What song?

If you had to pick one song, for right now… that would be your “self portrait” what song would you pick?

I think this would be mine… for right now anyway – but it changes alot…


I don’t listen to any negative and I do my own thing, which I think is beautiful ❤️

I also feel everyone has their own beauty – sometimes they don’t see that. I wish everyone knew and believed in the beauty they have. But I get it, I think I am strong – but then I have my own moments I am not sure.

Someone asked me this earlier so this would be my answer. For now lol 😘✌️

What would yours be?

9 thoughts on “What song?

Add yours

    1. … you are too funny lol… well muppets are funny – I like funny

      Ya know though … we create our own views of ourself.

      Like that story of the ugly duckling … he thought he was a duck 🦆 … but really he was a swan 🦢 ❤️

      Make sure you don’t sell yourself short.

      Who’s definition of a man are you using lol ✌️😘 you seem pretty manly to me.

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      1. Well Homer can be endearing, family man – sweet – means well… spongebob is hilarious!!! Fricken love him!! Lol he’s one of my favorites

        And isn’t Mr Invincible a hero?

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