So I have everything down for my police officer…

I have a question though… my ex is brutal he is going to come after me hard… he wants me ruined…

So… do I bury him? I have a voice recording that may bury him. Do I do it? It makes me feel sick because I think of the kids.

I give mercy… but if you keep coming at me – do I still give mercy? I have had none… so what do I do?

Do I bury him… I am not that type… but it would cause issues for him.. so do I do it? Do I expose him? Bleh

What would you do?

2 thoughts on “Ok…

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  1. While I understand wanting to protect your kids from reality, they’re old enough to know the truth. If his cruelty was a one time thing, I’d tell you to be the better person. But he’s trying to bury you (and has been pretty successful) and you have a lot to lose. I think you should use any tool you have!!

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