On call

I got everything done on time, and awesomely today… way better day than yesterday!!! Woo hoo!

Tonight I am on call- incase anyone dies – can NO ONE die tonight please??!! 🙏🙏🙏

Also… let me just share something so people know…

Some woman unrelated to “A” person from this area, who died on Thursday… want to know if we had them? She claimed to be a friend

Ok first of all… there is a privacy act. So unless you are “next of kin” – I can not verify or give out ANY information to you. Sorry. Confidentiality – nothing you say will change that.

Then she explains this person had no family and they want to pay for the funeral… ok well here’s the other thing…

If a person dies with no family there to sign off as next of kin… it is up to the coroner to try to contact any next of kin…

If this person truly had no family – then she needs to deal with the coroner.

The coroner will have the body because there is no next of kin to sign the body over to the funeral home for pick up.

She wanted me to look up all the funeral homes in this area and give her there numbers.

Umm no!!! I’m not doing that… I have many things to do!! I am working!! (I didn’t say that – but there was no way I was doing that !!!)

I told her again… no matter how many funeral homes you call- you are going to get same answers… the one you need to deal with is the coroner.

So then she says do they have an emergency line lol…

Ok that made me laugh lol… emergency line for the coroner lol 😄

I told her… Not that I am aware of… they don’t really do emergency stuff lol – they handle after the fact.

And then she’s like… well what about an after hours number?

It is Sunday lol… coroner is Monday through Friday business hours … you will have to wait until they open tmrw

I do not know if she understood what I say or not??

Funeral homes do not just go around picking up dead bodies all over the place lol … you have to sign the body into our possession. Then we take over – we have laws we have to follow.

Also… funeral people, coroners, and such… do not live at work… we do go home.

So anyway that was a big thing… she’s not going to get anywhere with any funeral home… we can’t just give out info to anyone. There are laws.

Only the coroner will have body, if no next of kin has come forward.

And then, I was talking to office manager on phone at one point… going over many things.

All the changes with having 3 funeral homes now… and she said I can’t promise you… but I will bring up to district manager – but with 3 locations – I could use assistant 😮🙏 that would be awesome – but I am not holding my breath either… is a corporation so we see. 🙏

She also told me be careful with girls at ugly walls – I told her I know already … I am observant

One of them is always saying not so nice things about others… so I don’t trust her not to say not so nice stuff about me, since she does with everyone else. I have observed. I saw that

The young one… seems really nice and helpful…

But ofc manager told me to be careful of her too cause she will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if she feels like it, and is know it all, always thinks she’s correct.

I can’t get a good read on the young one – she does kinda seem like a perfectionist… but I am too in certain areas.

She seems very sweet and helpful so far.

I haven’t worked with her enough to see her true colors

Also… she is young… the other one is older than me… upper management has a hard time with them. The older one might influence the younger one how to be? Just a thought?

But again I haven’t worked enough with the young one – I will be now – so we will see. So far, I like the young one. But I will be observant and careful.

Ugh ugly walls. So much drama 😝🤨

That’s why mine is the best… no drama what so ever – we adore each other – if one needs help – we jump in with whatever … and mine is even jumping all over all 3… it’s not just me doing this!! All of us from mine do!!

Which is why we are the easiest and get along really well with upper management. We have communication also!! Which is a massive thing!!

Have people forgotten how to communicate?? Oh my god! It’s like the easiest thing for me… most of the time … in a work setting, definitely!!

Anyway… I still kinda look at jobs. I have to. So whatever

Today my old golf course posted my old job!!! Someone must have quit or left?

I miss those people and that job soooo much… is good money!! Really awesome job!!!!

I would love to go back… but my arm and nerve damage wouldn’t let me do what needs to be done for that job. I would need massive help.

They would take me back in a second! It would be a huge draw for me to go back… a lot of attention!! And being hit on again ALOT,.. like constantly… but it was “work”, so never really phased me? overwhelming sometimes but again was work

It’s only part time anyway / no benefits … good money – just no benefits for part time

I can’t do that either.

But when I saw it… for one split second – my heart thumped…

It’s different now anyway. They are building houses near the course and taking away from the peace of it…

Also when corona happened – it was completely shut down!!! I couldn’t do that 😮 they were shut down forever!!

It is sports entertainment… it’s also a strenuous job too, I have to load and reach, I can’t really with that arm… I am slow now… not like before.

It is also weather permitting… In rain- is shut down 😝 – I cant trust the weather like that in the winter

So too many cons. It wouldn’t work. But I did love that job VERY VERY MuCH!!

I’d say was happiest job I have ever had ❤️ In all aspects – coworkers, clientele, area all of it … I laughed ALL the time, every day – and had THE best stories… and could speak freely whatever I wanted – and we just had a blast!! It was fun times

I just loved it there so completely!! Best job ever

Anyway now I am on call for the funeral home. Lol

I almost had a heart attack like 20 minutes ago… the phone rang and I have to answer with the funeral home name.

There is an answering service but we try not to use them due to cost. They catch any overflow.

It was them verifying the line and making sure we had the phones … yup we do thanks

That was easy – whew!

Alright gonna read in a second finally.

I got engulfed with funeral stuff lol – how did that happen?

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