Wait… check this…

I forgot… look what the kids showed me 😮😮😮

It’s prescription only… 😮… for kids with adhd and or autism… but they are working with it to also aid Alzheimer’s ❤️

That would be cool – but I wanted to share before I forget 😘✌️😉


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      1. Vielen lieben dank >>>(((((( Thank YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOU//// SooooooooooMuch Thank you very much, unfortunately today our weather was not nice, but tomorrow the sun should be on our way again. Thank you very much, and have a nice week! Stay healthy.

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      2. I am in California … right now is our summer… every day is hot and sunny lol … I think, I would be excited for your “not nice” weather lol

        Oh yes… wearing mask constantly, also washing hands and using sanitizer constantly too. Keeping distant from people as much as possible.

        Stay healthy and safe also 🤗✌️

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      3. Excuse me so much it has annoyed me so much that I have just seen and read your answer late, as we know a lot about the clocks, I have enough blogs every day it is an art to do a lot of other things, it is a message, and this message, leave an impression, because of text and topics, etc., greetings from berlin / Brandenburg.//////>>>>>>nowadays many people have skin problems with all of this, but of course there are disinfectants that can be used. homemade, I look (it’s known with vinegar / lemon peel which are the best remedies)))

        I envy your weather.
        Stay healthy and safe 🤗✌️

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      4. Oh no worries at all… I am aware you are on a different time zone and different area than me. Is very interesting to learn about your weather.

        I have never been to Germany 🇩🇪… but my best friend is German and her mother I adore also. Her mother is actually from Germany. They still have family there. I love hearing her stories. I am not sure which area she is from though.

        Oh you are correct, the hand sanitizer can be little harsh on the hands especially after constant hand washing!

        Vinegar and lemon 🍋 peel seems like would be good… I know vinegar is a disinfectant and lemon can help too… good idea – thank you!

        Yes … I am originally, kind of, from Massachusetts… now I am across the country in California …

        I have been spoiled by the California weather!! It is very beautiful ❤️ the sun can be scorching 🥵 and in summer the temperatures can be like you are being cooked in an oven. lol

        But it is nice… and come winter… we don’t have snow… just rain (where I am) …

        If I want snow, I can drive to it… if I want beach, I can drive to it – California has everything … you get spoiled by it. Lol

        Stay safe and healthy yourself 😘 🤗✌️

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      5. many ❤️ !! When there is talk about weather, the very intersent climate zones where the drunkenness prevails, where other rain, that the good Lord has created mute nature, it heals itself, which is why it should really puff up on mother earth. !!! Fortunately, there was no rainwater for a very long time, in CA ,,, but that has changed
        . i think all countries are the same, but cultures are not the case, that is my fascination with real cultures, from asia or eu or africa, like people in their everyday social life and attitude towards each other. travel and education are equal. currently internet helps.
        I wish you wonderful days. stay healthy. 🤗✌️

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      6. Yes you are correct!! Sometimes it does not rain… if we do not get winter rains- our summers are filled with fire 🔥 😮 … so that can be scary!! And it’s hard to breathe! It hurts your eyes! If you have to go outside, you smell like fire – it chokes you. It’s awful! Luckily so far this year, it’s been ok 🙏 we still have a couple months of summer left, so hopefully no fires 🙏

        I agree with you… I want to know how others live and how they think too… the internet does open the world in that aspect.

        I wish you the same, have a wonderful week and also stay safe and healthy 🤗✌️


    1. Right!!?! Sounds exciting… I just wonder why is prescription only if is meant to help? Cause wouldn’t that benefit so many if just released to anyone? It sounds that way to me anyway.. but yes definitely exciting

      The things they can do for the mind nowadays … I like that way better than any medications!!!

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    1. Oh yes!! Very interesting and exciting!!! I think should just be available to the masses!!! It is not medication, only a game that improves on things needed. Even in the slightest case…

      I have a game on my phone for Alzheimer’s… is supposed to track how you do when playing cause supposably it can notice differences the longer you play and can maybe see where the turning point is for that? I just see.

      But yes love this ❤️ think is a great idea!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!

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