Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow

Musical scavenger hunt time again… this theme is “Dance like there is no tomorrow” ❤️

Mixitup and Playme Now! #7 — Read on

Mixitup and Playme Now! #7

I love this one!!!… I hate even limiting to 10… I could have done 100… but I didn’t – but if there was no tomorrow – I will do what makes me happy anyway 😘✌️ … so went with just 2 extra 🥰

1.) The Village People – YMCA

2.) Los Del Rio – Macarena

3.) Psy- Gangham Style

4.) Marcia Griffiths – Electric Boogie (the electric slide ❤️)

5.) Haddaway – What is Love?

6.) Cupid – Cupid Shuffle

7.) Soulja Boy – Crank that

8.) Harry Belafonte – Jump in the Line

9.) Venga Boys – We like to Party

10.) Mark Ronson (Feat. Bruno Mars) – Uptown Funk

11.) Pitbull – Give me everything

12.) Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted

Ps… I was rushing with this… I really sucked at making sure it was situated before I posted 🤨✌️ all fixed now – I think?

7 thoughts on “Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow

Add yours

  1. Wow… I know all but 3 if them without playing the vids!

    I wish I could remember the 80s song, besides Safety Dance, that makes me dance no matter where I am… but I’m having a brain fart.

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  2. ⋕7 is more recent… it just has a dance 💃…

    I don’t remember when ⋕6 came out but I remember loving it!!

    And ⋕8… was in Beetle Juice … it’s just a dance type song to me?


  3. Hey Omatra and absolutely cracking dance playlist well done – l was and am familar with all in fact at one point or another l have had all playing in the background whilst l write – brilliant list 🙂

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