Smoky Friday

It is sooooo smoky tonight… REALLY bad!!!

I stepped out to go to car with my oldest and we coughing and eyes hurt… is pea soup smoke out there!

When we came back inside – 18 said we smelled like we just got back from a bonfire 😮 we totally did… now my hair and clothes smell like smoke… I changed but is still in my hair!!

Btw those are lights from the neighbors house… that is not a fire lol (thank god!) just clarifying cause you never know 🤨

But yeah that smoke is thick, and awful! 😝😝 it’s sooo bad!

Tonight was mellow, I kinda had a rough day at work… we chit chatted about stuff and I kinda talked about medical stuff like maybe colon cancer lol 😄 … yeah they get it too 😘✌️ I want them aware of things!! Pay attention! Lol

Anyway… that brought up watching food videos… and there was one that was UK verses USA McDonald’s – omg we have so much more than you!! And all our stuff is sooooo LARGE!!! Omg … no wonder we have obesity issues and health problems!!!

Also we have way more ingredients in our things 😮

The UK vs USA in any food – ours is WAY BIGGER!!! 😮😮 and again with the more ingredients in everything!!!

Then we switched to worldwide… and saw the McDonald’s things around the world 😮 omg so different!! Some looked good, some did not lol

But we talked about how what you put in your body can cause you to have health issues

I kinda give up cause 18 seems to think he is just invincible – he will worry later 🤨 yeah well mom worries now!!

Then we watched this quick thing about “pickle” pie 😮😮😮 I have never heard of such a thing!!

My oldest was like ewww yuck!! But I am intrigued?? How would you make pickle into a good pie? But it showed people trying it and they say was like sweet and sour – one said tasted like pumpkin pie ??

But my oldest said no way be like pumpkin pie, and that it would be crunchy and disgusting lol … it’s doesn’t actually sound appetizing – but I am curious… is dill- dill pickle… In a pie lol 😄😄 weird

Yeah that’s here in America- we have everything 🤨 that’s not always a good thing

We have festivals (or did before corona) like for example “the asparagus festival” …all asparagus everything … from fried asparagus to asparagus ice cream 😳😮😝 … I suppose you have to like asparagus lol – which I do not

I do like the strawberry festival though ❤️

Anyway… then my daughter asked if … not this Saturday (tmrw) … but next Saturday – if she could go over and hang out with some friends …


She started in with “they have been isolating” etc … I said let me talk to parents – I am concerned

And then it hit me … she is not with me … she will be with her father that day… so I said that

And she said dad already said yes.

Oh I see…. so I said no.

He is coming after me for custody cause my child support just went up… he told the courts he is concerned with her being with me and the virus because I work.

I have to work!! And I am safe as I possibly can – I promise you that.

So he tell her yes and then first time ever said asked your mother if ok…

If I say ok… he will use that in court and I can’t say a damn word.

All 3 of them jumped on me for saying no. I said you do not know what goes on in court and I am not telling you. So believe whatever you want. I’m not going to risk it.

I do have concerns with corona – but I know her friends and their families have been isolating also …

But if I tell her yes, I could lose her completely … so my answer is no.

He gets to look awesome saying yes… he’s the awesome parent

And I look bad because I say no… I don’t want to lose her

He has never coparented before

And all she’s been doing all night is saying how much she misses her girls – which kills me

I’m sorry my hands are tied – I have to be the bad parent because I don’t want to lose her.

That kinda sucks. I can’t even tell them why. So it looks like me. That also kills me… he is brutal.

But ok. They can believe whatever they want. I can not tell them. If I tell them, that will come down on me in court too. So I can’t – that’s hard 💔

So anyway after the boys left she asked me again and kinda gave a guilt trip…

I just blamed it on breast cancer and corona. I can’t really tell her why. So we just be safe – no contact ok?

So whatever …

I have to work tmrw – my funeral home … maybe by myself?

Oh and my district manager says go get keys for everyone 🤨

So I wrote her back and said … that’s not happening until the earliest next week … I’m the only one here, and I’m not using my own money!

She’s like what you mean where is everyone? I said one is at lunch, one is having a service. No idea where everyone else is??

Today was heavy and stressed, I had a major thing and it was crazy busy anyway! Screw getting keys for people, and I am not paying for that out of pocket – no way!!

She said she thought a specific person was with me – nope they were not … they have the company card . So maybe next week

So whatever – she said no problem once I laid it out

I don’t usually talk back so if I do… you know is serious lol ✌️

I also have to call the awesome car guy to fix my car I have a leak of something somewhere ?? I’m not sure – but I don’t think he open weekends? He will have to charge me this time… past 2 times he hasn’t … but this time he HAS to! I’m sure is a major repair!!!

There is a leak of something? Possibly coolant? Cause it wants to overheat quick. So we see – next week – the saga continues lol ✌️

Ok well hopefully I am alone tomorrow 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I just wanna be alone lol … let me have peace for a day and get stuff done!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Ok I have to go to bed – here comes the crazy weekend! 😳😮🙏 please be chill!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Gnite 😘✌️

15 thoughts on “Smoky Friday

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    1. Ugh totally! I’m soooo over it! The entire west side of the United States!!

      And all the devastation is causing

      So heartbreaking!! 💔

      I am also getting tired of smelling like smoke constantly and breathing that!! Even the masks don’t keep out the smell!! I have a small headache every single day! I need actual air!! Where are those oxygen bars when we need them?!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it soooo is!!! I need some fresh air!! Totally took that for granted!!!

      That is sooo funny!! We have to do everything SOO big lol 🙄😄 … so not always a good thing!!

      What happens when we go visit there? I wonder if the Americans complain about the tiny portions lol – hey!! Where’s the beef? Lol 😄

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well we will make sure you are fully fed lol… that’s hilarious! I wonder why?

      The US is pretty cool – lots to see in whatever area you go!

      Yeah me too!! Would like to be done with fire season – this one has been really bad!! 😮

      If you come and visit the west – we might just be ashes lol 🤨🙄✌️

      Is not just California – now is also Washington state and Oregon … they having it bad too. 😮

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol … well I don’t know about better? But then again I haven’t experienced anything but the US lol (with the exception of a cruise to Caribbean islands but that doesn’t count cause omg that was awesome!)

        It is an awesome country though.. we have everything mostly… but we do have our issues too… nothing is ever perfect. Just depends on how you see it I suppose lol ✌️ it would be an incredible adventure

        I would also like to experience other countries other than Caribbean islands lol – I am curious what the world is like.

        I’ve seen the whole US (except Alaska – not sure I want that one – the cold kinda keeps me away)

        Winter DOES need to hurry!! We totally need rain!! Ugh clean this air!!! Or I will be coming over there lol ✌️


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