Weird things & deep thought

I am readjusting. I am ok. Just rethinking. I’m almost there. I’m doing ok. Building character that’s all.

I will be back.

I work again today. Yesterday at work, I have 2 big boxes of paperwork I am going through.

I have to go through each file and check everyone’s paperwork – make sure we have all signatures and all legal documents. I verify every SINGLE paper, signature, and legal document, put them in order, then scan it. It takes a long time for each file.

I just got lost in paperwork so just zoned on that.

The odd thing about that was the first few files … all the people were MY age … all born the same year I was 😮 … the first 5 files, all of them was my exact birth year!! That was weird – but whatever coincidence right?

I kept working through the files. Then the next few oddly were the year my mother was born… there were 3 of those, after the 5 that had my birth year

Ok well that is weird but whatever – I kept going.

Then after those 3, the next 2 were my grandparents birth year. Just made me think of my family… and it was odd how they were in that box in order like that with those birth years.

They are just randomly in that box, I was pulling out each file as it was in there. It was just odd.

The final file I pulled… did not have a familiar birth year that meant anything to me… but that persons “date of death” – was my ex’s birthday.

It was really weird how in unison those files were like that. Every file I pulled!

All the girls just randomly put them in there – and they have no idea when my birth year is, or my moms, or my grandparents … nor does anyone know my ex’s birthday. (I never speak of him)

They are banker boxes 📦 full of files… and not in any order. I start at the front and work my way through. So it was just weird that every file I did – hit me for a minute. I was all by myself.

Anyway, I be working again today.

In the meantime – I am just silent. But ok. I am thinking. Like I said, building character.

During lunch I looked up YouTube for something and found something else… I ended up watching this Indian guy speak about a few things… it made me think. I had never heard of him before – but his words kinda ring in my head. It was a short video… but he had some really deep thoughts he shared… I liked his words and what he said. I like that guy.

Then I didn’t want to think about stuff. I need to step away from that every so often.

So I switched to tv and watched some show about hospital hauntings and things like that… which is probably NOT the best thing to watch, when you are all by yourself at a funeral home!!

Then I just worked and kept going through all the files.

I am just quiet for right now. I’m almost there. I’ll be fine.

I have to get ready for work. I might be back later tonight after work. I’m not sure though cause the silence for a moment helps me process and then adjust. So I am fine – just adjusting. I am in deep thought.

The silence helps keep my mind clear and focused so I can see my path? But don’t worry, I am fine- I am always fine. I am strong always. Life happens… And it is ok to take a moment here and there. I’ve had a lot of trauma so just readjusting self ✌️

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  1. I swear you never fail to surprise. A bit odd actually but all I got from it is just how much detail you put into stuff, meticulous even. I doubt I would have noticed those details; maybe I would have seen the dates, but I doubt I would have meant anything to me lol.
    You sure put in the work!

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    1. Well I am meticulous and little ocd in some areas… I love history and dates are a big thing to me… dates stick with me like glue… dates have huge meanings to me

      I work at a funeral home… everyone one who works here, sees all the “little things” people don’t usually think of or notice

      And … the job I have is to be meticulous. I have to watch all of that, dates,
      Time stamps, signatures etc. I watch all of that. And we deal with death certificates and in cases of babies also birth certificates

      For my job all “i’s” have to be dotted and “t’s” have to be crossed. If I miss something it could be my ass lol… so I watch that very closely and notice all of that

      I am getting ready to take another class to make me even more meticulous lol

      I also deal with the families, so you have to have compassion and pay attention to the details! Details are huge in this type of work, at every step.

      I work very hard!

      I am very detailed in general.

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      1. Aww,I think you are naturally compassionate. I wish you very well Omatra. I also think it’s probably time for an introduction; I am Angela and it is a pleasure to have met you on here.

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      2. Lol right? Omatra is a mix of my names lol … but no one knows them only my first 😄❤️ – which is mixed in there with the “Tr” the first letters of my first name

        Nice to have a actual name to you also ❤️✌️

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