So Friday … I will be experiencing death at the cemetery… I am used to only services at the funeral home. I have never watched a service at graveside. Besides my own friends or family, and I didn’t watch – I was the one in pain.

That’s gonna be kinda weird. There will be a lot of pain from the family and friends over the loss – I will see crying and pain.

So… this is going to be an experience 😳

I don’t even know what to expect.

Please don’t make me drive the hearse 😳😮 not my first time anyway! I’ll drive the flowers

Watch them give me the hearse 😳

But Friday will be interesting. This will tell me if I can handle this.

Graveside is final… whew – I have to watch people have pain and I hate people in pain like that…

So this is good let me see it… let me see if I can handle. I am a comforter… so I want to run over and comfort.

Please don’t let me cry too!! Omg

But ok. Friday 😳 graveside 😮

So much going on 😮

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  1. I don’t remember any funeral personnel at graveside services. I probably didn’t know who was who.

    Hearse drivers usually, but not always, need a chauffeur’s license. So maybe you won’t get that assignment.

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    1. We do services graveside – and a lot more recently… is outside, not in closed area… still have to wear masks. I am not sure how many allowed for graveside.

      I don’t know anything about this particular service – I will find that out Friday. I believe it’s a catholic funeral – because I THINK we go to a small Mass first at the church … and from there to graveside.

      They need me for 4 hours so we shall see – I will report back lol

      Oh good on the hearse. I didn’t know my girls had that… I will have to ask cause we don’t talk about that part – I have never had to do before… I am usually inside.

      Friday is going to be about 93 degrees and sunny… I have to wear black pants, and a neutral shirt, which I am doing a nice airy, but fancy, brown colored shirt.

      I will also be required to wear the black blazer jacket. 😮😝 ugh I’m gonna die myself out there!!

      Jacket in hot weather Oh my god! I will be very sweaty!! Glistening really well 😮😳


      1. Yeah!!! I know right?? I am going to die out there – I melt lol … god help me!

        I am going to be just dripping 💦 … I am dreading that!!!

        And a black jacket nonetheless 😮😳 please don’t let me pass out at someone’s funeral 🙏


      2. I know… I don’t know how long I can keep a fricken jacket on without passing out… I am that way 😳😮

        It’s fricken hot outside up here!! Maybe won’t be bad – is in the morning.. Maybe 10am?… so maybe it be ok…

        It’s not like 4 or 5 – in which case I would die myself!!


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