Places near me

I have a few favorite places around me… thought I would share for a minute…

For my first… There is this place… there is something about it? I find intense peace there? Intensely??

There didn’t used to be ANY peace… it was a completely lawless, old west, mining town, that has been left abandoned.

It’s Bodie, California… it’s like one of my most favorite places! I have many favorite places though …

I just remember going there for the very first time… I was maybe 15 or 16… I even connected then… I could feel the current peace after exhaustion… that area fascinated me!! Oh my god!

To get there you had to go on this 10 mile dirt road, it was only open certain times of the year – maybe only 3 months a year… due to inclement weather – is located near Mammoth Lakes, in the Sierra Nevadas ❤️ so beautiful up in those mountains – so untouched ❤️ so amazing!

Anyway… down the dirt road you go and then you come to an area of plains … and there are places … buildings, homes – in arrested decay… meaning they will never get better and they will never get worse – they keep them as is – so that you may peer back in time. It’s incredible! Your imagination can be wild!

It was very ruthless in its time. But now all that once was, is gone, just forgotten pieces left behind … and now it stands in silent peace … yeah is pretty amazing … blows my mind every single time!

That beauty just takes my breath away.

And that history… it’s just phenomenal! The way it was so ruthless and unforgiving… and then it was gone – silence and peace became.

Yeah I love the peace of Bodie ❤️ I can feel it ❤️

There is also a curse attached to Bodie… yeah the superstition thing again… I am not taking any chances with any curses! No thank you – true or not. Not gonna try it lol…

But the curse is… if you take anything at all… you remove one thing… and you will have bad luck wherever you go, until it is returned.

I am not messing with that! I make sure there are no pebbles or anything in my shoes lol

The cemetery is incredible!! Just read this article…

… another place I find fascinating.. because of the beauty but deadly history is Donner Lake 😮 whoa … that one makes my hair stand on end 😮

For which is named 😮

Gives you the creeps right? And you can only imagine their desperation… if they had only made it a little further!! Just a little bit.

That area in winter can be brutal… and I can’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like 😮 …that would have been a nightmare! … and in that time period too! That sends a chill up my spine!!

However … in summer – that area has such incredible beauty – you would never think could be so incredibly dangerous!

You would never imagine the things that took place there 😮 and what they must have felt…

When I go there … my hair does stand on end, I can see and take in the beauty, but I feel something there. I am still drawn to it. There is a heaviness to the beauty?

I do have a video – but I can not show it to you. I am in the video… and so are my children. Sorry – it was taken a long time ago, before I was blogging …

I have not been back in awhile

And finally… one of my favorite places … is Lake Tahoe ❤️ such majestic beauty!! Wow! It makes you feel so incredibly small in the world!!!

Like you are an ant 🐜… and this world is so giant and we have so much!

There are untouched areas of Lake Tahoe as well… that is just simply untouched and just so beautiful … it also has a rich history as well. Both with and before people.

Let me take your breath away for a minute with these photos… imagine being there… how can it not take your breath away????

These are my photos ❤️✌️

How does that not take anyone’s breath away?! – look how intensely and majestically beautiful!

A picture may say a thousand words, but it never really quite shows you the justice of it’s sincere beauty!!

I don’t do the casinos or anything like that… this is my Tahoe ❤️… Tahoe is my peace place … you feel extreme peace in Lake Tahoe … well… if you know what to look at and what to appreciate ✌️😘

Anyway… just sharing a few favorite places around me ✌️

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  1. So weird… I was thinking about the Donner party last night! I didn’t read the linked article but I’m guessing it includes the cannibalism. I was thinking about it last night because it’s one of several historic events that’s been myth-busted in recent years. Some team of scientist is said to have shown there is no indication of any cannibalism occurring in the Donner party. It’s assumed to be a rumor that spread and taken for fact.

    I don’t remember much about Bodie… I was probably a young teen when we went there.

    I’d love to go back onto Lake Tahoe as an adult. I remember that the water is cold and unbelievably clear, little else. During a corp retreat, I was the only employee routed directly into the itty bitty Tahoe airport via teeny tiny plane. That is a hard and scary landing!!

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    1. It could possibly be? But I also don’t put that past people at that moment in time… that had to be just brutal! But it could be rumor because you know how people can be lol – they were worse back then too.

      The water is cold – like ice … summer and winter … you have all that snow run off … and the water is so crystal spring like blue …

      They fight very hard to keep it blue and have had issues with people unloading unclean boats in that lake, contaminating with outside forces. Etc

      Hahaha you should have done SMF lol – but I bet you wanted direct… Reno is right there too

      I do not think I would like Tahoe airport either lol


      1. ALL other employees, 100+, were on various flights to Reno and bussed in. I didn’t know till I got to the Tahoe airport that I was the only person routed another way. And that includes the travel hosts there was no transport waiting for me and I had literally NO cash on me (don’t recall why). It took kindness of the handful of airport staff to help me make calls to the hotel, our corp office, and others to arrange a cab for me. I think I went home the same way, again the only one… though, both directions we were all at OC Airport at the same time. Weird.

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      2. It’s amazing how when you really need people – some step up ❤️

        A lot to be said for simple human kindness of strangers ❤️


    1. Hahaha I bet lol.. you must have some pretty crazy stories and beautiful breathtaking areas!

      When you say Transylvania the first thing I think of is “Dracula” Lol – you have such romanticized tales lol … I bet they are incredible!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course I have. A lot… but they are only stories. Dracula is a character, but Vlad Tepes (Vlad Spike) was real and served as model for Dracula… The Cruelties of Middle Ages.
        The landscapes are really splendide in Transylvania, similar to those in Alaska. I walked for a week through the forests of Transylvania without meeting any village and, unfortunately, no wild animal…

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      2. Stories are fascinating though…

        I know it’s based off of him, Hollywood’s version is a little more romantic in spots lol … I might gravitate towards Hollywood more lol

        But when you see a documentary and refresh your memory – oh yeah 😮 now I remember that from school 😳

        Whoa 😮 that’s incredible – I can’t even imagine your history – it would blow my mind 😮 I would be in awe 😮

        Our history doesn’t seem as large and incredible as yours ??

        But we do have instances here and there … like Salem, Massachusetts – 1692 … the witchcraft trials

        Puritans with a fear of supernatural … allowed fear to rule their decisions and did not govern with a level head. Fear controlled that completely.

        I have stories too! ✌️

        Your stories might be a little scarier than mine?? But to have your history and the relics must be incredible! Your museums must be out of this world!!

        Ok so I can envision the way it is there. You are colder? Oh yup… I just googled – you are colder lol … way colder than me in California lol ✌️

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