Quite the weekend 😮

Had really interesting week… ugh many things including an earthquake didn’t see coming … but my weekends have been amazing ❤️👏 the warmer it gets – the more my life comes alive 😮 … see hibernate in winter – come alive in summer ☀️

Friday I did something I have never done before 😮😮 TOTALLY winged it – and did well for first time lol 🫶

I only did well because I am catholic so I know catholic … because I have no fear with public speaking … and because been to enough of these- am familiar with how goes (fortunately and unfortunately)

I lead a informal catholic service 😮 I said I was just office manager but they were fine with that… and the other 2 who were there are young and were totally wide eyed with fear lol … so ok fine – I will do it … and I did. – went well 😊❤️


I’m kidding ✌️… but went well – better than I expected 😊❤️ so that was new – not even my wheelhouse and I did ok 👍 (I was lucky to know catholic things very well 😊 and then also I am confident person in this area)

Then Saturday, I had daughter to school by noon – came home – it was hotter than hell … wore nice shorts and tshirt 😊 still sweat 😓


Whoomp, there is finally is 😮😓🔥


Ahhhhhh my season – but it’s hot 🥵 lol … we 92 today.

Crankin it 😮 🌡️



Her show was at 2 pm til 5pm ❤️🫶 they all did soooooo incredible – it was a musical 🎶… wasn’t all singing and dancing – was story mixed in there too! They did amazing ❤️👏 and the set was incredible 👏👏👏


Our rides to and from school have been all Abba for awhile lol 😘 since maybe February March? Lol



I am very ABBA’ed currently lol – but I love them so that’s ok

They had a huge closing night celebration dinner supposably planned lol … they put some kid in charge of handling that 😄😄…

Instead of making a reservation – he called the restaurant and said “there will be 50 people coming tonight, thank you” and hung up 😄😄 he did not stay on to make reservation and so they all converged on the restaurant and there was no reservations – so you have a HUGE CROWD of teenagers all coming from being made up in play lol … and they starving lol

They are soooo mad at that kid lol … he learn lesson

It is a little humorous 😄😄


Don’t assume people know how to do things – even me … with that first time speaking and running funeral … I just have seen done over and over and I am catholic. I know all the prayers and things…

Kid probably never made reservations in his life lol … you can’t just say that and hang up 😄😄


But they still had fun and eventually got accommodated 😊❤️ 🫶

Was wonderful night ❤️

And then, they all spend night with me and made me breakfast 🍳 in morning ❤️😮❤️

We celebrated Mother’s Day and oldest’s bday which was on May 8th ❤️ but the year he born – it fell on Mother’s Day ❤️ I became mom for first time that day and he was one of my best presents ever ❤️… so we celebrate that day together ❤️👏


Omg he is 29 😮 holy moly … I am so not old enough lol ✌️😘 holy moly! 😵‍💫😳

Got to see my mom through technology ❤️


That reminds me of being little girl with my mom going grocery shopping lol … every Thursday would be shopping day and I remember my car seat – and this song always came on every Thursday… I would belt it out lol 🎶❤️ my mom would laugh and just makes me think of her ❤️ I miss her already

Ok let’s switch topics l✌️…

I was gonna buy plane tickets to go see – but they are expensive and I can’t afford with having to also do the fence …

On a wonderful note… I bought myself my very first set of tools lol 👏

Now I fix things 👏👏 … I fixed my washer all by myself … sorta – I could not twist something because of my limitations – but my son could, so he did that for me ❤️ but otherwise I used my new tools and so far so good 👍 back to business – fixed ✔️ 😊❤️

Had wonderful time and am thrilled ❤️

I am very happy …but also cautious with that ….cause life tends to make sure you are not spewing happiness always lol ✌️


❤️ lately having amazing memory moments ❤️

I am trying to also savor so much of that… so when life does throw bad things … I have these incredible moments to hold me while I go through the bad.

Not to mention – moments I want to always remember ❤️ I’m so proud of daughter, also proud of my own self ❤️ … had wonderful entire family weekend ❤️ & birthday celebration 👏❤️

How you not want to savor as much as you can ❤️


Still …



15 thoughts on “Quite the weekend 😮

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    1. Lol – you make me have a mental image of that 😄

      Not a tool belt – little tool suitcase with good tools 🧰

      I wanted pink or purple tools but the reviews said they break easy … I didn’t wanna pay for play tools – I wanted tools that will last so got a good brand

      Comes all nicely packaged in this black tool suitcase 🧳 organizer ❤️👏

      I love my new tools ⚒️ ❤️👏

      Hat could be needed in this weather 🤠 for sun protection – don’t know if I be reaching for cowboy hat though – I am more of 🧢 ball cap type ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Funny you say that – this morning I put a titanic documentary on while I showered 🧼

        It was about how discovered – photos that evening of icebergs, how went down, who the people who died were

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes l have also watched many docus on the Titanic it is a fascinating subject and watch, my thought at the time was around Leo drawing Kate and they were discussing the necklace, and l was thinking sure wear the cap and the toolbelt, but just those hahaha 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Suze has a pink tool set, good brand but pink [well the case was pink and grey], the tools inside were black and red. So what are the rates you charge then Madam Gadget? Now that you a whizz kid with a drill set 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lol funny you say THAT too …

        When I ran the funeral on Friday – my new boss laugh and say “how much you charge to officiate?” lol

        Now I also fix things 😄

        I am worth an awful lot – PLUS TAX lol … and I’m American so don’t forget the tip 😄😄✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

    1. My daughter’s Mamma Mia play the school put on ❤️👏

      My sons came, and one of my ladies that I walk with came with us 👏

      Was fun and they did amazing ❤️👏

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah ❤️ was really great weekend!

      Moments just keep being amazing now that it’s warm ❤️👏

      Ahhh now you see why I love warmth ❤️👏😘 …feels like best things in life come with warmth ❤️👏

      Liked by 1 person

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