Japanese games

Friday night… boys came ❤️

We talked about the fires and all that… kinda hard not to with the smoke (and the ash from earlier this week!)

They were talking about the thunder and lightening and how it was that night… house shaking!!

I have nothing to report on that currently – same stuff. Fires still going on, still have smoke… maybe more lightening igniting more fires – expected Sunday through Tuesday – hopefully they wrong. 🙏 I’m good, no more

So whatever – when there is change or something new to report – I will say.

2020 is not over – there will be more stuff. Brace yourselves… it’s the year of the smack downs lol Oh my god!

Anyway… then we talked about stocks 🙄 I was not in the mood to really talk about stocks lol

Oldest is excited with his business adventures – so he just tells me all about… I just listen.

They had brought 2 games … dungeons and dragons 🤨🙄😄 … Oh my god! They are gonna make me play that!!

But we didn’t get to it tonight… instead oldest had a Japanese game… he is just so into Japanese everything!!! Lol

Him and his Japanese games lol

This is the one we played tonight…


I found this one REALLY confusing!! Had no idea what I was doing… but I had cards that said attack so I just constantly played the attack cards or cards that would make him not be able to move forward or advance – lol

Literally had no clue what exactly I was doing… but I won… so that worked out for me lol ✌️😄 woo hoo!!

I didn’t really like it, because I prefer to know what I am doing… but normally I lose all his Japanese games cause he is an ace at those…

I expected to lose this game also, but somehow I did not!! Bonus for me!! I win lol

Is a 2 player game and he told me it would be quick – it was not quick lol

And also… he likes to completely try to explain how to play to me…

He is very serious when explaining these games …

It reminds me of when someone tries to give me directions… don’t do that… you are just wasting your breath… just gimme the address and I will GPS it… I do not do well with directions and it would end up worse. Just the address please. Way better

With games … I do need explanations – cause he picks games I am just so confused with… he will be all excited about and then explain all seriously … I pay attention but then there is so much I’m supposed to know for these games …

Let’s just play, and as we go along the first time… you can explain as it progresses… way better and way more clear.

He just likes to explain everything first lol… so I just listen and kinda start to lose interest…

This game was just a little hard at first… is just not my typical type. He is very excited with Japanese games lol… he lights up, so I like that.

After he went through his entire VERY serious explanation of game play (lol)… I said let’s just play and we can learn as we go along for the first time

I kinda got it – but not truly. Enough to win, so good enough lol … maybe I got lucky… I just kept attacking his life points til he had no more … my final blow was using a card that made him discard 3 cards – and then be penalized and took his final life piece lol.

What I understood was without life pieces – I could win… so I went after that lol ✌️ that was my focus … I protected mine and went after his. And I won… so that worked lol ❤️ I never win Japanese games against him… so in that aspect – pretty cool game lol ✌️

Then we talked about daughters school. And how that went.

And instead of dungeons and dragons – I hurried up and put on a comedian that caught their attention ❤️😄

Ugh they are gonna make me play that game… I am trying to avoid lol… tonight I used distraction… but the gig is up… they will probably make me play next week.

That just does not interest me!! At all… but they want me to try and say I will love it 🤨 … I dunno. They try to convince me. They say is funny – but I dunno? It’s a story game

They tell me is like those choose your own adventure books I loved as a kid 🤨… I don’t think so??

But I will try… I just didn’t want to after the Japanese game. And it was late… I think that DD game takes a long time

They are all excited to get me to play so next week that will be the game. We shall see how that goes.

Then… 18… we had a discussion cause his eating habits with salt are not good… or processed food… so I tell him to be careful…

He is 18… thinks he’s invincible … said he will worry when he has issues and also said having issues is part of getting old 🤨

I try to tell him we want to prevent that so he does not die early

But again when you young… that’s not on your mind. He wants to be 18 and invincible. He just worries me. I don’t want to lose him because of salt and processed foods

So anyway… no one is invincible … but 18 thinks he is or that he will worry about later when he has to 😮🤨

I guess… but I would like him to stay healthy and not have issues. It’s a mom thing

Anyway we laughed a lot … even 18 was laughing at the comedian ❤️

We had a fun night ❤️ as always

I work tmrw – all weekend actually – at ugly walls – by myself I think?

I don’t have to be on call anymore… I like that – I don’t like being on call… I always worry someone will die, and I don’t want that on my watch.

So I am happy about that.

Whoever is on call… will handle ALL 3 funeral homes 😳😮 … I am VERY happy NOT to have to do that anymore!!!!

Anyway… I should get to bed so I am not exhausted tmrw.

It has been the week.

I be back tmrw 😘✌️

Gnite ❤️

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