Zzz 😴

Well hello 👋

It has been quite the weekend 👏

First let me rewind to Friday – the best day ever always 😘❤️ …usually ✌️

Friday at work I had a charity luncheon to go to with my new guy …

So of course, I know people – this is my community – where I live and work … so some were coming up and giving me hugs, – but this is anywhere actually even in Sac, I was same. I am very personable – when I let people know me then is like that…

And I have purpose with the funeral home and think that’s important – I get so comfortable with my people and my job – I forget about my ex 😮 the longer I am away from him – the more I feel myself ❤️ but I forget about him… and then the attention am drawing in our town 😮 … I forget to stay quiet … but when he comes back I worry cause I have trauma there …so I worry with severe silence and keeping balance 😮 but we see 🙏

Well whatever

So anyway … I am butterflying around and introducing him, including him in convos …

He is very charming, funny… good guy, good demeanor – perfect direction … he is young … but with all that you would think he could walk in all confidence like he own it – but he shy lol … in business ?? He could totally own it – he has a good presence … but is all still new to him … still getting his bearings – he still in transition over to my location.

Well anyway – I did not expect the shyness lol 🤷‍♀️ he is not shy at all with us and rocks it… so I did not see the shyness coming lol


Is business, so you network… he’s got a great presence for networking if he not shy… he has nothing to be self conscience about – he’s quite charming and funny… we funeral people – we hilarious and wonderful thoughtful people 👏❤️ … is a people business … literally 😳

But I’m sure he’s still reading the “area”


Like I said – with us he’s already comfortable and not shy, funny – and he is observant type 👏 also thoughtful. Good guy – totally comfortable with us ❤️👏

We will get him there lol 👏 takes time … but he’ll get it – he’s quite charming – they will love him!!

Then there was my daughters dance show which you saw ❤️ that was a spontaneous Friday night lol

I didn’t know about it until Friday – she said nothing 😮 but was awesome and we had wonderful time – I love watching her enjoy herself and then also be up on stage 👏❤️ my little girl ❤️ and all those memories she making ❤️… that’s MY baby… I create that ❤️ … she rolls her eyes – but I take credit lol 😘

Saturday … well ugh I had to do yard work and then bring her back up to school for another 2 shows 😮 Saturday afternoon and then Saturday night 😮

I did my front yard and went to do back – but my battery 🔋 died on the lawnmower …so I had to go charge it… and it took awhile so I did laundry and cleaned before taking her to school, and waiting for the batteries to recharge lol

So I came home and the batteries were charged so I did the back yard … but I also have a side yard to do… but only had enough charge for backyard – my back yard is HUGE! Took me forever to mow

So once again I had to charge and didn’t get to my side yard – takes too long to recharge and my yard so big … why did I get a HUGE yard? 🤷‍♀️I didn’t realize how big it actually is!! 😮

So whatever maybe next weekend ?

But I’m doing it!! 👏👏 and fixing things ❤️👏 so very happy and excited with that! 💪

Check me out all handy and doing these things ❤️👏… ish lol … I google and watch YouTube for how to do …lol 😘✌️

I have some funny Doby things – I bought him this cactus 🌵 chew toy … well he constantly follows me and shoves the cactus at me to play 🙄 it does not have prickers but it is annoying lol … why did I buy a toy cactus?! 🌵 that was a toy offered at local pet store 🏬 is a vinyl cactus 🌵 in a pot that squeaks, or used to 🙄😄 dude is a powerhouse! 😮

At night he goes into wicked protective mode and if he hears a noise – man is on it lol ❤️ awww my fur baby ❤️❤️😄👏 keeping me safe at night ❤️

He acts all fierce for someone to be scared – but is funny because is him lol … he’s very loving the minute he meets you lol … but that is a new thing


👏👏👏 lol ❤️

Also… I have this massage thing that goes on your chair and “supposably” massages you… it’s better than nothin lol … but isn’t not overly massaging deep tissue lol 😄

Well anyway … Doby does not like to come be my lap dog if I am sitting on that and have it on 😄😄 he does not like the vibration 😄😄 … so I sit there and turn it on 😄😄… he gets all mad 😄 …and the minute it turns off …he’s in my lap lol 🙄

He is sooo quirky and funny 😄❤️

On the weekends he is literally GLUED to me! Lol 🙄 but he is a sweetie ❤️ he is almost 1 years old – come July (the best month ever lol ✌️) 😮❤️ wow that went slow and fast lol

And then today I was supposed to do a ton more things than I completed – but whatever … was slow playing the day lol

Today was my friend who almost died … it was her birthday today 👏🎈 I went to see her and brought beautiful flowers with many beautiful colors 💐❤️

I got to meet her neice 😊 very nice woman 👏

Had a nice weekend 😊❤️

I know Monday will hit hard!! There was a lot of death this weekend for our location 😮 so bracing for what walking into 😮😳😮


Good night 💤😘🌙😴 ❤️✌️

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