need to get out omg

I know I keep saying that… that is next priority on list. I had to handle the car first …so I can get to new jobs. ✌️

Um… so yeah that is my next supreme focus.

Alright then.

Ugh I wish the corporation did not fuck it up so much!!! What are you doing??? How do you be a corporation and not know how to handle business??? omg

Whatever … and here is where you see a whole set of issues …

I suppose it’s like being a parent??

You have a child… well anyone can be a parent… you don’t have to have a license or take classes … and children do not come with a manual…

Some people will mess that up… some will be really amazing…

With both children and with a business … if you don’t do it right your end result will not be good.

Don’t you want to be the best? With your children – I would think a parent would want the best for their child??

But I would think the best with a company also… ??? Because isn’t that kind of like your baby?

Unless you were entitled and had that plopped on your lap. Then you don’t care or see issues.

I dunno??? If was my business… and in this business YOU MUST have feeling and compassion! You are dealing with peoples losses here!!! Those are devastating … how do you not realize that above all? This is different – I know it’s a business but is a people business!!

Instead of seeing the importance of an amazing staff… to help the hurting people… all they see is the money. That’s it… just money 😔☹️👎 that’s all they care about. And it weighs like a ton of bricks 🧱 …when that’s all you care about… that shows… that will crumble… don’t they know the saying… “money is the root of all evil”? When you let that take control – you eventually lose control.

Whatever – is what is… I’m just saying.

Obviously we need money to survive, and you need money to live … I’m just saying when that becomes your only objective… you lose in a way? I dunno – but isn’t going well, and money is the root of that.

Whew ..about to get crazy 😳😳😳… ‘er… crazy- “ER” 🤨😔

Yeah I gotta get out … bleh!!!

Stupid corporations – get your shit together!! This is a people business for god sake!!! You won’t have any people left to help people… omg 😳

This is not good. Crap… it’s gonna get next level insane!

And also this…

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    1. That is a very good word for it … “revolting”

      I will handle 🤨😝… lol … 2020 is still here making me handle everything 🤨 lol

      2021 better be AMAZING!!! Lol

      But yeah I will have to handle this part too… just lining up life, ya know? I am getting it all situated little by little. ❤️

      Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️

      Not too bad today, beautiful day, sunny – perfect temp … and is Halloween … we will have a rare Blue Moon 🌚 tonight… the last blue Halloween moon was in 2001… we have one tonight and then we won’t have again until 2039 😮

      I love that stuff ❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait to see moon tonight!! ❤️🌚 woo hoo

      Happy Halloween 🎃
      Do you guys have Halloween?


      1. Oh wow!! We don’t do that… we just do the fun part of Halloween 🎃 dressing up and getting candy lol

        We don’t do anything regarding the dead – for us is just the fun part only.

        Halloween is fun for parties and trick or treating, costumes and candy. Gives people a chance to be whatever they want, and kids have a great time etc etc… just a night to let loose (usually -2020 was different for us this year)

        That is very nice to honor the loved ones on Halloween… I might be little uneasy with being in cemetery in dark on Halloween lol … not that I think anything ? But my imagination would run wild lol ✌️

        That is beautiful tradition though! ❤️


      2. Haha 😂 In the Halloween evening the burrial ground is not scary at all rather it is look like a gleaming ground with lots of halogen lights, tons of candle lights, scented sticks and flowers. It’s completely looks like a fairy land in evening. Church authorities also do assembly prayers to respected burrial grounds. In India there is not any separate funneral house rather the church authorities handled all the things during funneral. So each church has it’s own burrial ground where the members of that particular church to be burried. So during this time all the arrangements of halogen lights and flowers are arraged by the church authorities. people go their and give flowers, blow candles on the crypt of their beloved ones. We also do partying and add weird fancy dresses on the halloween night to let loose lol.

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      3. What happens if someone has no religion, or does not go to church? Who helps them?

        Wow… so different. No funeral homes?

        That sounds beautiful though!! The way you describe sounds very beautiful

        Over here I imagine the graves in the dark with a fog 😄😄

        One of the cemeteries in the month of October was showing Halloween movies on a projector 📽 at night … every Wednesday this past October – you could bring blanket and sit outside for the movie … among the graves 😳

        Lol … I asked my kids if they wanted to go and the looks I got 😄😄 so funny lol – we did not go lol

        Churches here are not usually connected to a cemetery… some are, they are just rare – we have a few … usually Catholic

        But generally the cemeteries are their own business … sometimes the cemeteries have their own chapels too

        We are all separate entities 😮✌️

        And I claim Catholic … is what I know, how I was raised, and just what I am comfortable with… but I do not go to church, and have no plans to… on occasion maybe for special holiday like Christmas or Easter I will… but typically no – I don’t like it, and I feel like I can do myself – no one needs to tell me what to do

        I pray my own way, myself.

        I do not want to belong to any church.

        I want actual Catholic rites upon death and I want a Catholic cemetery when I die… but I will be classified as non-denominational because I was not a member of any congregation

        So I can do the Catholic cemetery but they have areas for non-denominational – which is what they would consider me

        🤨🙄 I don’t particularly like being told how to be ✌️😘


      4. Usually Indians are very religious. we have a huge diversity over here. We have Hindus, Christians, sikhs, Muslim, Budhist etc etc. Hindus believed to burn the body after death sikhs, Muslims are burried their dead bodies inside a crypt. So their are tons of different rituals for every single religion. Usually hindus use crematorium for funneral purpose and sometime that does it’s own business though but it is not the actual funeral home because the prayer before the funneral and after the funneral are not managed by the crematorium authorities it has to arrange by the family members of the dead person.They just burned the dead body that’s it anything more rituals and formalities is completely done by the family members of the dead person. So no funneral homes separately. Even the number of private crematorium is so less most of them are registered under temples. Usually if someone is not religious and had no religion they donate their body to the Medical Universities for using his or her dead body as a study material for Medical students. This happen also with the non recognisable bodies with no family identity usually accident cases. Although many religious people donate their body to study purposes. In India many of us donate our hair to cancer patiens when we are alive and signed bond for donating eyes to the blinds after our death. So yah deadbodies with no religion is used for Medical study purposes. We have mortuaries in every hospital and the dead bodies stored their to identification and as study materials. I usually don’t go for church I’m protestan christian though but occationally go to church like in easter, Christmas. But i’m religious at the same time I do prayer in my home i Think god live in everywhere for worship him you don’t need to go for any church or temple you just pray to go from wherever you want you just need to be honest to yourself and hold a good mind. I will donate my eyes to the blinds after my death and rest of my body is going to under crypt after my death lol.

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      5. So interesting!!! America is um whatever someone wants to be… or however they want to believe… we have literally everything… from really religious to not at all… and pretty much most religions (with the exception of religions like, for example, the Church of England which I am not familiar with) but we have most others… we also have all that you mentioned…

        And yup through my funeral homes we see all the different rituals each different one believes in. Jewish and Muslim are a little similar in their burials. Have to be fast – has time limit and no embalming.

        We – as the funeral home – will take custody of a body when someone dies… the family or the hospital calls us… we get the family to sign release and we go get the body.

        We work with the family – whatever religion or however they want to proceed with the death… whatever they want is what we do… we are the ones who coordinate everything… whether that be some kind of mass through a church, lining up a holy father, contacting a Rabbi, whatever the case is… we do that… we handle everything / the family tells us what they want and we do it. We handle all paper work and everything they need. Death certificates- everything… Once we know what they want, they don’t have to worry about anything else. They get to just mourn. Or however they do .

        If there is no family? Those cases are harder cause the coroner gets involved and we have to try to track down a “next of kin”… if we can not in a certain amount of time… the body becomes ward of the state and will most likely be cremated

        Some donate body to science also but that has to be signed off on before hand with the university or who they are donating to… it usually won’t go through us.

        We have people here who have no religion or don’t believe in religion… it’s not wrong for them to do however they please

        But they all still have rights as to what happens to them, regardless of whatever they are or are not. Without family or anyone to claim them, they just become property of the state and like I said most likely cremated.

        We do the typical burials…
        We will do embalming or not – whatever family says… we have rooms for the washing of the body if the religion requires that. And we also have crematories … each funeral home USED to do their own… but now we don’t do that anymore… one central place does all the cremations and then the Ashes come back to us when is done. We contact family and they pick up.

        We also donate hair while alive to cancer patients ❤️❤️❤️

        And you can be an organ donor so when you do die, anything useful can be used to save the life of another… the heart, the eyes, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver – whatever – if in good shape and can be saved … and that person is listed as an organ donor… then yup that will be used

        I agree completely with what you say ❤️ wow we are alike … I can worship how I want and where I want – that does not matter.

        I am an organ donor myself. ❤️ but they probably won’t take anything from me??? Because of the cancer and health related things? I had Graves’ disease before – because of that they won’t let me donate any blood ever since. I used to donate all the time

        But they can have whatever they want – I am still listed as organ donor just in case? Ya know save a life ❤️✌️

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      6. Yah we are pretty much alike lol. Our perception matches being so far from each other still we think cases from a same view point lol which is good. anyway Good night for you Have nice sleep 😴Again funny this is morning for me lol I’m in my own office remember I told you 😂I’m working on my blog right now lol I have to post something in next week lol. So yah trying it to do as soon as possible Hoping for the best🤘

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      7. I know that’s pretty cool! Only a world away in distance lol ✌️

        Lol I have checked to see if there was anything new. I love learning about places ❤️

        I am just waking – I am waiting for my coffee to finish brewing … totally need coffee ☕️ lol

        Have a good night lol 😄😄 so funny to say that when I wake up!


  1. That’s sad. They say it cost something like 10 or 100 times more money to train a new employee vs the cost of one who is already trained. Their outlook is clearly short sighted.

    I hope your escape route arrives soon!

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    1. It’s very very sad ☹️😔💔

      Well they just going to throw into the fire 🔥… sink or swim… they are not going to have the time or availability for training. We have even LESS staff now!! Omg

      I kinda see this crashing and burning 😮😱😱 ?? We see.

      Yes I really have to work on that escape now – whew 🤨😐 it’s always something!!


      1. Always something is right… I just got home from urgent care due to cat bite that got infected in less than 3hrs. But at least it was next to a CVS and glow-wrapper candies were 2-for-1

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      2. 😮😮 who bit?? Wow, that happened fast!! At least you got some Halloween candy out of it!! Did they give you antibiotics?

        My girlfriend (the one I became friends with here in the country during corona) she been having dizzy spells?? Random?? She had fallen back in September from a dizzy spell

        So today at work she had one and they had to call paramedics 😮 (I do not work with her – she works for casino)

        They checked her out and said she was ok… but her pulse seemed to show an extra beat or heart palpitation?

        😳😮 I went over all the stroke symptoms with her just now…

        She mentioned a headache tonight … and then keeps saying something to me…

        She keeps saying I just hope I don’t lose my license

        So it’s happening enough to where she is worried about that 😳 yikes

        She’s not on any medication, just vitamins she says… ?? So I dunno?


      3. She needs to get a full checkup…bloodwork, stress test, heart, etc!!

        Lots o’ antibiotics!! I’m surprised, and a little worried, that I’m still swollen and red. I hope I don’t end up needing stronger meds!! Still WAY cheaper than if Toonces had been bit!

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      4. I know I told her to call her doctor… she said she would do that Monday

        Yeah that would have been way worse if Toonces was bit!! But still bad that infection not going down for you yet!! Maybe antibiotics just take time ??? But you may need stronger?


      5. Ohhh hopefully it gets better and you don’t end up in ER 😮😳😱

        What did they tell you today?? Did they give you any information?


      6. 😮 yikes 😳… well you watch that, you when you need better/more help

        And if you have a online group maybe someone knows about this? How to make it better?


      7. I researched all of it the first time I was bit. That’s why I keep antibiotics on hand and took some even before I stopped the bleeding.

        Nothing to do for now but wait & watch.

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