The Tour

Ok are you ready? Lol come explore with me lol… the video quality isn’t the best but whatever – again you have a glimpse… is quiet 🤫

Sorry, I can’t take you in there. Too many things

My grandmother would have called that sitting room a “Parlor”

Hope you enjoyed seeing for a minute 😘✌️ Happy Saturday!

Ps … I found stuff so now I can do stuff … gonna be working -back later 👋 – hope you can see all the videos ❤️ ✌️

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    1. Hahaha right?!! It’s spectacular though… so much detail and then it’s old, and no one lives there anymore (they used to) … it’s just crazy…

      It’s so much larger and more elaborate than mine is 😮😮


    1. ❤️ you found it lol

      I know that place is awesome – I love that place ❤️

      And yes – it has never been used – it is brand new from back in time 😮

      Thank you for finding that ❤️

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      1. It was really awesome to see that again ❤️👏👏 thank you again ❤️ I don’t know how to find my stuff

        I have my own location but they are still my teammates – I help them when in binds. But I don’t go there often – that one is the furthest from me

        My original funeral home is the smallest… a good starter

        Mine – is medium … maybe like grandparents house ? Mine is “ugly walls” lol… I call it that because I hate the office wall colors

        And Haunted Mansion is the most massive and most flashy… lol … bling bling lol

        Mine is best for service – theirs is best for class

        Lol that garage is huge isn’t it – their hearse is beautiful ❤️

        … vintage airstream lol

        Yeah I wish lol

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      2. Yes… I nickname everything and then it sticks lol… I got my coworkers calling the fancy one the haunted mansion 😄❤️ … and I have them calling the large central one “the mothership” 😄

        Yes I keep saying to girls – let’s have a team building night – spend the night and paint lol 😄 … so far they haven’t gone for it 😄😘✌️I’m still working on them lol

        But yes eventually I would like that painted because those walls are awful!! Lol so ugly!!

        I just don’t have time for that currently – we have WAY too many cases right now.

        My boss said we could ask for help from another funeral home that we helped take cases from because they all got sick.

        We have massive cases and they keep coming and so my girls asked me who could help us?

        At first they thought this awesome person from this one funeral home would help… (one they trust) but I said no – they too busy … their board is full too

        So I told them- we can ask this other funeral home for help – they owe us… (that’s the one we helped when they sick) but when I told the girls that- in unison they both say oh nevermind lol

        That is because they do not trust that funeral home to give the level of service that we do. We do have reputation to uphold and mine has been around for long time and handles all the families who have always been in this area.

        We don’t want to risk it letting the other funeral home help – they had some cases we took and the cases were F’ed up

        So lol – now my girls don’t trust them to help us lol

        We would rather keep our reputation in tact ❤️✌️ so we just try to power through it… we are tag teaming everything

        I am helping them, they are helping me… we just do as much as we can – we handling it.

        Services are booking into almost the end of February! It’s insane!

        My boss said to me the other day “we USED to have down time” lol

        Cause now is like a rat race lol … all crazy and insane like the walls of my office 🤨😄✌️❤️

        Thank you ❤️ you are really sweet – that was very nice of you

        I looked before trying to find this post and I couldn’t – you made me smile to watch these again ❤️

        I will have to do one for mine but mine is not crazy fancy lol … is more ?? Well I will have to do one for mine lol eventually – maybe when we not all crazy lol 🙏✌️❤️

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      3. Your team sound a really dedicated bunch! You too! That’s so great because you do the high-impact. heavy emotions thing that goes quietly unrecognised until that awful moment when we need to call you. I remember the folks that handled my dad’s “service”. I remember their kindness and tactful no-fuss professionalism to this day – almost 20 yrs later.
        Ha, yes, a painting n pizza party sounds good when the world is better 🙂
        Good luck with your day!

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      4. Yes we do deal with heavy emotions. It is a high impact job in that way. You are very perceptive 😊 .. most do not notice at all until needed lol

        … OR… a painting pizza party to make the world better? 😄😘❤️

        It is very rainy and crappy today – we still have storm ☔️ I won’t be done until way later and it’s Friday 😮 ugh 🤦‍♀️

        I have to wait now because people eat lunch lol 😄✌️

        Have fun with your day too 💕

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      5. … we suffer together lol

        Today is beautiful blue skies mixed with angry mean looking clouds lol – it is not currently 🌧 raining stopped early this morning.

        ❤️ the sun peeks here and there

        Hope your day going well also 😘 as always – stay safe ❤️✌️

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