Going home …

Alright – I think we heading home shortly?? Made her a bunch of easy meals for the freezer… kids are all set with crafts for awhile (I have them making bracelets 😄❤️✌️)

And she should be good. She says she is feeling better – so I think we leaving shortly.

Her neighbor fixed my ac ❤️ in the old junker car – I have ac ❤️🥰

Today is actually not {{hot}}… is really beautiful today!!!

Temperate is 85 (lol) … it’s one of these days ❤️… I love this song … that’s what today feels like…


It’s about 85, sun is beaming, there is a swift wind… which is a little bit much lol… but it feels really good ❤️ it’s soooo beautiful!!!

That sun feels sooooo amazing ❤️ love today!!!

So yeah – I will read a bit when we get home 🙏

We packing back up lol… we bring the house 😄😄✌️

I am not what you would call a light packer 😘✌️

I have everything including the kitchen sink in my purse… and then I bring clothes (a lot, just incase) lotions perfumes lol …plus I have all my work stuff, and other things I am working on.

Back the moving truck up lol kidding – but we bring a lot!! 😮… “just incase” I be prepared.

Yeah – now that I am ultra cautious and all this stuff is happening … I try to prepare for literally anything!!! Possibly a little too much?? But ya never know!! I try not to over do, but always do.

Ok have to get this all jenga’ed back in my car with ac!! ✌️

Definitely back later 👏

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  1. lol at “just in case” packing. So many people do it! I learned to pack light, and that you made due, as a child. And if I reaaally need something I forgot… buying it becomes a souvenir.

    Glad you were able to help your friend and now get to return home with good weather!

    Your former heatwave is here but an ocean breeze is doing battle with it. Hot wind from the N is followed by a cool wind from the S.

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    1. I try not to spend any money at all. I save as much as I am able especially currently… so for now at least… I do “just in case” lol (kinda afraid to spend anything)

      We heat up on Wednesday & Thursday – to mid 90’s… but then Friday & Saturday be in the 70’s and Sunday be 86.

      We have a red flag 🚩 warning currently… for low humidity levels, heat and wind… still too early in season to be shutting power off – but that will comin eventually this summer 😮

      How hot is it for you today?


      1. Awww … how do you help her when she won’t let you? Is it just because of the heat?

        Will you be cooling down later this week? Did she just start being like that or is somewhat normal?


      2. PCB has some kind of illness
        I thought it was a standard respiratory infection but it seems to be hitting her every 2 weeks. And this time she got poopies too (a problem for a fat cat with loong fur!). I have lots if meds on hand but need to find out the root cause… it shouldn’t keep occurring in waves.

        She ate well today and has been playing outside tonight, which means she’s improving again.

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    1. Oh we heating up, but falling back to 70’s by Friday … the weather evidentially doesn’t know what it wants lol … not that I mind, enjoying the breaks from heat! And so far – the electric company has not shut off power yet, so I am very happy with that!!

      Hahaha… I have a hard time packing lightly lol… when flying they force you to or you have to pay… and then it has to be ONLY 50 lbs… please don’t make me open that suitcase lol… I usually have to sit on it to close it 😄😄✌️ poor TSA 😄😘

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      1. lol – I still struggle with it… I usually have to bounce on it cause I am not heavy enough lol … thank god there is not video of that 😄✌️

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