Finally a day off…

So today is a day off… an actual day off! 😮

I was supposed to meet with lawyer this morning – but they called me yesterday and asked to reschedule due to unforeseen emergency. Which is fine – I know how that goes.

We rescheduled for the 30th

So that opens up my day.

Talked to my car guy yesterday – he said he will change the thermostat cause it was not letting cool air in. And then after he does that he will see if any other issues. There is that leak. I’m pretty sure there is a leak on the coolant.

I was looking at cars and tried to see about maybe prequalifying online and it told me… oh sorry that’s for people with really bad credit and bad situations like bankrupts etc

Ok well I don’t have that, but ya know – I got a situation lol… that’s dumb … let me just do that so if I do actually do that… I can be ready to go… boom here you are

I don’t want to deal with car salesmen… I don’t like car guys – and definitely not pushy ones

I wanna be like …I want this – you either do or you don’t – I’m not budging – so don’t try to push.

I know my landlord thinks new is good and better – but I don’t think I am comfortable or can do that? I will check it out and have my little attitude on lol (I do not want push – never push, I turn the other way) especially with these car salesmen.

I just think is too much – I get what she says… I won’t have to worry about problems… “with the Car”

But I will worry with the money. I dunno we see

Anyway… I have some stuff I am thinking about with work too…

I asked for Wednesdays and that’s not a problem …

They tell me plan is after end of quarter they want to get me full time… cause the district manager and office manager needs back up huge.

And I love my girls very much – enjoy them completely… but I have a couple concerns.

I’ll be back to mention those ✌️

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  1. Did you check your bank for loan pre-qual? If wherever you went was for poor credit, that means it also would have obscene interest rate. If your credit is good, lots of dealers are offering new cars with extremely low interest, some arw 0.0 with cash back! Used cars should be only slightly higher.

    My credit union is currently at 2.74% for 6yr loans.

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    1. Ooohh thanks for info… my Toyota was used when I got it and I bought off someone I knew really cheap. No car payment

      So this be first time I deal with this all by myself. If I decide to do. It makes me nervous.

      I will look into – thank you very much for always giving me such helpful information ❤️❤️❤️


      1. Oh, I’ve been there!@

        As another tip: when I bought my used car in 2014, I has a preapproved 2.99% loan from my credit union. The dealer offered me a lower sale price if I’d finance through them at the same rate. I made sure there were no hidden fees, nor penalty for early payoff, and agreed to it.

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