Here comes 2020 again

I had a good and also rough day.

It was way UP… and then down… and then up again and then up up up

Alright… so… awhile back my ex bought himself a new car… and I learned last night, he just went and bought himself a new house…

But he put he put in his mother’s name- to hide assets from the court. He’s not dumb.

He works for a company that handles background checks, and he has been dirty during this whole divorce …

Back in August of 2019 – I ran a background check on him off a website… I had saved it in my files… and kept it.

I decided to run another background check to have fresh info… and his normal info is listed as being there but when I clicked to go in it, suddenly it’s missing… instead is merged with some other man living in NY with the same name – but I am listed as relative. And so is my son

I have reason to believe there is possible fraud – since he works for a background company … he has access. Because could he have merged the files with someone else? – he can easily claim incorrect info / but I have the original from 2019 when it was still there.

I was just doing last minute things and he was listed at a new address – he bought this new home back in January and never told me.

The kids are in his mercy too, because he has ALL the money and ALL the assets. The 2 boys need him, and the girl goes along. I have nothing so… there it is… they kept his secret.

I am heartbroken… I understand… but I am heartbroken 💔 I feel like they are protecting him, even though they know he’s being dirty. They are letting their father take down their mother 😢💔 I thought I raised them better 💔 but I understand their position 💔

And remember all the times I said my oldest hugged me really tight and there was something I was picking up … yup since around January!! That’s exactly what it was. It explains everything.

Friday won’t be fun… I will have court and then the kids and I are gonna have a talk.

That is the second time they have done that… they also kept quiet about his car as well. I found that out too.

He won’t turn over financials because he is committing possible fraud and hiding assets from the court – burying me…

I will be asking the court to put him in contempt of court… for not turning in financials, not completing a drug test, and not telling the mother of a move.

I believe I can explode this.

So… I thought ok whatever I’m gonna aim … so I googled lawyers…

I picked 2 … one just went to a fax… so I skipped that one…

The next one the call kept failing even before it dialed? 😮

It was almost like the universe stepped in??

So I stopped again and was reading reviews … I found a lawyer – that I picked myself… he has over 50 reviews from 7 years ago, all the way up to now

All 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Alright then – that’s my guy… so I called… a man answered very kindly…

I explained why I was calling and what has happened and what I needed.

As I explained, he stopped me… and he said… wait a minute, let me stop you for a second. I just want to let you know “we are Christian” lawyers.

Ok well I had no idea what that meant??? So I said … well I am Catholic kinda – does that count? Is that ok?

And he said… no you don’t understand, what I mean is “we aren’t going to bleed you for money, we actually care and want to help our clients” 😮😮😮😮❤️❤️❤️❤️

Right there I knew be a wise choice. Ok good.

So he asked me when next court date is – I said Friday

The lawyer isn’t available Friday – so Friday will be on me. I have to do it! I think I can. I have evidence enough to make him have to prove things 🙏

Alright so then they set me up with the consult which will be $150… this guy is worth it… he has been in family law for 40 years and is respected.

I do that on August 27th.

I asked how much they needed… for trial they need $5000 for retainer – ok I would have to figure that out. My stomach dropped but I know that’s how is… this case is too over my head without legal counsel. And I need a bulldog.

He said since there is an order to pay for my legal counsel … after $5000 is on him. Ok

So I will do court myself on Friday and hope I can get extension with the info I have. I am not calling Satan’s lawyer back to tell him what direction I am going… he does not get that info. I’m not dealing with them / I will deal with the courts ONLY – he can kiss my ass

So I took a minute and had a little pity party and cried for a minute cause you know the emotions and how am I gonna come up with that money.

I was supposed to pay rent today and I texted my landlord and asked “hey you gonna be around so I can give you rent?”

And she said yeah and then just asked if I was ok? Cause she knows I have court Friday

So I told her the new developments and what I am working on.

To which she said… I will copy paste her words…

Hey if you need the rent money for the attorney if that would help,I’m good, I’m OK, use it! Don’t worry about the rent money if you need it to fry his butt with a new attorney, use the rent money.

😮😮😮 well I also don’t want to owe… so I offered to pay back or work it off and she replied with this…

Calm down just think of it as my contribution to your freedom from an ass! It’s not a loan, you’re not paying me back, it’s a gift 🎁 so except it and get the job done! What’s the new job that you’re applying for? … and then she added…

I forgot to say both my sister & I feel very blessed that you were here with us! And we love you like a sister!!

😮❤️❤️❤️❤️ I feel that too… I feel safe with them ❤️ and they have been like family ❤️

So ok… that is some money towards it. My first step.

Then I talked to my brother… I told him everything… he said was a lot of money and he needed to see if they could do. I understood, I didn’t expect.

I reached out to a blogger this morning… Antin ❤️ thank you … you are a supportive and incredible friend – thank you!

etc, running, outdoors, journal — Read on

He had sort of legal experience stuff … so he reached back. I wanted any experience he had dealing with the courts and what my possibilities might be?

Antin is always sweet and kind… so he was supportive and helpful… and then he had me laughing and made me feel better. Thank you Antin – you are a good friend and good person – your heart is beautiful – I appreciate that!!! ❤️

I don’t like reaching out – but I’m going for it. I’m not going down like that. I will fight all the way down!!

My ex way underestimated me.

Anyway Antin kinda made my soul not so heavy? For a moment

Plus… I got to hear his voice 😊… it is funny cause you read and I don’t know… I don’t think of the voices – I only see your words or your stories or whatever else. To hear a voice is like being deaf for a long time and then suddenly hearing 😮 it was pretty cool!! And he’s funny! And shared stories about Covid and the United States – he is on East… I am in West

Anyway… after I got off the phone with Antin … I thought ok I need to step away from court stuff and focus on my interview tmrw

I had already sent them “3” professional references – who I checked with first to make sure they aware and are ok with. I sent my old boss from the golf course… my principal from my school… and one of my police officers ❤️

So I started researching the company – learning everything I could and what exactly they do… plus I was writing down questions to interview them with.

Oh my god! 😮😮😮 this job… I think it’s meant to be??? I don’t want to get all excited yet… but it was kind of made for me and there would be a mission in my heart with it – I could learn and run with it.

Ok so this new job I interview with tmrw 😮 they are advocates for the travel industry recovery coalition 😮

I will learn advocating … making me more dangerous!! 😮❤️

Also they have meetings with the Governor of California “Gavin Newsom”

Ok so advocating AND politicians … omg I’m gonna be really dangerous!!! If they give it to me – please give it to me!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

If I learn to advocate, I am already good with people, and empathetic … I can later, once I am huge… take on the California court system… oh yes I am going to aim!!! Like I said dangerous!!

I will be around politicians and political matters for travel – which I can soak up … once my foot is in that door and I know how to work that know… hell yeah!! I plan to advocate for things!!!!

I will be fierce – you can bet on that!! I will command that attention!!! Put me in with those politicians Oh my god! Yes please 🙏🙏

I will learn every single thing I can… so yes I will be that Phoenix and I will be dangerous! Only if you hurt others though. If you heart is good, you have no worries.

I will be working with the advocacy arm for all travel and tourism 😮😮😮

Their key words are communication and advocacy … yeah I’m on board – let me have it!!! 🙏 make me dangerous!!!! Woo hoo!!!

So I was all excited learning about them. I am a good public speaker already… so give me skills to fight the politicians with matters. Yeah you gonna see me go real big someday 😘✌️

I am honing my skills… that takes time. See dangerous already 😘✌️

Anyway… in the middle of that – my brother called me back … I expected him to say he couldn’t help … but instead he said I’m sending money to your bank account through your phone number make sure it’s there.

😮😳😮 Oh my god!

So I have the money now!!! 😮 IF I can make the courts understand I need help here, and there is possible fraud going on… and give me time to get this lawyer on board…

Then I’m gonna sic that bulldog on him… hope he doesn’t go to jail… but oh well… you play dirty – the dog will eventually bite you in the ass

Karma catches up to you.

But first I have to get the courts to give me more time 🙏 so wish me luck on Friday 🙏

And tmrw … pray for me to be dangerous!!! 🙏🙏🙏 I want that! (Again if your heart is good you have no worries) lol

See woman can be very strategic!! We can take alot- but never ever ever underestimate just because is a woman!!!

The world better watch out lol ✌️ yeah I have a cocky chip on my shoulder once in awhile lol

When my brother and my landlord together did that for me, and the sweet things they said – it reminded me of

❤️ It’s a Wonderful Life ❤️

That’s one of my favorite Christmas movies ❤️

People are amazing sometimes – and it all just fell together ❤️

Friday will be rough though. I will have to have the strength for court- which I think I do… I have a fire burning 🔥… I have things lined up and ready to fire away.

Then Friday night – we are having a discussion cause I am highly disappointed in the kids. I thought I raised them to be fair and just.

So they are going to get lectures and know how much they hurt me… feel that pain you placed on your mother and were gonna let me burn… they knew he was playing dirty

Once they know how I feel, I will also say I understand why. They are also at his mercy.

Unfortunately – now the family will explode. Cause I’m gonna burn their father

You reap what you sow… not my problem – welcome to life.

I’m gonna expose him for everything. He didn’t even treat me like a human being… so now… no mercy full on!!

I am going to be dangerous one day!! Don’t mess with me.

He has placed those kids in the middle so that I would have mercy… he has them at his mercy just like me…

So… I now have to make the shit explode… they are gonna get caught in the flames – but I am not going to sit back and let him destroy me… no way…

Now they are stuck in the middle of the explosion. I gave everything to them, and protected them… I know he controls them with money.

I know it’s not their fault. But by being dishonest and not saying anything… allowing me to suffer in front of their eyes through everything!! I could never watch my mom suffer!!

So they are going to have a lesson here. You dance with the devil, you are gonna get burned. They stand in the middle.

I will show that to the court too.

So we will be discussing this on Friday… there will be no games.

I knew something was wrong with those hugs!!!! I felt it!!! He was feeling guilty!!! He knew was wrong!!!!!

So… tmrw I try to become dangerous… cause I don’t want bad things happening to good people. And I am getting quite the lessons how to fight for what I want

Friday – I fight, and then the kids can face me. Let me hear what they have to say. I am disappointed – I raised them with heart! And they chose money!!!

Here comes 2020 again 💥

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    1. Lol… oh it will be cheerful eventually. Just some rough patches … it will be ok though – I am stronger now… I’m not weak anymore or sick – now I can fight back.

      So ya know life happens you learn lessons

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  1. Hey ! You’re are a very strong person, You made me motivated today. All the best for tomorrow and Wishing you happiness in your coming life ✨ Good days will be coming soon ❤️ Believe 🙏

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