Friend and Fireworks

Just finished taking care of the ranch for the morning…

When I did it last night… my little Mantis friend was there again – only this time he was waiting for me… I tend to do around the same time every day lol … he’s so funny! I like him ❤️

I didn’t think he be there the third time… he does live there! Lol … that’s his home 😄❤️

I bring him water, he knows me now – that’s too funny – I love that little guy… I’m sure I will see him later tonight … I let him have the mornings without being disturbed lol 😄✌️

Perhaps I should introduce my daughter? Lol… she is not a bug fan… at all… total suburb girl!! Lol … ugh 🤨😑🙄 … I get it because I do not like black widows, brown recluse, or bees lol… they can hurt – nope! So I get it.

But here I am with a actual bug friend lol… and he’s pretty cool. I think she would adore him because he is very human like lol … just in his demeanor? And he’s not a scary bug…

I think she will think he is cute and adore his little mannerisms… but I still don’t think she would get near him… she would admire from afar lol

But that’s what I do… I water, give him his space… and kinda just find him funny, so I like him, his little mannerisms are hilarious!!

Anyway… at least maybe I can umm? make her not scared of this particular type bug? Cause they are not scary. Maybe look a little odd – but even that’s endearing

She’s gonna roll her eyes at me for making a bug friend lol 😄✌️ whatever

Alright well I have to do stuff. I will be back later… it’s Tuesday … I just want to keep my days straight – I have a lot whirl winding around me lately, and I messed myself totally up last Friday, thinking it was Saturday

Oh yeah and 😮😳 I believe my little tiny town is going to be doing a Fourth parade 😳… and then still also doing the fireworks 😮… cause I looked up city to see and it said this…


A Fourth of July parade and fireworks for the community.

The City, Area Chamber of Commerce and the Farmers Market host a downtown farmer’s market on Thursday evenings for 8 weeks during the summer.

… and a farmers market???

So anyway, our cases will be going up because of things like that… I’m sorry to be the wet napkin… but I dunno… can’t we just chill out for a little while?

The Fourth is maybe my absolute favorite holiday!!

Just because it’s hot, and in summer, you have BBQ’s with friends and family… you play together… you have a wonderful day… sometimes there are fairs with rides you can enjoy all day…

And then at night when you are tired and full and have had a lot of sun… you sit in a park at dusk, with a blanket or camping chairs… and they shoot off fireworks 💥… that are just incredible… the best shows go long… give me 45 min to an hour and Oh my god! I love it!! Completely ❤️ the best shows also have music pumped out to it… love that also!!

And sometimes we have amazing fire works… I have always loved the HUGE quick flash booming ones – the ones that set off the car alarms lol

And then we have ones that will form the 🇺🇸 flag way up in the sky, or a smiley face or a heart… a peace sign … yeah it’s awesome!!

You have venders who walk around with snacks, drinks and they glow in the dark with all the glow in the dark necklaces or swords lol whatever lol … sometimes they have fans or whatever else

You see people you don’t see all the time – everyone comes together ❤️ I love the smells, the way it feels – I just love everything about it!!

So… I still don’t think we should this year. Just take a year off – I certainly do not want that, but I would rather keep people and myself safe, and maybe not have it get so bad? Cause it’s gonna get bad 🤨 I would like to not do that.

So whatever 🤨

I just don’t know when that was updated ?? Could have been January or February

And there is no other info for their stuff … many others have cancelled including Sacramento the state Capitol

But I have heard rumors of the parade … from a few sources – so parade may still be going – I will have to ask one of my officers – they should know.

Anyway… I have to do stuff ✌️

Back later 😘

Like everyone else, you love the area you are from… you feel at home. It IS your home… mine is beautiful and we are free. I know how lucky I am. So thank you to those who serve or those who died. 🇺🇸✌️ ❤️

No country is every perfect… but this is my home and I love it very much.

If they could just run things better we would be golden lol ✌️😘

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  1. I haven’t checked but won’t be surprised if H Beach is still holding their parade.

    Our Farmer’s Mkts apparently stayed open during shutdown as they were considered essential services. But I read that they were SUPER strict about social distancing and masks… food was pre-pkgd and access was strictly controlled.

    Will your kids be over for the 4th?

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