Alright so I survived my very first night “on call” – I lucked out… no one died ❤️

So that was good, also no prank calls either – that was also good. Lol

I was ready though – incase anything DID happen. But I am thankful nothing went down. Glad no one died. ❤️

One time when I was younger (in my 20’s) I used to work for an answering service – we answered for government agencies and hospitals/drs etc.

I used to do the overnighters with one other operator.

At the time, my dad was sick with cancer – he had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

One night I was working and a call came to me – it was my dads home health nurse calling in need of an ambulance 🚑 for him 😮😮😮😳

I had to dispatch that for my OWN father 😳😮

I left after that call- but that was hard … you have to still keep composure and be professional… that was my dad so the whole time my heart was worried and aching…

I just knew no matter “who” it was, I had my job to do. Once handled, THEN I got to leave and go to him.

So I know I can handle. I knew I would be fine last night, even IF one came in – was just my first time. You know how those go lol ✌️

Now I am off work ✌️ now I have my own work 🤨😄 never ending loop lol

Have a great day!!

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