Well… “I think” … I can relax??? Maybe?

I was supposed to have court tmrw at 8:30am… and I double checked the court website and it says is still occurring …

My former lawyer who retired because of Corona leaving me defenseless again… I have to sign paper work releasing her from my case… so technically she is still my lawyer at this moment …

I messaged her about court tmrw and she said … we don’t have court, you are good. 🤨

So I sent the photo of what the court website says… so lawyers have a way they can log into system or something and look? …she said was telephone only, so she called in.

She told me court website is incorrect, nothing is set and no court tmrw.

And she wants me to sign that paper work… I told her I want a letter saying he has not paid, because I will have to prove he is in contempt of court.

Not only did she give me that – but also the fees he owes.

My daughter thinks I should go down to the courthouse anyway tmrw? Should I? I don’t trust anyone. Especially lawyers – and I certainly don’t trust his slimy lawyer …

I have prepared pretty well… but if nothing is set… then I can prepare even more insanely!! I will have it laid out in a presentation … I’m gonna have to plan to represent myself

There is a saying… I believe Abraham Lincoln said it… those who represent themselves, have a fool for a client.

That saying makes me feel sick- cause I don’t know the laws and all the papers or files … so yeah. I just have to put it together my own way ☹️ I am not a lawyer.

I don’t really have a choice. I’m just going to have to hope my preparing and papers are good enough for the courts. Otherwise he crushes me with a final blow. He will come after everything. He’s going to crush me if I can’t do this. He is dirty and ruthless and I stand alone


So… should I still go tmrw? The lawyers tell me is nothing going on… but the court website says otherwise … I don’t trust lawyers… but I also don’t trust the government.

I could always go and just make sure. Maybe that be best??

So I have stuff together. I want to print out a few more things … so if is anything tmrw – I can have that together

If there is not anything tmrw… then that gives me extra time to get this plan of attack and defense more solid. I will go into ocd mode. So I DO hope I have that extra time, but I don’t trust anything.

I don’t know how to be a lawyer. I don’t understand anything about the courts. I’m just going to have to wing it and hope I do ok and NOT be a fool? 🙏

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  1. If it were me I would definitely go. Always better to be safe than sorry. You would never forgive yourself. I wish you all the very best🙏🙏

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    1. I was thinking same thing… won’t hurt me to go… I already planned – will only be time so that’s ok…

      I’ll just go check… and make sure… then I can relax better. ✌️🙏❤️

      Thank you ❤️🥰


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