Rockit ✌️

Had an earthquake today lol … just small 5.5… but shook us.

(Hahaha the security guy on the little golf cart thing at the end 😄😄

Nothing like Turkey or Syria – but whole lotta shaking going on around the world 😮 we are due for big – so tmrw I should remember to make sure have earthquake insurance ✌️

My area doesn’t rock like that though since I have been here and that is 20 years.

My blood family has been teasing me because it was California earthquake at 4:20pm lol 😄😄 ok that is a little humorous lol 😄

** ⚠️ warning ⚠️ **

Following video contains bad words and things. So just know that and don’t watch if bothered easy – you probably know the song anyway 🙄

They are not in California – they are in other states … but that’s how they view California 🙄

We don’t have good rep in other states lol 😄 🤷‍♀️

But my blood family is in massive republican state lol … Texas 🤠 it is only legal with a medical prescription in Texas … but not otherwise

But in California, been legal for long time… we have dispensaries everywhere! And also, California is extremely liberal with everything!!

So add those 2 things together and my brother is always teasing me lol 🙄 thinks he’s got jokes lol

That’s alright – I am older sister… he is usually old Fuddy Duddy ?? I dunno he got older and morphed into dad lol 😘🤷‍♀️ … so I enjoy his happy teases lol … cause he thinks he got jokes lol ❤️

(I am spitting image of my mother, always have been… I didn’t morph – have always been just updated more modern version of her lol ❤️ 2.0 lol – not morph… he morphed 😄😄😄 … clears his throat just like him, sneezes same, acts like him 😄😄 … but is funny cause he’s my baby brother lol)

I tease him too lol … I have many jokes lol ✌️


Anyway… besides the earthquake – I will be up very late tonight because daughter in play. I don’t pick her up until 10pm! 😮

She call me while at work to order her Starbucks before her performance 🎭. lol 🙄

I got her a drink she asked for and this bumblebee cake pop because I know would make her smile lol ❤️

She called me laughing with her friends, who also laughing in background – I guess it looked weirdly funny ?? Lol 🤷‍♀️❤️ but made them laugh 😊❤️

Doby got in trouble the day I worked late… daughter was not watching him very good and he can be asshole without love or attention 🙄 he’s very sweet just very social 🙄

Anyway… so since she not pay him attention he ripped my couch 😮 she walked out and his head was in the hole… lol 🫤

She told me over the phone and made it sound worse than is … is not bad and also hide-able… but he was still an asshole 🙄

If he knows you are home – he wants to be with you lol … like right up on you lol … he is very loving but has asshole tendencies if you don’t wanna be with him lol

She was in room on computer laughing with her friends and he was not included in the fun 🙄😄 he wants to be part of that and since she didn’t let him – he found his own mischievous entertainment

He is fine for me … I let him roam house … he does not come in when I shower … he is good – but I have areas and things Doby proofed for the most part – my favorite stuffed animals and things begin glass, shoes all in closet … no clothes out etc … and he’s good for me. ❤️

He is mostly always with me… they are more like siblings lol 🤷‍♀️

He acts soooooooo guilty when I just say “who did this?” 😄😄

Anyway… so this is Thursday ✌️

Ok well I have to finish laundry 🧺 and then get daughter 🙏 I should be back for little bit ❤️

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  1. 🤣Doby was probably angered there. So had to find something to release all that emotion. What play is your daughter doing? Is it some kind of fancy dress type of competition? Or do they have script and dialogues as well? Seems fun!!

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    1. Haha yes – he can be little trouble maker if he is mad, yes, he wanted to be with her and maybe have her play with him – but she was busy with her friends and he want attention lol

      She is doing the play Mamma Mia ❤️ is musical – they dress up in costumes and have dialogue – they are really good!

      She loves it ❤️

      My little actress lol

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  2. We’re “the granola state”, full of fruits and nuts!

    A local station used to play that song every Fri morn.

    Syria, etc quakes are extra bad because of cheap home construction… doesn’t take much shaking for them to crumble. There would be severe, though not that severe, damage if a big quake hit the eastern US.

    That cake pop looks like a bumbleCAT.

    I hope daughter had fun at the play!!

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    1. Hahaha my grandfather used to call California the land of fruits nuts and flakes lol 😄🙄 (Bostonian) lol

      They do get quakes back east but different kinds – deeper and not as shaky

      Hahaha she said in person it resembles a bald man lol 😄

      ?? I dunno 🤷‍♀️ I didn’t see it lol

      She is in the play … every night since 4th… 13th is last night ❤️ they are sooo good 👏👏❤️

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    1. Yeah I think was only the excitement leading INTO Friday and amazing weekend 🙏

      Was just a quick reminder that can be shaken ✌️ and that I should adjust accordingly 😘

      But yes maybe Friday could just relax? Lol 🙏

      And it begins lol

      Happy Friday!

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