The phone 🤨

So this is going to be a fun day 😳🤨

After I posted last night, we went to bed… she wanted to sleep with me last night (she saw a bug in her room) so whatever fine… I don’t mind – just go to sleep lol

I told her, I don’t know how many times – go to sleep we are going to be going to work tmrw… I be waking you up!!

Yes I know mum, no worries 🤨

When my head hits that pillow, I am out!! I’ve just been zonking out, I’m so exhausted!

This woman is a night owl 🦉

As I closed my eyes last night, she was next to me “giggling” on her phone 🤨…

I said “hey don’t stay up, work tmrw” (for the thousandth time)

I woke up before my alarm went off and she’s still over there on her phone 😳

It was dark still so I didn’t know what time it was… what time is it?

And she says “I dunno”

Well what time?

Umm it’s 4 😳😮😮😮 4am!!! Put that phone down!!!! Go to sleep!! You are not going to be functioning today!!!

Ok ok

And she did, but then like 5 minutes later my alarm went off – was set at 5am 🤨

This woman told me 4… but not the minutes – so was probably 4:55 🤨😮

So I was like “ok do you just want to stay home while I work?”

No no I wanna come, just wake me at 10… 🤨 we have to leave by 10:30/11 …

I have to wake the zombie 🧟‍♀️… have it come to life 🤨… hopefully peacefully … feed it, have it get dressed and ready

Some people are slow… I am slow in areas also – but not getting ready.. I have places to go and things to do – snap snap lol ✌️

So… woman is going to pay today for staying up all night

So now… she handed me the power lol ✌️… cause the first time she complains about being tired … I am going to be sharing some lessons with this little one today lol ✌️

Welcome to life my dear 😘✌️

We are going to have to incorporate a rule of “no phone” in bed 🤨

… I use phone to fall asleep sometimes – she uses to stay up 🤨

So this will be a interesting day 😳

2 thoughts on “The phone 🤨

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  1. o boy, I remember how I love to sleep. Good luck waking her. Don’t poke the bear.

    The phone could keep me up all night. No phone in bed should be my rule too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha… well it’s lesson time for the princess lol … good life lesson for her.

      Yeah someone can not handle phone in bed – so this is gonna be a thing 🤨😄✌️I am dealing with a teenage girl …

      But that’s ok – she can learn some lessons today

      That will have to be a new rule… I can’t have her up all night like that. Especially when she knew we have to be somewhere! 🤨

      Priorities my lady!! She needs to learn to govern herself. I need to guide her with that.

      Is a very good rule to have!

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