I feel sick 😝 I am overwhelmed and stressed today… just because…

When I walked in this morning things were weird … extra hearse here… garage door unlocked, lights on, was weird cause the Saturday girl is spot on always usually …

And then… when I walked into office the phone was already ringing and I had not turned over phones yet – I was just getting in – was 7:50am 😮

It was for a flower delivery for a graveside service tmrw – they want to bring flowers today… 😳

Then I am having a viewing later …

I knew was a viewing… but I didn’t know I would have to umm set stuff up and handle some of the stuff I have never ever done by myself before … so little worried and stressed with that.

That made me uncomfortable… the viewing is not til later… but I set up now…

Then someone supposed to come in and sign forms and pay money… I don’t know how to do their credit card thing… it is long and involved… not just a swipe or stick in the card… I have to generate numbers and punch buttons etc etc… before I can even do anything. Never done or trained on that before… these are not things I do.

So my other girl at other place said I can go ahead and have flowers delivered…

The viewing is at 3… flowers coming at 4… who knows if this credit card person coming – if that all happens at same time that’s gonna be nuts

And then all morning people ordering flowers for this person so those be coming all day I am sure

I am only one here…

Then we have a prep room and in the prep room there are 2 more caskets with people waiting to go

Ugh … and it’s just me… if deaths and that phone go off today… I will be a basket case after work.

This is what I mean. So little stressed today. Or a lot

But whatever – is what is, and hopefully goes fine. If not, oh well… maybe they hire more or make sure with things like this they have more people.

I pray it goes fine… and that’s not right. But like I said – whatever – can only do what can do.

If I was in charge … I would make sure people knew what doing and also would not have just one handling all that. This is a lot of stuff

If I’m trying to do the viewing and everything else goes down… I am gonna have words!!

This is just completely showing me this is definitely not what I want.

I am nervous… my stomach is flipping… I had to do certain things

So anyway whatever – we shall see how goes today. But I still feel sick- yeah this job will kill me.

Also… not a big deal… but I wanted coffee… my creamer I brought and left is gone … and I went to make some anyway and use the packets of creamers and nope not drinking that 😝 yuk! Just no – it looks bad – nope

I could do black but I don’t like without the creamer – I need the creamer … I don’t need sugar – just creamer

So bleh… I’m running on no coffee!!!!!!! I am off centered

I am tense

So whatever … here is this ❤️✌️

17 thoughts on “Stressed

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    1. Yeah that didn’t happen. But whatever not the end of the world lol … would have been nice but so would a million dollars 😄✌️

      I was just really stressing all day long – kind of a deer in headlights

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      1. Yup I did! 😊 just threw me off

        Now it’s Monday 😮✌️ today I am getting coffee!!!

        Hope you have a great day 😊 ..hoping Monday goes well! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  1. I hope it’s going okay. As you said, you can only do what you can.

    I haven’t been able to watch SNL openings anymore. I’m sick of the political rehash which I never find funny. When awake, I’ve been watching a Burns&Allen marathon that started yesterday.

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    1. Eh went ok… I was told just be 2 people… way more than 2 people show up… and there are things I can not do… they wanted a podium – I can’t lift things – so sorry. Also there are other things I can not do either so whatever – is what is

      Went ok. But I’m gonna say something tmrw – I get to work with the arranger tmrw – so yeah I’m gonna have some words


    2. I just love how SNL does that though lol and they get them to look similar and then make fun of everything 😄 it’s a circus anyway so I just enjoy the entertainment

      The Vice President one was not AS hilarious as the Trump one – the Trump one was hilarious because the nailed it lol

      This one was ok.


      1. Hahaha ❤️ I like that… just sing 🎶❤️

        Although when I think of it literally as rollercoaster 🎢 … sometimes those drops take my breath away lol Or I scream lol

        Rollercoasters are too much for me now lol… sometimes my kids make me go on one with them… I always think ok it be fine lol… and then I always feel sick afterwards!!

        But in terms of life – yes always keep a song in your heart ❤️

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      2. 😄😄… when I was a kid they didn’t seem so bad (they seemed gentler back then?)

        But now – they too much lol
        They definitely make my tummy not feel very good

        I usually like to wait at the end for when they come off lol 😄✌️

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