Well I want to cry.

So they called… they make sure I understand is not legal advice just help… I understand.

Then she ask for my case#.. I gave it to her… she said she can not speak to me because I have a lawyer.

I said I don’t have a lawyer she retired due to corona and this was plopped in my lap…

They will not speak to me about my case because she has not filed the paperwork.

How do I represent myself?

So I will have to contact her and get a copy and try to file it myself. If I can get her.

Otherwise I am kinda screwed.

7 thoughts on “Screwed?

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    1. This is why I get so tense and terrified with court and these things… it leaves me open for him to do more, while my hands are tied.

      So whatever, is just how it is. Nothing you can say.

      Thank you

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