What a day!

That is an OLD signing/memory book for a funeral – circa 1930 😮 someone brought that to us because is from our funeral home – she gave us 3 … 1927, 1928 and 1930 😮😮😮 they are stunning!!! Is incredible – I wish we still did that!! They took my breath away!! And in perfect condition!!! Museum quality!!!

Anyway – on with the day… 😮 thank goodness I had coffee!!!

So everything was going well… my funeral arranger and the 2 attendants left for the cemetery… no problem – just like normal …

The funeral home gets so busy… that I seriously wanted to answer the phones and say “grand central station” 😳

But whatever I’m handling it

My currier came, and few people to door… still no one back yet and by now is almost 1pm … this is odd… where are they?

Finally about 2pm they come back… you would not believe what happen at that burial 😮

One of the guests sitting in the back, had a stroke 😮😮😮 right there in the cemetery 😮

The father continued his speech… and the family in front did not notice… fire and ambulance pulled around quietly and took her away fast… I do not know if she is ok or not.

They said right away, right there – she had no mobility of her left side 😮☹️

And then once the family learned they were all very upset … so that was crazy…

So from 2 to 2:30 she telling me all this and I telling her what went on while she was gone… and one of the other funeral homes needs me cause their internet down and can I come and just be there with xfinity guy, cause they have to go get internet …

So about 3pm I get over to that one… guy gets the internet working at 4:45… ok cool… I gonna lock up and leave…

I had to get van back to other funeral home and grab my car.

So I am shutting off all lights checking door, about to set alarm when family shows up… said someone told them they could come at 5pm and look at prayer cards 😳 … I have no idea where any prayer cards are … and they won’t give me overtime to do this… who told them to come at 5pm??? 😳😮

So I tell them I am just the office admin… let me take info and we can maybe email the info? They can’t come in day because they work.

So anyway I do all that set alarm and get the hell out!! Got back to other funeral home and arranger is still there … I tell her that whole debacle … and I did not leave to come home until 6pm…

Didn’t get home until 7pm – had to cook – we just eat and now is 8:30pm 😮 whew dude!!! That was a day!!

I have to go throw trash out – it is dark – I am driving my car up to the trash – I am not walking that in the dark!! We have coyotes!! Hell no! Yes I am scared of the dark outside at night lol ✌️

I have tmrw off ❤️ woo hoo!

I be back to read – let me throw trash away lol ✌️

Otherwise Gnite … but I still be back shortly to read lol


911 is America’s emergency number… if you are in a different country – make sure you know who to call quickly!

9 thoughts on “What a day!

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    1. Absolutely ❤️ is not Monday lol … and not working … now I can relax a little …

      I can’t really work on car so that’s going to have to last me at least one more week… which should be ok.

      So yeah should be nice relaxed chill and hopefully boring day lol 😄❤️

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    1. Hahaha I know … every time when thinking I am starting my day… I always know yours is ending and Vice versa lol

      Hope your dinner was yummy! I’m sure was healthy! And have sweet dreams 😴 😘

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